Feb 27, 2008

Another Marathon?

Did I tell you I was training for another marathon? No. Really? I thought I did.
Did I tell you I was fundraising again? No? Really? I thought I did.
Have I told you lately you are awesome and that I'd do anything for you? No? Really? I thought I did.
These are my conservations lately. I think I tell someone something and in my thoughts I did tell them.. but then I didn't.
Well I am doing another marathon. I'd love to go back to Alaska, but not this year. I'll be training with Team in Training to do the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon. This is my 3rd year out there, but it will be my first doing the full marathon. My last two years I've only ran the half, so this year I'd doing the full.
Also this year is a bit different for me. I'm running in honor of my aunt Andrea. While she may not have a blood cancer she is fighting cancer. So if you can please help. All I'm asking for is $5. Yeah $5 is easy right. Well I figure if my friends, and their friends, and their friends donate $5 that I should be able to meet my goal. So can you help me out?

Magistical Memories Blog

Did you know Magistical Memories has a blog????

You have got to check it out...OMG I am always so amazed at everything the DT does.

Magistical Memories Blog

I am so proud of her!!!

Remember this name....Angie Greenup!!

I got to know her about 2 years ago. We were both training for our first marathon. She is the funniest and sweetest person ever. I haven't seen her in a while and miss her so much. I'll be seeing her this Friday at the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard (Hollywood)... SO EXCITED!!

You know how you get this feeling... how you are so proud of people.. how they affect your life... that is Angie. So if your in the Los Angeles area.. go and check her out. This Friday night (29th of February) at the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard.

Feb 23, 2008

A few funnies

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Feb 22, 2008

She's all that

Shes_all_that_2008_1, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

and then some. Isn't she the cutest!! This is my #1 girl, my niece Krystal. I'm sad she is growing up, but then again I have loved seeing the changes in her. I just love this little woman.

Feb 19, 2008

My etsy site

Check it out - > Suzbuckets etsy shop.

I did post about it here but I haven't posted images. I know I need to get on the ball.

I do have this really cute 'exclusive' chipboard album I will be posting soon. The idea came up when my BFF Teri - whom I meat through the Creative Escape Yahoo board - asked if I could come up with something for the event. I did and Crystle already cut it up for me. I just haven't had a chance to work on it so I don't want to post it up on Etsy until I show an example of how to use it. I just need PICTURES to use in my project. Can you help a girl out? Let me know please. email me. CLICK HERE. Thank you!!

No time to create....

so I thought I'd look through the Magistical Memories Gallery and pick out some of my favorites.

BTW, if you haven't checked out the gallery you really should. Its so full of inspiration! I am in awe with what everyone does with this chipboard. Check it out!

u r loved by Roree

Shoe love - Love Rocks Kit by Glenda

x+y=<3 by Jessica Summer

Feb 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

El Rio's Valentine's Day Cards # 6, originally uploaded by El Rio.

I found this card on Flickr... OMG I love it.
El Rio's Valentine's Day Cards # 6

Feb 13, 2008

Ramdom OMG's... LOL

Went to CHA.. it was amazing. Lots of new goodies.. but nothing totally blew me away. Will have pictures to share hopefully by tomorrow.

I had a blast hanging out with the girls from Cherry on top [dot] com. Thank you Laura and Kristianne for letting me HANG on you the whole time.

What else... my etsy store is open!! Check it out - click on the graphic below


I still have to make some of the graphics better, will do soon. Been creating to much busy-ness (not a word I know but whatever) for myself that I am all worn out.

In the mean time, look what I found. Wouldn't this be a super cool gift.

MIX TAPE USB DRIVE create a mix of how you feel and give it as a gift! Remember the days before digital music and MP3 players? If you do, then you probably made mixed tapes of all your favorite music to share with your friends and school crushes on good old fashioned blank cassette tapes! If you miss the 80's and making mix tapes, this product will inspire you again!

Create your own unique mix tape


Store your own mix on the USB stick by plugging into your PC or Mac, then add MP3 or any other files to the USB stick.

Stores up to 1 hour of high quality digital music - the same amount as you get on a C60 cassette tape. Perfect for creating your own unique compilation or mix 'tape'. When you have 60 minutes you have to think carefully about what you are going to put on there! Write your own title, messages and play list all over the retro gift pack.

OK gotta get back to work before they fire me. :-)


Feb 8, 2008

Making your own Photoshop brushes

The other day I was playing around with some of my stamps and had this 'wow' moment, wouldn't an owl look cute on a digital layout. So I decided to make some into brushes. Here is a quick tutorial I wrote up on how to do it. I hope you enjoy it.

Start out by stamping your bushes on plain white paper. Try to get the best stamped image possible.

Scan in your image at a 300 resolution, and black & white document. See example below.

Zoom in on the first image you would like to select as your stamp, and select the image using your lasso tool. See example below.

Copy the selection and paste into a new window. Short cut keys: Ctrl – C, Ctrl – N, Ctrl – V.
Take your magic eraser tool, or whatever tool you prefer to use to erase the white background.

Here is an example of my cleaned up image.

As you can tell my stamping wasn’t clear enough. If you’d like, you can take one of your basic circle brushes and just clean up your image a bit.

Once you feel your image is ready, let’s start creating your Photo shop brushes.

1. Click on Edit – Define Brush Preset.

2. Give your brush a name

Continue this until you have created all your brushes.

In order to save this brush set you will have to delete all the other brushes that are currently in the brush set. To do this, click on the brush selector tool and randomly delete the miscellaneous brushes in this set. See example below.

Once you have completed this you can then save your brush set.

Click on Brush Preset button, Save Brushes. Give your brushes a name. In the future when you want to bring up your favorite stamped brushes they will be saved on your computer.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. :-)

-bucket :-)~

Random stuff making me REALLY happy

My friend Colleen virtually introduced me to The Legacy Lady aka Kayla Lamoreaux. I wrote a few digi tutorials for her and *you should see my big cheesy smile* she put one up today. -> Check it out <-

Lets see what else... drum roll please.... STAMPS!! Yes I designed some stamps. First let me fill you in on some history. I first designed these stamps back in September '07. I have some great friends who really helped me out with my team in training fundraising, that I wanted to find a special way to say thank you, so thus these stamps were born. LOL. I can't even begin to tell you how EXCITED I AM!! Below are examples of two of the three stamps I will be selling.

1. Man sign

2. Cassette tape.

The other stamp is a women sign stamp. I'm even more excited about the reason I am doing this. I am doing it for my aunt, I am fundraising (again) for Team in Training in my aunt's honor. My aunt was diagnosed in November with a brain tumor. When the biopsy came back we found out it was a cancerous brain tumor that is growing aggressively and it is inoperable. I do believe with the monies the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has given to UCLA, a treatment will be found for my aunt. For this reason... I dedicate my season to my aunt Andrea.
I will not be profiting from the sales of the stamps, all monies earned will go straight into my team in training fundraising.
Pictured below, My uncle Santiago, my aunts Andrea and Tomasa, and my mom is on the far right.

Feb 7, 2008

Lifes a Hoot Chipboard card

Lifes a Hoot Chipboard card, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Isn't it adorable. I finally put the finishing touches on it. I can't wait to give it away, or wait... maybe I'll keep it for myself.. *insert evil laugh here*

Feb 5, 2008

Did you see it all yet?

Magistical Memories Winter Release
WOW everything looks so cool now! And check out this baby. Heart Photo Corner. Crystle's youngest son designed that. Isn't it adorable!

Feb 4, 2008

Cupid Poop

The most interesting Valentines Day project I ever heard of !!!!!

Cupid Poop
Supplies needed:
Small Red Heart Candies
Baby Food Jar

Place the candy into a clean baby food jar and attach this little poem.

Here is something from the cupids above
Who fly along with all the doves
Whose arrows have hit many lonely hearts
they send you a gift for your heart
your kindness and love have been so true
so the cupids have sent you
their little poo-poo

Favorite Superbowl Commericals?

Techically I did and didn't watch the game. I just sat on the sofa and poked my head up when the commericals came on. LOL. Here are my three favorite's.

Pepsi Max

Planters Peanuts

Just gotta love justin!

Do you have a favorite?

Feb 3, 2008

What I did durning the Superbowl

What else but surf the internet.

I found some awesome sites.. wait unit you see these. - Pinksherbet Photography

OMG how amazing are her pictures? The colors are amazing , and those rainbow socks? I WANT THEM. Check out her 1,000,000 letter campaign.

and look at this picture... Saving the Universe isn't that adorable
and look at these, they are adorable Bobs b Pins
Oh look at this... I love this Up in the sky

Hey who won anyway?

Feb 1, 2008

Sneak Peeks #2 - Can it get any better?

Check it out.....

A Tab it up book by Toni Bride and groom by Crystle
An Easter egg book by Cheryl

Last but not least Car vacation book by yours truly. :-)

Magistical Memories is having a surprise designer this month. I have not seen the final product but I know it will be very exciting. :-)
So what do you think so far?