May 12, 2011

5.12.2011 Pocket full of sunshine

Have you watched that film Easy A? Emma Stone's character, Olive, receives a music card from a grandparent. She opens up the card and it starts singing, over and over again, I've got a pocketful of sunshine.... etc. She quickly closes it and says..worst song ever! Then all of sudden she sings it all weekend click on the video below.

Well yesterday morning started off for me like that. Mark started playing that song for me and it was stuck in my head all day. I kept telling myself being "technically" over 40 isn't all that bad. Unless you have a child who loves to tell you "Mama you are old." I wanted to tell that brat yeah but not old enough to still spank you. He is just excited he is going to be 21 in a month. So what. 21 just means you are more of an adult than ever! So what if you can go to bars. So what if you can go to Vegas and gamble. whatever Johnny don't make me start telling all of your potential girlfriends how you use to cry while watching Lion King. 

All in all it really was a good day. Started off with a nice walk around the UCLA Campus. Came home. My young men (blah) were there waiting for me. I cooked dinner. I had been craving those little  Lasagna Cupcakes. Totally YUMMY!! They are small and perfect. Just add a bread roll and a yummy salad..and presto dinner is served. I love cooking with this little woman! Thank you for helping me Mariah.     
Instead of a cake we had Tea Cakes from Coral Cafe in Burbank. Don't tell Mark but yes I actually like them. He tries to 'push' them on me saying they are so good this and that...I always say they suck only because he loves them..haha but no really they are very good.
See here we are at my little birthday celebration. It was perfect. Quiet, at home, aahhh relaxation.
L-R. My mom holding Scarlett, Mark, Joshua, Mariah, Me, Marcus, and that one trying to bite me is my almost 21 year old Johnny. 
Thank you Mona for taking this beautiful picture. 

I have this little tradition, I try to take a picture of me with my men, but can you tell they really aren't into it. I'll take a picture, look at it, oh that sucks lets do another one. Totally frustrates them :( punks, so here are the best ones.

I tried. I would have loved to have one photo of all three of us together, but yeah right. Trying to tear them apart from the TV just wasn't going to work. But that is OK I was happy. Happy to have all 3 of them here with me. Gosh I sound all mushy, but yes I was very happy. Then I decided to take photos of me, to remind me to enjoy what is around me and know that I can't fix everything but to enjoy the moment.

Top Left Picture - My contact wanted to fall out of my eye, my eyes weren't use to smiling so much. hah
Top Right - That is me trying to take a cutesie sort of picture.
Bottom Left - I was trying to bring out my inner hippie with a peace thing. But really I wondered, what do I look like laying down. What does Mark see when coming to bed. hahaha
Bottom Right - Is me looking at my mood ring and telling says NOT IN THE MOOD. hahaha

All in all it was a wonderful birthday spent with those I love. Thank you for for the wonderful emails and phone calls. It really made my day.

May 11, 2011

5.11.2011 - It's my Birthday

Yes this is me, my mom said I was the prettiest baby ever!! I haven't changed much right?

Today in honor of my birthday I thought I’d write about my favorites. Favorite songs, favorite things to do, etc. Lately I’ve become that friend that doesn’t smile. Me…the one who was voted having the best smile in my high school graduating class, yeah that just made me laugh too. Today I am making it a point to smile until it hurts. And for those of you wondering…Bucket are you at work today? YES I AM! Today I will be that person who is walking around with the biggest smile. You know that person who you see walking down the street and you wondering..Humm what the heck are they smiling about and you just want to slap that smile off their face - haha …yes that will be me!!

OK on to my favorites.

5. Peacock - Katy Perry  Ok well this is not the offical 'Katy Perry" music video..but I LOVE IT! And hey is that Gretchen from the RHOC? haha I love it.
7. Lazy Song - Bruno Mars  This song totally describes me! I'll be lounging on the couch just chilling with my snuggie - oh doesn't that sound great!!
8. Rumour Has it - Adele Actually anything by Adele. I love her music. I hinted a few months back to The Man that I wanted to go to her concert. So if you have a friend, who has a friend, who knows a friend that wants a friend to go with them to any of the Los Angeles area concerts...CALL ME.
10. I adore mi amor - Color me Bad Yeah I know you love this song too..admit it! Just watching the video really makes me laugh!
18. SeƱorita - Justin Timberlake You do know he wrote this song for me. 

Whew that took me forever to do. I had this silly idea, oh wouldn't it be great to post 41 of my favorites songs. Really? No.

Things I like to do, and this may sound like a match dot come add.

I like to take long walks, hold hands, go to the movies, share ice cream, cuddle, dance like no one is watching, sing at the top of my lungs, and smile lots..yes see I am smiling. On-line shopping, scrapbooking, marathons, people watching, shopping, love concerts, love trying out new foods, love meeting new people - when actually I am very shy, long drives, best of all I love lounging on the sofa and watching movies.

Ok that's it. I really have to get back to work. And with that I leave you with a photo from my 40th Birthday party. And what a party that was. :)

May 3, 2011

5.3.2011 Bad...Bad....Blogger

Fake it. That is what I tell myself each time I’m about to update. Make it sound awesome. Make it sound like you have a life. Truth is..I don’t have one. Well not an exciting one anyway. I think it’s not exciting, but maybe it’s not all that bad.

For example. A couple of weeks ago I attended my cousin Rudy’s birthday 40th party. The party was held at Frank’s loft. Hahah I thought we were going to a club called Frank’s Loft. The address was in Downtown Los Angele in the Fashion District area. So here I thought how cool. Ends up we went to a loft that belonged to their friend Frank. Well..what can I say..technically it was Franks loft. Haha and a beautiful loft it was. David, Rudy’s Partner, sure knows how to put on a party. The finger food was delicious. The cake was to die for. And David totally spoiled Rudy. It was a great night spent with my family.

Top Left Picture - L to R. David, Espi, Rudy and me.
Next Picture. Me and Veronica on the roof top enjoying the Downtown LA View.
Bottom left Picture - Me and my funny looking cousin who is going to buy me a mood ring for my birthday! Rudy don't piss me off! hah
Bottom Left - what can I say about this. It all started pretty innocent. My sister Veronica is a little "WILD" yes wild is the word. Here you have Veronica, My cousin Espi - think she got behind Veronica because she was scarred her boob was going to get grabbed, then you have Nana (Adriana), then me. I am the innocent one. haha

4/30Am I still running? It's been a slow process. Stress + injuries + stress + no motivation + stress = just not into it. I've been trying to motivate myself. This last weekend was good. I was able to push out 16.45 miles. I didn't run at all. Each time I tried to run..OUCH. So I figured, ok screw the running and just walk it. So me and my friend Rachelle walked and talked. It was nice. 

Afterwards I felt great. You'd think I’d be super sore but I wasn't. My ankle felt good. My shins weren't throbbing. I had told myself if I can do these 16 miles then I can do the full marathon. I was ready to bump myself down to doing the half marathon. L I know it’s the stress that is just totally affecting me. Stupid stress.

Birthday Memories LayoutWhat else...oh YES..Can't forget it's my birthday month. I have one of those Heidi Swapp Calendar's in my kitchen and each month I try to create a layout that represents that month. For this month's layout I created this. I love these photos. My mom always made my sister and I homemade cakes and jello. Thinking back she always gave us the best birthday parties ever. We always had tons of friends over. I won't lie I do wish I could go back and just be a fly on the wall. I would love to see what I was like as a kid. Lucky for me I have a great mom that loved to take lots of pictures.

4/24and with that...I leave you with this cutie. She has been pushing that button...that I really want to have a baby with Mark button. Lucky for her the button is stuck and has an out of order sign on it.

Oh in case your wondering about an update on the wedding. haha no updates. Well I picked up my dress. It's sitting pretty in my closet. It is really cute. I think I am going to do one of those mass texts hours before the event. And yes an event it will be. I need to keep the Famarazzi (Family Paparazzi)at arms length. I think with everything else that is going on the wedding thing is the furthest thing on my mind. So hey save your McDonald's coupons, your invitation is coming soon. :)~