Jan 23, 2011

Project Life Week 3

This week the newest little addition to the Luna's was born. Her name is Scarlett and she is the most adorable ever! She was in NICU for a week but is home now and doing great.

While I was updating my book I decided to decorate the cover. Just a little bit just to add some prettiness (is that even a word?).

Project Life Week 2

this is one of the easiest projects I have ever worked on. While for some my life may seem kind of boring it really isn't - at least that is what I am telling myself.  ha ha

Jan 5, 2011

More PhotoShop Brushes (circle tags)

I get addicted to all things PhotoShop quickly. If you use PhotoShop on a regular basis you will know what I mean. 
Last night I was playing and playing and played some more. 
The benefits, creative juices were flowing ... the downfall I can't wake up in the morning to get my butt into work. 

I created these in a 300 resolution. The size is 2x2. My idea behind them is to print them out and then punch them out with my 2 inch circle punch. I tested it out..and perfect!!! Hope you can find them useful. 

Free PhotoShop Brushes downloads.
4. days

Jan 3, 2011

Calendar 2011 PhotoShop Brushes

I am obsessed with calendars right now. Don't know what it is, but I am. I decided to create some 2011 Calendar Brushes to use for my desktop wallpapers. This is just one idea but I am sure the brushes have a lot of uses.  

Free Download - Calendar 2011 PhotoShop Brushes

The font is DB Dated from Lettering Delights. Enjoy.   

Jan 1, 2011

Project Life 2011- 365 photos

Yep I am doing it again!! My friend Ginger posted on facebook something about a Project Life kit by Becky Higgins. To be honest I knew nothing about this. I looked it up -> Project Life Kit <- and was simply amazed at how easy it looked. So if anyone says..but your a scrapbooker you know how to do this...NO anyone can do this! The kit comes with everything you need. Journaling blocks, the album, stickers, date stamp, etc...everything you need!!! Seriously!!

The only difference about this year is that I won't be posting the pictures directly to my blog. I'm just going to leave them all in my project life 2011 flickr set. So much easier that way. I can't wait to get my kit. I will however post weekly updates of my completed pages :)  

I ordered my kit on Thursday and I should receive it on Monday - Thank you Amazon.com!! I can't wait to get started!!!

Project 365 - 12/31

New Years eve at Disneyland. Honestly I said What? You want to go to Disneyland on New Years Eve? Are you crazy? He said Yup, that is what I want to do and we are going. :( To say the least I wasn't excited about going...at first. In the end it turned out to be one of my best New Years Eves to date. Thank you Mr. Awesome.... you really are awesome.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of the day.

What a great photo of the Sleeping Beauty Castle from the Rocket Ride.
Mark's youngest brother and his family (Daniel, Cristina, Joshua and Moses)
Mark kiced my butt on the Astro Blaster. I tried to cheat but as you can see cheaters don't get anywhere but loserville. haha
Mr. Awesome and me. While our intentions was to spend most of the day with his brother and the kids we ended up alone most of the time. It really was great. We hit all the big rides and honestly the lines weren't all that bad. Would I go on New Years again? Maybe. Only if it was 70 degrees...this sun lover hates the cold.