Jul 5, 2010

7/3 driving to Fresno, Tulare Outlets, and Sonic

The whole point of me driving out to Fresno (without Mark) was so that I could stop in Tulare. What the heck is in Tulare? Outlet shopping and Sonic. And you may be asking..why get a 44 oz size? Don't I have any restraint? Well the answer is NO! I don't like the food at Sonic so I don't stop there for the food. I stop for the drinks! EVEN THOUGH I can't drink a 44 oz of the most amazing drink ever... Cherry Limeade, the fact that I stopped at Sonic and bought a 44 oz Cherry Limeade is just....uumm....how should I describe it.... OOOOHHHAAAAAHHH. Yes it was that kind of moment. It's kind of sad I drive 2 hours for one of these things isn't it.

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