Jul 30, 2010

Project 365 - 7/30

Working on my Inspiration Unlimited Swap pages. Funny thing is I don't do pink at all, so I pulled a bucket and improvised. I finally pulled out my glimmer mist and went at it. Have to say...I love the stuff!!!!
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Project 365 - 7/29 Inspiration Unlimited

Been really busy doing some side work for my friend Ginger. Ginger runs an event called Inspiration Unlimited. It started out as a small event of about 100, then grew to about 150, and now it's 3rd year it is at about 250.

For now I can share this. You know those adorable acrylic tumblers from Starbucks? I know Jamba Juice has them, as well as many other companies. I brought this idea to Ginger...imagine spill free adult beverages on the tables as we scrap. Image the tumbler with a cute pink straw. Imagine if someone like Marylu and Leslie took one of these and just blinged the hell out of it...I think I had her at bling. :) With Gingers help and with Janna Wilson sharing the images and font...here is the official Inspiration Unlimited beverage holder of the event. I know it's a little cheesy, but I love it. If you are attending the event, click here to order your tumbler.

I am busy working on a few other things. I am really excited about this event! I truly admire all of the instructors and their creativity. September can't come soon enough!

Jul 28, 2010

Project 365 - 7/28 can't sleep

I've got a lot on my mind and this quote really does say it all.

People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.
If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.
For, you see, in the end it is between you and HIM, not you and them anyway.
And with that... I am off to bed.

Project 365 - 0727 Coveroo

0727_Coveroo, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Before Mark and I left San Francisco we stopped to see my little cousin Edgar. If you haven't checked out Coveroo.com you really should. It's a great way to tattoo your cell phone.

My cellphone tattoo- Nerdy glasses with NERD ALERT on them. LOL. I have a great pair of nerdy glasses that I love, but admit I only wear them at home. So Nerds of the world..UNITE!!!

Project 365 - 7/26 Pizza and a baseball game


I have to admit this pizza was really good. I would show a picture of it, but it was all gone. If you are ever in the Berkeley area check it out. www.zacharys.com/ Truly worth the trip, I am a believer!


To top off our amazing day, we went to a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T park. I must also admit...it does not compare to Dodger Stadium. Really...no lie. While Dodger stadium is full of history, AT&T Park is the place to go for a good game. My only complaint...it was COLD!! What doesn't San Francisco believe in a hot summer?

Project 365 - 07/25

07/25, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

I looked to the left than I looked to the right.
I went left, just for fun. :D

Project 365 - 07/24

07/24, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

It's a tradition for me now, take a picture of my bib with my running shoes. I have to admit I was nervous. But the thought of running on the Golden Gate Bridge brought goosebumps to my arms. How often can I tell that story? And who will find it interesting?

Jul 22, 2010

Proj 365- 7/22 Bucket

Genuine, Original...BUCKET yep that's me. LOL
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Jul 21, 2010

project 365 - 7/21 Its what's for dinner

Tonight I made the most delicious Tuna Wrap. For some added comfort i added in some bbq chips. :)

7/21 - dinner

Wonder where I am getting all these cool polariod frames? Click here -> Frames. They are super easy to use. Enjoy.

7/20 - Rainbow socks

7/20 - Rainbow socks, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Ever wake up and tell yourself it has to be that kind of day. The kind of day where you just feel productive and happy and everything seems to just blend in well. I guess it's all mental but today was that kind of day.

I love that my socks make me happy.

project 365 - 07/19 baby Joshua

0719_JoshuasToes, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Look Tia B.U.C.K.E.T. (he says it just like that) look at what I can do. Oh I remember a time when I was that flexible. SHOW OFF!! I could still do it, just takes me a little longer than it use to.

project 365 - 07/18 Zuma Beach

0718_zumabeach, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Took Mark's nephews to the beach. It was such a beautiful day. The weather was prefect, the beach was clean, and the water...COLD but nice. When I get to hang out with these little ones I really miss my babies being babies.

project 365 - 7/17

0717_lunch, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Norma!! How I love you! And now Robert knows why I love you you. :) And so glad Robert got to meet Mark. So now Mark won't be so jealous when I talk about Robert - My super secret boyfriend.

For our lunch date I couldn't decided on where to take everyone. I decided on Coupa Cafe in Beverly Hills. Not is it owned by one of the sweetest people I know... but the food iz AMAZING!! Love you Camelia and thank you for the tres leches desert! YUM YUM!

project 365 - 7/16

Raul's birthday Party - Karaoke Style.
7/15 - Raul7/15 - me_delia
It was fun. I drank Shirley Temples all night sat around and did my own sing along with everyone that was singing. Of course I can't sing, so I wouldn't date go up in front of everyone. Hummm or so I said. So I said OK I will do it, everyone in here is drunk anyway, so who cares right. Right. So here goes. Enjoy, and if you think that is funny you should see me break dancing. *Click here to view video, just in case it's not showing up. *

And I am just adding this one because I love it.


7/15 - biggest Pizza ever

7/15 - biggest Pizza ever, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Where was I? I know I had something to do this evening. Total brain fart moment here. Anyway, so he said he was bringing home dinner for he and Josh. I don't know if you can tell but the pizza was HUGE. He wanted to make sure the child didn't starve. Whatever...they just don't like my cooking, plus they can eat pizza all day, everyday.

7/14- Ma what's for dinner

7/14- Ma what's for dinner, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

My baby called.
Mom I'm coming over for dinner and I was wondering can you make me some of those potato tacos?
OF COURSE!! I don't get to see him as often as I'd like so anything he asks for..is always a YES. He is a working man and goes to school full time, AND... he has a girlfriend. Yeah enough said right.

Lately, it's like I love them so much. Josh will just sit and talk to me and I am like what are you talking about? I think sometimes he just talks silly to see if I am paying attention. Boys....

Jul 14, 2010

7/13 - Erica my Hero

7/13 - Erica my Hero, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Last night I attended a Team in Training Information Meeting for the new Winter Season. It's always fun to go and talk about my experience and hopefully inspire someone to join. Last night I had the honor of attending a meeting with my friend Erica (the one in the purple shirt). When I first meet Erica we were in the same pace group and me being me I chatted the whole time while she just smiled and kept pretty quiet. I just smiled and laughed.

Fast forward to now, Erica is the life of the party. She is now our new season's team captain. She attends meetings and talks about her connection to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She was barely a freshman in High School when she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She has now been in remission for 10 years and is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

It's because of people like her I continue to do this. I don't get paid to do this, I do it because I love it.

Jul 13, 2010

Moving back to my creative space

Yesterday I blogged about Mr. Luna invading my space. I came home with dinner and then said "Today I am moving out, I need my space." He laughed. He didn't want me to move, or maybe it was that he didn't want to help me move? It was one of those. Either way, I am only 1/4 of what way done. We shared a room for a couple of months because we had a roommate, daughter of my mom's best friend. She moved out in March and since then I've been trying to convince Mark that I need my space back. He said he was happy sharing a room with me and lets just leave that room as the guest room. Honestly it would have been OK, but really I loved having my own space and moving back gives me another chance to purge my supplies..AGAIN.

I am reorganizing, finding things I thought I lost, and realizing (again) I have way too much.

I have all of this, picture is really crappy and doesn't show it all, plus I have more boxes under the tables and I think I have more in the closet. I forgot to check that part. LOL. Oh I am ridiculous - too the max.

And here I had to take a picture of me and my 2 helpers. Each time I would yell for help I'd get a NO! Darn them! In the end they did help, but I had to threaten them. Can't remember what I said, but I am sure it was something good - like I won't cook for you anymore or something like that.

Now for some Silhouette love.

I had gone to this cup cake place, somewhere over, there and they had this most awesome image on their napkins. Cute right. So what I did was save the napkin, scan it in, clean it up in PhotoShop, take it into the RoboCraft software. Do what I had to do, if you have one you know what I mean, and whalla....I cut the image. I plan on using it for some layouts I am doing for a swap. Pretty cool right. Yeah totally love this machine. Really wishing I had more time to play with it. I have ideas coming outta of my head.

And now comes the disclosure, only because I know how some people think. NO I don't plan on selling this image. NO it is not mine to sell. It is all for personal use. If you want the image to use for personal use of course I will send it to you. It's cute right. Imagine all the cute cupcake layouts you can do with that. Just email me... email link is on the top right.

Jul 12, 2010

project 365 - 7/12 I'm working I swear

7/12 Someone has to work
Anonymous: Hey Good Morning Bucket, what are you doing? (as they look at my computer screen.)
Me: Working.
Anonymous: Are you busy?
Me: (as I take off my head phones) No not really what is going on?
Anonymous: Whatcha listening to? (as they grab my headphones)
Me: *Laughing* Umm nothing. I pretend to be listening to something so that no one will bother me.
WE LAUGH. I've been caught.
Anonymous: So hey why did you delete me on Facebook.
Me: hahah I didn't delete you, I took a break. I have tons of work to do and it's a distraction.
Anonymous: Oh I thought you deleted me and I wanted to make sure we were still friends.
Me: *Laughing*

So really.... is it that big of deal if you aren't friends with someone on facebook? So if we aren't friends on facebook does that mean we really aren't friends? Oh how I love these social networks.

Jul 11, 2010

Project 365 - 7/11

7/11 nerd
On my to-do list
1. 10 miles (check)
2. do laundry
3. vacuum
4. mop the kitchen floor (check)
5. Go buy Isabel a gift from target (check)
6. Finish up my projects from Layle's classes (half check)

I guess 3.5 out of 6 isn't bad.
Need help this week. Any of my friends available? I must move... need to move my scrapbook room back to it's original location. Mark said.. No lets keep it as the guest room and you stay where you are at. I kept going back and forth about it, the Pros and Cons. Pro's spend more time with Mark, Con's have to watch all the scary movies he likes to watch while in the room with him. Pro's Spend more time with Mark, Con's my stuff is everywhere and it's all cluttered.

The only Pro is to spend more time with Mark. Sorry Mark you aren't cutting it and I am moving out. LOL. I need my creative space and you are invading it. You and your alien/scary movie killers/stupid engineering videos' are making it impossible for me to be free.. yeah I know stupid excuses but if we have the room I am moving. That is that. So now.. I just hope he helps me move all my furniture. It's going to be a pain but so worth it in the end.

7/10 - Scrapbooking and then Date Night

So Susie says..hey girls bring your running gear, lets get up early on Saturday and go for a little run before class. Me? What? Well OK. Crazy Susie, really. We didn't go to bed until about 12:30 am on Friday Night. Who the heck wants to go running at 6:30 in the morning. I woke up, text-ed her... I have diarrhea. LOL. That wasn't going to work..my guilt got me.. I was kidding and I got up, got dressed and went out for a quick 3 mile run/walk.

7/10 Creating with Layle

Today's classes - The 3 T's layout class. Tips, Tricks and Techniques. Must say..Yes this class was full of all 3. Our last class - Now You Know mini book. This one by far was my favorite. I loved the simplicity of it, but Layle also gave us different tips that had me going..OMG I just threw away that whole package because it was a color I didn't like... or I ran out of the letters I could not use so I threw it out. ARGH... now to realize I could have saved a whole package of chipboard letters by just painting them the color I wanted and mixing the fonts. Yeah it's the little things I just don't think about. I really need to start spending more time on my scrapbooking sites. I am missing out on a lot.

Got home around 5:00 pm and asked Mark to go to the movies with me. What did we see? Despicable Me. Must say it was the cutest movie ever! I laughed and I must admit I cried, but only towards the end, all it all it was a great evening.

7/10 too old to hold hands

7/9 - An evening with Layle Koncar

First... a big Whoop Whoop to the Manhattan Beach Marriott. Thank you for the most amazing view. Thank you for the comfortable bed. :)

7/9 Manhattan Beach Marriott

My friend Ginger put on an amazing event with Layle Koncar. A lot of people ask me, well if you know how to scrapbook why are you still taking classes?

1. To learn new techniques (which I totally did)
2. To spend time with friends :)
3. To just get away and do something for me.

I am pretty spoiled, but I spoil myself. I go away quite a bit to scrapbook and really enjoy. Going away and getting my creativity renews my spark and I want to go home and do it more. And now with my new toy .... yeah I will be doing much more often.

7/9 creating with Layle

Our first project was totally adorable - Thank you for being a friend Mini Book. Right now..I love mini books and learning new little techniques is a plus.

Jul 8, 2010

7/8 Dinner with Robert

7/8 Dinner with Robert, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Had such a great time catching up with an old friend.

Jul 7, 2010

project 365 - 7/7 - Starbucks

7/7 - Starbucks, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Do you have one yet? The best thing the Starbucks people have created yet. LOL.. I think so at least.

Jul 6, 2010

project 365 - 7/6 part 2 My bed

7/6 part 2 My bed, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

My happy place with my comfortable blanket. :D

7/6 back at work

7/6 back at work, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

It's a process. It's slow. Am I enjoying it? Truth be told - No. People try to change process while I am away, dumb dumb dumb. It's OK it's a short work week. I will just smile, walk away, and put a stomp to it. Just because I am out doesn't mean I will let you mess with my tables. Nope...I am the database table Queen and what I say goes. LOL I should get a t-shirt like that...but on the for reals side I don't give a crap. Just some people annoy me.

So I wonder, there is this woman at work who complains about everything. No really she does. Right now it's about Lindsey Lohan and how she should be in jail. I was like "What?" I don't care about her! Woman get a life and shut up.

Yes that is how I feel today. I have work to do and wish i could duck tape her mouth shut!

Jul 5, 2010

7/5 - Smile

7/5 - Smile, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Saw this billboard as we were driving back from Fresno. I love eye catching billboards and really doesn't this one make you smile.

7/4 - Independence day with the Luna's

Spent my Independence with some of the Luna's at a Water Park. I must say as a kid I never went to water parks, but hey this Sunday I let my inner child out. Going down the waterslides was fun but the best part was people watching. I love people watching and this place was perfect for it.

I love Mark's family. They are always so giving and I just love spending time with them. I really don't go to Fresno enough. It's not that I don't want to go but I always seem to have super busy weekends. I know scrapbooking and running that is all I do. :)~ and so what right? Right!

7/3 driving to Fresno, Tulare Outlets, and Sonic

The whole point of me driving out to Fresno (without Mark) was so that I could stop in Tulare. What the heck is in Tulare? Outlet shopping and Sonic. And you may be asking..why get a 44 oz size? Don't I have any restraint? Well the answer is NO! I don't like the food at Sonic so I don't stop there for the food. I stop for the drinks! EVEN THOUGH I can't drink a 44 oz of the most amazing drink ever... Cherry Limeade, the fact that I stopped at Sonic and bought a 44 oz Cherry Limeade is just....uumm....how should I describe it.... OOOOHHHAAAAAHHH. Yes it was that kind of moment. It's kind of sad I drive 2 hours for one of these things isn't it.

7/2 Lola's Chocolate Martini

7/1 Lola's Chocolate Martini, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Girls night out at Lola's Martini Bar in West Hollywood.

It was a much needed night out. I was designated driver so I was only allowed one Martini, which was just fine with me. Next time...I ain't driving. And wouldn't it be cool if they has taster size martini's? Because really...sticking to just one flavor is just not fun!.:D

7/1 Her ashes over the Pacific Ocean

July 1st is the day we said our final good-byes to my Tia Andrea.

After the memorial service her wishes were that her ashes be spread over the Pacific Ocean. We bored the ship in Marina Del Rey, CA and off we went to spread her ashes.

As we were on the ship I looked at my cousin and said..how about that service! He laughed, knew exactly what I was talking about. My aunt got us and she got us good. My aunt was a Jehovah's Witness. While we teased her about going door to door and teased her about having doors slammed in her face...today was the day we were not able to slam the door. Don't get me wrong I would never slam the door in her face, it's just the preaching part that I could do without. Anyway, so at the service next to speak were these two men from her congregation. One spoke in Spanish and the other was to translate in English. Lets just say, after an hour long of hearing them talk we all said..finally my aunt got us to listen to one of her preachings. She got us and she got us good.

All in all it was a great service. I still cry, but I've been crying for months. They said mourning is good, so I will mourn and I will cry and when I am done I will be done. One thing that did bother me, someone in my family looked at someone else in my family...they laughed and said..don't cry she is gone already. It wasn't said in a loving way, but in a sarcastic way. I feel sorry for them. How can someone be so cold? I don't know it just hurts.

6/30 in her memory

6/30 in her memory, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

My aunt loved her Sees lollipops. My mom wanted to share with everyone a little memory of my aunt and decided on Sees Lollipops. I do remember my aunt always having a stash of goodies in her desk. Whenever it was time to leave work I would walk to her desk and say "Tia are you ready?" She would look at me and laugh.."Almost" and go in her desk and grab a lollipop. My aunt always had a knack of running late or just plain losing track of time. Lucky for her she always had me to pull her away from her work. I do miss it. I miss waiting for her by the elevator. I miss having someone to talk to. Good or bad she listened and never judged.

I just plain miss her.

6/29 Project 365 the book project

6/29, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

I have been asked "So what are you going to do with all those pictures you take anyway?" My response was always.."I don't know."

While at CKC Riverside, they were selling these awesome CK Kits - Just for the fun of it. I looked at, walked away, looked at it again and bought it (thanks Tashia) for $10 I couldn't resist. It is an acrylic book kit with all the nick knacks to create a great journal type of book. So the idea of putting my photos into this book came alive. I am not using all of my photos just my favorites from the months. I really love the way it is turning out. The good thing about this...I have a reason to use my new toy..the Silhouette. Yes FINALLY...I got my cutting tool. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

6/28 Date night

6/28 Date night, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Sometimes I cook and sometimes I don't. After a full day of cleaning Mark came home and I said...Let me take you out to dinner. Took him to my favorite little hole in the wall. Sushi for him, chicken bowl for me.