Nov 23, 2009

80's Prom

My marathon team held an 80's prom fundraiser a week ago. For a month before the event all we did was talk about what dresses we were going to wear. LOL. It was such a fun night. I can't wait to do it again. Because I seem to have nothing to say lately I'm all about posting pictures. Here are some of my favorites of the evening.

Rachelle, Chely and me. :) Gosh and to think I am the old lady in the group. LOL..

We even set up an area for photos. Our very own 80's prom backdrop. It was so cool watching everyone go over and take group shots.

And after a long evening dancing I kicked off those heals and pulled out my slippers. :)

I'm ready for another night of dancing and talking about what races are next. It's an addiction. I'm over it, I can't go to rehab for it... and the thing I am most excited about.. I have a Garmain Forerunner 305 on it's way to me. Yeah now I really feel like an elite athlete. In scrapbooking terms..It's like buying a Cricut (which I don't own YET). Yeah cool stuff huh like that.

Off to finish my work. I should be on vacation but came in today to do some testing. I was hoping to be gone by now..but nope! oh well. My vacation officially starts the minute I walk out those glass doors. :) AAAHH I can taste those margaritas already.

Nov 14, 2009

STMC #111

highest_mountain, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

This past week was veteran's day and got me to thinking..where are those boot camp pictures I had? I found one and it happens to be one of my favorites. My parents did all they could to come to my graduation in Parris Island, South Carolina. A lot of the other girls didn't have family there but I had my parents. For me this was a be called a U.S.Marine. A lot of people didn't think I'd make it but I did.. and for that reason I used the lyrics "I have climbed the highest mountain" from this week's Scrapping the Music challenge.

Thanks for looking . . .and by the way this picture was taken 21 years ago..oh my.