Jul 30, 2010

Project 365 - 7/29 Inspiration Unlimited

Been really busy doing some side work for my friend Ginger. Ginger runs an event called Inspiration Unlimited. It started out as a small event of about 100, then grew to about 150, and now it's 3rd year it is at about 250.

For now I can share this. You know those adorable acrylic tumblers from Starbucks? I know Jamba Juice has them, as well as many other companies. I brought this idea to Ginger...imagine spill free adult beverages on the tables as we scrap. Image the tumbler with a cute pink straw. Imagine if someone like Marylu and Leslie took one of these and just blinged the hell out of it...I think I had her at bling. :) With Gingers help and with Janna Wilson sharing the images and font...here is the official Inspiration Unlimited beverage holder of the event. I know it's a little cheesy, but I love it. If you are attending the event, click here to order your tumbler.

I am busy working on a few other things. I am really excited about this event! I truly admire all of the instructors and their creativity. September can't come soon enough!

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