Jun 4, 2012

6/3 And how was your weekend

I LOVE THEM! You know in a friendly way, but everyone on the team is so amazing. I've met some great people and everyone is there for one cause - Kick Cancer in the rear. I really do kick myself for not doing this sooner. I know stop talking about it, but I'm loving the swimming! The bike has yet to be ridden. Just been a bit busy, but I'll get back on it soon. My running isn't all that great - no surprise there. Stupid legs and the the falling asleep issue. Oh well what can you do. 

Below are a 'few' of my favorite pictures from the weekend.  
My Tia Lupe with her tea set, Natalie and Ethan.
I see someone from the bridal shower party has been reading the book. Speaking of which, for my gift I went out on a search for Ben Wa Balls. Interesting the clerk said, 'Ever since 'the book' came out the Ben Wa Balls have been selling out like crazy.'  And then look at my cousin Natalie with her little one Ethan. I love this photo! He is such a happy baby. 

I attended my favorite little 7 year old's birthday party. Adriana has the most beautiful smile and gives the greatest hugs ever! Always happy to see me and talk my ear off about anything and everything. 

My boys with their sisters. Adriana is dressed in yellow. She had the cutest Hello Kitty Birthday Party.

 Here are my boys with their dad and step-mom. I don't say it enough, but this whole blended family thing is amazing. A lot of people look at me in awe and say what, your going to your ex husband's for his daughter's birthday. Well yeah he is my ex-husband but so what. Everything happens for a reason. I married him and out of that marriage came out the 2 most amazing boys. I divorced him so that he and Jackie could find each other and have the most 2 amazing girls in the world. Like I said everything happens for a reason.
The Rodriguez Family - Jackie, Josh, Isabel, Adrian, Adriana, Johnny.
Her is a picture of me and my boys.  Imagine Johnny with a wig or me with that harry thing on my chin..Twins. Love them so much!
Johnny, me, Josh

This weekend was also Mud Run Weekend. Mark has been busy studying for an engineering test he has to take and was looking for every excuse possible not to go. I think in the end he really enjoyed the race. He was supposed to stick with me but he decided to leave me. Whatever. I just wanted to finish. 

Here is our photo before the race. 
Liz, Bucket, Mark - Still Clean.
Liz and I after the race. Her tutu isn't as fluffy, my zebra stripped shirt isn't white anymore. IT WAS THE MOST FUN EVER! Ask anyone. I was told that when I was a kid I loved playing in the mud, I can honestly say that hasn't changed.
Liz and Bucket - so dirty.
Mark, Bucket, Liz

And with that Happy Monday and have a great week.