Jul 31, 2009

What was this obession all about..and she is in labor..

All my friends talked about Twilight... Edward and Bella this.. Edward and Bella that... I didn't see it, but then again I didn't know what it was all about. Last month as I was on my way back from Seattle I went in to the book store and figured I'd buy a book so I'd have something to do on my flight. I had left my vampire porn novel at home so I figured...OK I am going to buy Twilight and check out what this obsession is all about. It was still about vampires, so why not even though it was at a PG level.

I think I read half the novel on the airplane and then finished the rest a few days later. My co-worker informed me she had New Moon and Eclipse so I burrowed them... a week and a half later I returned them. Yeah I couldn't put them down. So I waited about a week until I went out and and bought Breaking Dawn. I bought it last Saturday.. finished it on Wednesday.

I see the obsession now. Yeah where the hell is my Edward!! =) But now I want more. Since they live forever don't you think the book series should go on forever. LOL.

Guess who is having a baby...right now as I write this.. YES APRIL!!! These pictures were taken on Tuesday as we went on a little pregnancy craving outing to Pinkberry. She won't eat ice cream but she'll eat this stuff.. I can't complain at least I got to see her. When I saw her on Tuesday I looked at her and smiled. She was all waddles and looking so adorable. I looked at her and said are you sure you're due in 2 weeks.. she was like yes. I just got off the phone with her a few minutes ago, she is doing great and ready to push this baby out. Unfortunately I won't be there as planned. She was out visiting her mom in Victorville so it looks like that is where she will have the baby. I can't wait to meet this beautiful little one!
I'm off... looking forward to the first day of the SFV TNT Marathon Winter team practice. Looking forward to relaxing. Looking forward to a nice dip in the pool... yeah it's going to be a nice weekend...I've got that feeling...

Jul 27, 2009

TNT Winter Season & Scrapping on the Westide

I fell in love with 2 things Saturday Morning.

My first love.. my new Team in Training Track Jacket. LOL.

I know it's a little silly, but it really is the prettiest jacket I have bought in a while. This Saturday was the start of our new training season. I am so excited. I haven't decided which races to do with the team yet but I am really itching to do the Honolulu Marathon. WHY? Heck I don't know but why not right. So far coming up I have signed up for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run (yeah I know I just one in June but I like to play in the mud), Long Beach Half Marathon and the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon. So ... I think a full marathon is on my list, my goal is to try and complete a full marathon once a year.. so I have 5 months to get out and do one. We shall see. Maybe...

So if any of my local friends are still interested in signing up, call me/email me. =) Check out the team website -> Winter 2009 Team. Trust me it's an experience you will never forget.

My second love... and now don't laugh... The Team in Training Iron Team. OMG... I looked at them all walking around and my mouth just fell. Right Janet... I couldn't shut up about them. For me it was like something out of a movie where you see the Rock Stars walk in and the bystanders can't move and all they do is stare. For me its just mind blowing to think how can anyone run 26.2 miles, bike 112 miles, and swim 2.4 miles... all in one day... Yeah I fell in love with the notion of doing that one day. Well... first I have to get over my fear of water, but maybe just maybe... but think about it.. How many people can do an IronMan? I really want to go watch one of these races. Telling you it just blows my mind.

OK enough of that. I left a few minutes early to go join my friends on the Westside for some Scrapping fun at the Westside Pavillion. I had such a good time. I knew I only had a few hours to scrap so I just went with the flow and made them simple. Thank you Maria, Yvette, and Karina, I had a really good time. Yvette, I can't stop laughing at your bathroom story... hahaha.. OK Maria I really must go over and play with your toys! =)

Here are two of my favorite layouts of the day.

Super simple like I said, but hey I completed a total of 6 layouts in 5 hours. Total record for me! I will post the others later when I get photos of them.

Saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince yesterday... I feel asleep during the movie. I don't know If they were just doing this movie as a filler to get on with the rest but I didn't like it at all.

I've been really busy at work. My 4 year long project is finally hitting the WOO HOO phase. You know that phase where all your hard work/headaches/screaming matches are finally going your way. It's been a really long month with this project and you know how you get emails and you just *sigh* when you see the subject...yeah that is how I feel about this project. So ready for it to be over. Tired of having to speak over voices to be heard. I was telling my manager I am pretty quiet and I do value other people's opinions, but sometimes I just have to put a stop to it. I am the project technical lead... so back off people! I am standing my ground and this is how it will be done.

My next project... master Oracle SQL. I have a few projects coming up that require me to create some queries and I hate to admit it I think I lost my touch. I use to be really quick when it came to my queries and analysis work. Thinking I may have to take a class and freshen up the skills... eick.

Jul 13, 2009

The Fair

OC Fair Picnik collage

On Saturday I went to the Orange County Fair. I had never been and was really looking forward to going. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful California Day. The sun was shinning the skies were as blue as can be, it really was amazing and the company..really wasn't so bad.. =)~

Mark's brother, Frank, is a huge Duran Duran fan. He had bought us tickets to go see the concert months ago, the concert ticket got us free admission into the fair . I actually had other plans that day, but how could I say no? I am so glad I went.

We got there around 2:00 pm or so, walked around and ate some food. The food wasn't so bad, I figured I could stick to my diet as long as I stayed away from all this fried food. Fried this, fried that.. uuuggrrhh... Fried Twinkies? Really? I saw people eating them. And what is it about food at these places? Gigantic Hot Dog, Gigantic Funnel Cakes, Turkey legs...yes people were walking around with whole turkey legs. I should have gotten a picture of that but I think I would have been more grossed out looking at the photo afterwards, so I didn't.

Every time I walk by a booth that offers henna tattoos I want to do one. I literally walked in and out of this booth 3 times before I decided OK I will do it. I LOVED IT! Would I get a real one like this? Probably not, but I loved sporting it for the day. Actually it's still there. Oh also, check it out, a good picture of Mark and I. It doesn't happen often. He is normally making a face, or I'm making a face, uumm.. we must have liked each other that day. LOL.

OC fair

The concert....was so much fun. A lot more fun then I had first anticipated. Walked in to the Orange County Pacific Amphitheatre got my gigantic baked potato and a margarita, found my seat and settled in for the concert. Our ticket said 7:30 pm the concert didn't start until after 8:30pm. No complaints really, gave me time to eat and drink and get all comfy cozy. It was such a beautiful evening. I contemplated on going back to my car and changing into my jeans but there was no need to, the weather was perfect.

Only thing about going to concerts, especially after spending the day outdoors, is BO. Don't laugh it's true BO (Body Order). It's bad if it's mine but worst if it belongs to someone else. I kept getting this whiff and I looked at Mark sniffed him, he was like what.. I was like did you put on deodorant this morning.. he gave me a funny look and said YEAH. OK fine it wasn't him. OOHH there is that smell again... so I started sniffing myself. I was like no it's not me. THEN the woman next to me started dancing in her seat, getting all excited about the concert...then the wind blew..I got dizzy. That was some serious BO. Let me describe the smell, it was more like.. uumm.. damp clothes put on to early mixed in with BO. Yeah you get me. Note to self: Take a shower daily, let your clothes dry before you put them on...and never ever forget to put on the deodorant.

Enough of that on to the concert. It really was the best ever! I found myself singing their old stuff and really digging their new stuff. My favorite ever.. Planet Earth and Girls on Film. I don't care what anyone says... John Taylor is still hot. LOL.

Jul 11, 2009

Marathon Weekend Getway

I loved this weeks challenge over at Scrapping the Music, when I heard the song I knew immediately what I wanted to scrap about. 2 weeks ago to the day I ran the Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon. It was a very stressful time for me and a weekend getaway was exactly what I needed and what better city to go to but Seattle.

I fell in love with the city so much. It was just so beautiful and full of friendly people. So people say you loved it in June but would you love it in October? LOL who knows, but for now if the opportunity were to arise... I WOULD MOVE. So.. hey University of Washington.. Call me.. Lets chat...LOL.. yeah well a girl can only wish right =)~

Believe it or not its a double page layout. I pulled out some oldie but goodies. Do you have any of those old alphabet templates? As much as I love my Quickutz I still love doing things the old fashion way. Trace and hand cut and doodle while I am it and that ribbon there, had it for years just forgot about it. See... I am totally loving these ribbon tags, I can see everything and it's all so pretty!


Left Side


Right Side

I am off, going to the Orange County Fair and later in the evening going to see Duran Duran. I was a big fan when I was younger but haven't really paid much attention since then. Charging up the camera battery and looking forward to some fun in the sun.

Have a great weekend.

Jul 7, 2009

Poladriod Project

DT_070709, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Been playing this morning with a Poladroid Image Maker (http://www.poladroid.net/). I have to admit I really miss my polaroid camera and all that instant gratification but this is just as fun.

All you do is download the application. Upload your digital picture. Then you can print your photos at a 400dpi. Not bad huh. Can't wait to go home and play more with it.

For now... back to work...

Jul 4, 2009

One for the team

SDRNR_2009, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

It's funny you know, I did a layout a few weeks ago from pictures I took at the San Diego Marathon and one of my friends was like...so where is my photo? Uumm.. yours is coming I swear. So I decided to do a college from photos I took. My favorite is the larger middle picture. This is my friend Suzi at mile 24. It was her first full marathon and she still looked like she was full of energy. I love it.

A walk in the park

a_walk_in_the_park, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

I love the song Scrapping the Music has picked out for this week - Beautiful Sunday.

The papers are new from Rusty Pickle. Aren't they just totally adorable. When I saw them I knew they were for me. I took the picture last Thursday while hanging out at Malibu State Creek Park. I had never been there and my friend Araxi said this place is perfect for taking photos. I totally agree!

Thanks for looking.

Jul 2, 2009

i hate to clean

and I am cleaning the messiest room in my house... my scraproom or as my mom says my craproom. I am starting to think she is right. How often must I clean it so that I find things? It's not like I've gone shopping. It's not like I've been creating fabulous pages so that I am making a mess...as a matter of fact it's been a while since I've spent any time at all in this room. So here I go, my attempt to clean this mess. So far here is my progress.
I know a lot of people think..wow bucket you are so lucky to have your own scraproom. Well honestly I don't think I am lucky. I think if I had a little corner somewhere I'd be happier because I wouldn't have as much crap. =(

On the bright side, I've hung most of my ribbon. Isn't it pretty. I really like it out the way it is. I can see it better and to be honest it makes it really nice decoration. Check out Ribbonring.com for more info on these cute tags.

Jul 1, 2009

Busy Busy...

Sometimes I crave to be away from home and other times I just want to be in my bed relaxing. Is there a happy medium? I sure hope so.

So what's been happening? OK I'll start with my baby DJ. DJ came to us when he was 4 years old. My mom worked with his grandmother and she needed someone to pick him up after pre-school. He was the cutest little boy. I just love him to pieces. Here is a photo of him and his adopted cousins at his High School Graduation. LR Krystal, Josh, DJ, Johnny and Samantha. This photo just brings tears to my eyes, they are all growing up so much.


Father's Day weekend: I spent it with Mark and his family. We had a really good time. His nephew, Joshua, turned 1 and is the most adorable little boy. His other nephew, Moses, told me he loved me to heaven and back.. aaahh too adorable! I just love little kids, maybe because I can play around with them and not feel like OMG... why am I acting like this. No I play with them, get down to their level and have a blast with it. Here are some of my favorite photos from that weekend.


I just love this one.


LOL the box of cereal is almost as big as him.


For the party I suggested we get bubbles for the kids. They totally loved them.

Photo Shoot With Araxi

The day before my trip to Seattle I went on a photo shoot with my friend Araxi. She was going to take take some pregnancy shots of my friend April and offered to take some photos of me. Like really who can say no to that. If you haven't check out her site you really should -> Araxi Photography. I can't wait to see her photos she always amazes me. For now here are some I took. LOL.. yes its me with my silly socks again, and one of April telling me I better not take her photo. I don't think she realizes how beautiful she really is. She told me I better not make silly faces while she is getting her photos taken...really me? She ruined my day.. really I was all set to make her laugh, instead I had to sit in the corner with the kids and behave. What fun is that!! LOL.


Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon

So I've downgraded a bit. I've decided I am going to work on my half marathons for a while. I love doing full marathons but lately...it hurts. I mean everything hurts. I still do all the long mileage with my team but really I love half marathons. I could do one a weekend and I'd be a happy camper. I sometimes come down on myself for not doing a full, but really..would I rather do a half and still feel good or would I rather do a full and be down for the day? Yeah I'm happy with the half's.

The Seattle RNR Half Marathon course was so beautiful. In a way I was not prepared at all for the course, I didn't look at the map, I didn't know how many hills there were but really I didn't care. I was just looking forward to a nice run. Did it all happen that way. No not really. I ended up running with a friend who stopped at every mile marker to take pictures, she had to go pee all the time, and she almost passed out on me. I also looked at the positive, I embraced the hills, the run was beautiful, the bald eagle was magnificent, all in all I would totally do the race again. Plus you know the medal isn't bad looking either.. lol. Seattle itself is beautiful and the people are so friendly. I really want to go back and stay a bit longer, but only when it's sunny and not raining. =) I hear that only happens in June, so I'll be back next June.


Me and my friend Veronica crossing the finish line together. =) love love..


Seattle Space Needle and me with my token marathon beer.


Random photos I took. I have a thing for colorful fun stuff and the clowns, I am scared shitless of clowns but these were kinda cute. Yeah makes you wonder about my blog header doesn't it.

Well that's it for now. Hoping to spend my Friday scrapbooking my photos. I really need some quiet time in my room, just me, my paper, my glue, and my music of course.