Jun 29, 2008

Farting in the womans toilet - Hidden Camera

My stomach is hurting so bad, I can't stop laughing!!!

What a way to end a weekend! I'm off to bed... And hey pass me some toilet paper!!

So how was your weekend?

Mine was EXCELLENT! I attended a crop called "Crop Binge" in Valencia. To be honest I was a little nervous. I always get nervous when I am going to meet a group of new people, but honestly you know I had nothing to be nervous about. The women at the crop were so sweet and totally welcomed me that I do hope to do this crop with them again. Talk about just down to earth nice women. If you happen to be reading this...THANK YOU! And you know who you are... =)

So Crop Binge..... it was a 3 day scrapbooking event. The organizers - Erin, Stephanie, and Val - did an amazing job. We literally didn't have to go anywhere. All our meals were catered - and oh my goodness where they yummy - we had everything our little hearts desired..... and you know what... I LOVED IT! I don't think I'll be able to attend another crop, I mean once you get spoiled like this... can you go back to the norm? LOL... I'm teasing.

So you.. yeah you my main blog stalker. I only have one so you know who you are. You are probably wondering ... Well bucket did you get your mojo back? hhahahah I think I did, well at least it was itching to come out. Check out the new stuff below.

NEW NEW NEW aaahhhh how I love that word. Below are 3 of my 5 new releases for Summer CHA.
1. Mushroom mini-chipboard book
2. Airplane mini-chipboard book
3. Girl Skull mini-chipboard... ALL FOR YOU GLENDA!!!

Oh and if you haven't please check out the Magistical Memories Blog. The women on the design team are amazing and totally blow me away with their work.

girl_power_chipboard book

My Layouts
I'm not posting them all, just a few of my favorites.

TheMain_warped tour 2008

And now my Secret Sister Paint Can Swap - I am mailing this off tomorrow, I hope she likes it


Sorry not showing the contents inside. =) but I do hope she likes it. Crossing my fingers that she does like it. I loved making it.

So there you have it, these are all the projects I completed this weekend. Yeah I was busy but I loved every moment of it. The company was excellent, the food was excellent, my NEW friends are amazing... I HAD A GREAT WEEKEND!!


Jun 20, 2008

Teaches you to laugh at me!!

I'm sitting her watching this over and over again...I LOVE IT! Someone send me that catalog please!

Jun 18, 2008

A sign for my scraproom

i_see_you, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

I saw somewhere that someone had done the cutest scraproom sign and the idea of creating one stuck with me. At first I wanted it to read "Artist at Work" or "Keep Out" or even - and this one is for my cousin "STAY OUT OF MY TREE HOUSE!!" But no "I SEE YOU" seemed fitting. It's the first thing people will see when they walk in my house, and I thought it was kind of cute. I may not keep it as my scraproom sign but for now it's on my door.



I have to give credit where credit is due. When I saw this Scraproom Sign I knew I had to make one like it. Then I couldn't find it, and guess what I found it. Isn't it adorable!

Jun 16, 2008

I have a secret

I can only give hints because really it's a secret to me too.

1. It has to do with a company I design for.
2. It has to do with chipboard and the good old clear stuff....
3. Coming soon....
4. NEW NEW designs!!

I don't know what they looks like yet, nor do i know which of my designs will be coming out...so like I said it's all a secret to me.

And you know what I hate secrets. But lets just play, do you want some of it? Yeah.. just leave me a comment and make sure I can contact you one way or another... oh but hey tell me what you think of my new blog banner? Too much? It's kind of a running joke in my family. If you can fart really smelly and loud then your a true Robles. Robles is my maiden name. So there you go, now you know my real secret. You want to know what... I am a true Robles... AND I LOVE IT!!!

Jun 13, 2008

I cry.......

When I read things like this -Van's Website. People wonder why I keep doing what I do for Team in Training. When you read that website you will know why. Please keep Natalie in your prayers, no little girl or boy should go through what she is going through.


Jun 12, 2008

How did this happen?

4 years ago I was at Johnny's 8th grade graduation. Look at him, he looked like such a baby! I couldn't imagine my baby going off to High school!

My mom always told me, mija you watch one day your babies will grow up and you will see what I went through. It was hard for me to see you grow up and now your a mother and your time will come. I use to say yeah Mom whatever I still have a long ways to go. Yeah right!

And now look at him! ->
I love this photo, I feel that it truly shows his true feelings! I can only imagine him saying YEAH BABY!

This morning I sat here thinking, why can't I let go? Why is it so hard to be a mom and watch your child grow.

Then I started thinking about my parents and the heartache I put them through. First I barely graduated High School. I didn't care, didn't want to do my school work, all I wanted was to have fun. So what did I do? I join the military. I figured this was my ticket out of here! But then here I have my son, who wants so badly to go away for school and I am finding it so heartbreaking. Then I remember my emotions at that age and yes I understand a bit more now.

All I want is the best for the son. I put this on his graduation party invites and I truly feel this expresses how I feel.

I held him in my arms on the day he was born

Dreamed about his future

And the things that he would learn

Now he stands before me

A boy almost a man

I find myself reluctant to

Let go of his hand

But nothing can diminish the

Pride that's in my heart

Least of all the Knowledge

That it's time for us to part

So now I give my son

The space to find his way

And celebrate the future

Jun 11, 2008

blah blah blah

So why blah blah... well because I have so much to say and no time to do it in. I am overwhelmed at work, overwhelmed at home... shit I am just overwhelmed. So here are a few things. Sorry for the boring post but here goes....

Look I scrapped a bit. Just a little bit. It's not quite finished but I wanted to show a picture of it. More to come sometime this week.

Today is his day! My baby boy is graduating High School in a few hours. I want to run and yell at the top of my lungs, I AM SO PROUD TO BE YOUR MAMA! He is an amazing man...wowowhhh... is he a man. I mean.. tomorrow is his birthday too and he is turning 18. He is a man isn't he. OH SHIT! Yeah it is hitting me.. he is a man. OK tito bring me a tissue!

Look at my aunt Maggie here. Today is her 50th Birthday. Yes my aunt is really 50 years old! She is so "Sex & the City" isn't she. Look here I also made her an apron for her birthday... Aunt Maggie I want some banana pancakes =) She makes the best pancakes in the world! At least my boys think so.

So I'm off... I'm wrapping things up at work so I can get going and run home and get dressed for the graduation. I am going to be the mama with a brace on her knee. LOL what happened? Well put it to you this way, after a marathon they say you should rest at least 2 weeks before even thinking of doing anything. Well I basically went from one team to another and my new team was already practicing. So I ran with them this past Saturday. I figured it's only 4 miles I should be OK. Yeah right! So now I am more crippled them ever and walking around with a big old lady limp and a thingie on my knee. I hope my dress covers it today, if I take it off it hurts like a mother so I need to leave it on.

Oh I am going to cry... my baby boy is graduating High School!

Jun 3, 2008

Look I'm a princess

Check it out here. Its that the coolest.

Hint: Scroll down to Sunday, June 1st.

Jun 2, 2008

My marathon day.

3:45 am - Get your butt up, it’s time to get ready.
4:30 am - Meet downstairs in the lobby with the team and get on the shuttle buses to the start line.
5:00 am – 6:20 am - Some where in between here I get in line for gear check and go visit a port-a-potty. My goal is to take a BM before the race so I don’t have to take one during the race. I go to the port-a-potty. I almost throw up from the smell. I exit as quickly as possible without taking a BM. GROSS.. Marathoners take the worst BM’s!
6:25 am - Get in my corral and get ready for the gun.
6:30 am - I am still in my corral, but hey at least the fast runners got to go first. LOL
6:43 am - OK finally I crossed the official start line. So what if there are 20,000 people in front of me, I’ll catch up. Yeah don’t laugh I can only dream to catch up with the Kenyan’s all the way in the front. OMG I saw the most wonderful shirt at the expo, it said… “In my dreams I am a Kenyan.” Yeah baby, that is me. In my dreams I am a Kenyan.
After 6:43 am I lost all track of time and start looking at the mile markers.
Mile 1 – first potty spot. My teammates, Audrey and Susana, have to go potty and it’s time for me to rub some instant pain relief on my chins. I was like what the heck! For once can’t the pain just go away!
Mile 5 – Susana took off. Yeah she left us.
Mile 9 – Audrey and I meet up with a teammate, whose name will not be divulged. I’ll tell you why later. Anyway, we meet up so teammate, she asked Audrey and I how we were doing. We are feeling great and tell her we are running a 3/3. For all you non-marathoners a 3/3 is a 3 minute walk with a 3 minute run. We chat for maybe a minute with said teammate and then she says, “Ok well I am going to leave you in the dust now; I am off to find Peter.” Peter is the walk coach and was somewhere ahead of us. Audrey and I just looked at each other and said OK, see you later.
Mile 12 – Hello? Hey Bucket its April. WOO HOO APRIL! Thank you so much for calling me! You don’t know how much it means to me that you called me. WOO HOO BUCKET… where is that coming from? Ohhhhh lllooookkk there are my teammates cheering us on. I cry. I am so happy to see them.
Mile 13.1 – WOO HOO Half Marathoners. We see a few of our teammates at the finish line and yell out and say WOO HOO GO TEAM. Secretly I did wish I had stopped at the half marathon finish. As I waved good-bye I told myself OK there is no turning back now, I need to complete this marathon.
Mile 17 – Picture Time. Audrey and I look at each other, fix ourselves and smile pretty for the pictures. I had the biggest smile on my face. The photographers were like.. WOW that is a great shot, keep up the good work. Yeah baby!
Mile 18 – Guess who we see? It’s our “Eat my dust Teammate”. Audrey and I looked at each other and laughed. So we caught up huh. Yeah so maybe starting off really fast didn’t help you much did it? Slow and steady was our motto, so guess what “EAT MY DUST!” No I didn’t really say that to her, but yeah I thought it. LOL.
Mile 19 – this is the cut off point, if you don’t pass this point by 12:30 pm the van picks you up and takes you to the finish line. Audrey and I passed it at 12:10 pm! We were like.. yeah yeah we did it. I was flying high.
Mile 21 – Picture time again. So I had just gotten off the phone with April and she said she was concerned because my time was not being updated. So I made sure to listen for this checkpoints buzzer. So imagine this, I see the photographers, smile for them and then figure ok that’s it. As I am passing the checkpoint I jump on the electrical wires to make sure the buzzer goes off, I am laughing as I do this, I look up and wwoooowww where did you come off there is a photographer right there. He laughed and said that was a great shot, I can’t wait to see that picture!
Mile 22 – WOO HOO Team in Training. There are my friends again. OOOHH can’t even tell you the feeling!
Mile 23 – Hello. Hey Bucket… It’s Laura Fiore calling me. Hey Laura. Bucket where you at? I’m at mile 23. Ok call me when you get closer to 24 I want to run you in. YEAH HOO! I had been looking for Laura all day so I was so excited she called me.
Mile 25 – Oh it’s my Tyler waiting for me. Ok its Coach Tyler, but all the girls on the team are like Oh Tyler, Oh Tyler- you get the picture so I had to give in. Oh look there is Laura. OH LAURA! You don’t know how much it means to me to have you as a friend. We are running and then she yells at her team, THIS IS BUCKET!! Her team starts cheering me on. Oh they are the greatest.
Mile 26 – Ok the finish line is right over the bend. Ay ya ya.. my feet don’t want to run anymore and I’m starting to slow down. Why now? I wanted to finish fast and now I am going to crawl across? NO WAY Audrey wouldn’t let me. So here we go. Audrey grabs my hand and leads me across the finish line. Want to see it? Click here and watch the clock at the top of the screen. http://video.nbcsandiego.com/player/?id=257855 When the clock hits close to 7:36:53 watch the right hand of the screen. See those two crossing the finish line holding hands? Yep that is Audrey and I. I sure do love technology!
Mile 26.2 – My mom and my sister are out there to greet me. I can not put in words the emotions that overcame me. I hugged my mom and cried like a baby. My mom cried too. I don’t know if she cried because I was crying, or was she crying because I was so smelly? LOL.. I love my mom.

So do you want to know what it feels like to do a marathon? AMAZING! The feeling is indescribable! For me it wasn’t just a marathon, I got to run with Audrey Duffy. Who is Audrey Duffy? Audrey is a 6 ½ year cancer survivor. Her goal, for 2008, is to have completed 20 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society endurance training events. This event was her 18th event! She plans on doing a Triathlon in September and then the San Francisco Nike Marathon in October. I asked her, how she does it? How does she fundraise for all of these events? She told me she isn’t afraid to ask. She will send out emails and ask for money, and when someone tells her, I’d love to donate but right now I just can’t. She turns around and says “I’d love not to have cancer, but I don’t have a choice!” So true don’t you think? Audrey is amazing; I do hope to be able to do more marathon events with her. I had a blast getting to know her, and hey the best thing is she never slowed down – because honestly I am slow and I thought I was slowing her down.

After the marathon I went back to my room, took a nice cold shower and went and had some dinner. Around 7:30 pm one of my roomies, Bridget, was like…Lets go.. lets go see Pat Benatar. We weren’t going to go because our other roomy, Kelly, was a bit out of it. She had blisters on her feet that looked like huge grapes. I wish I had taken pictures but I didn’t have a chance, and honestly I couldn’t move fast enough to get my camera. So quickly we get ready, and head on out to the concert. I call Laura..and in few minutes WOO HOO we are singing to Heartbreaker…!! I was singing and dancing. You would have never known that I had just completed a marathon. I can’t wait to do it again.

There you have it. I love it and can’t get enough of it!

Oh that there is Bridget -> hahahahah can you only imagine all the laughs we had in our room!