Aug 31, 2009

Is it really Monday??

What a week I had. Last week I became reacquainted with my bedroom. I normally just go in there to sleep for a few hours and leave. This week I got to spend more then a few hours in there, it was days and I sure wasn't happy about it. I got the flu. I have never been so sick like this. Thank goodness I am almost back to normal...well as normal as I am going to get. =)

While I was in bed I got to catch up on past episodes of Americas Next Top Model, Top Chef, Rachel Zoe Project, Project Runway, and really anything that was on Bravo. It was kind of nice having my child take care of me. He made me breakfast, brought me water, and looked in on me from time to time. At one point he must have gotten scared and said oh mom you look pretty bad. I asked him really? He said yeah. Pretty scary, I must have looked like something from night of the living dead.

So what have I been up to? Well last Sunday I took my friend Marjorie out to the Angelus Rosedale Cemetery one of the oldest existing cemeteries in Los Angeles. It's a total must see. Here are a few of the photos I took.

Happy Birthday Anna. Friday night I took advantage of feeling better and went out. How often do I get to go out with my friends and drink it up? Well not often enough. We had been trying to get together all summer but things just never seemed to work out. We had such a good time. I love it when I can be myself and not looked at like OMG what is she doing. This is me.. =) I still remember the time when my sister was introducing me to a friend of hers and she said "This is my older sister but I am the mature one." At first I was like excuse me? But now I'm thinking maybe it's not so bad not being the mature one, allows me to have more fun this way. =) Again Happy Birthday Anna...and whose next. I am ready to get my boogie on.
On Saturday Night my sister threw my brother in law a "Wet Down". I'm still not exactly sure what the true meaning of a wet down is, but all I know is that my brother in law got promoted and I am darn proud of him! Master Sergeant Reynoso. So picture #1 is of him passing the torch so to speak. My understanding of this tradition is this: it’s where the senior Marine finds a younger Marine; one with values that exude those of an exemplary Marine that will lead other Marines in those the same values. In this tradition my brother in law passed on an Eagle, Globe and Anchor that was given to him 7 years ago to a younger Sergeant whom he feels will lead with great honor and hold true the traditions and values of what a Marine is. What a great tradition don't you think? Can't be prouder!!

Picture 2... well what can I say. My baby has a girlfriend and I swear she is sweet as pie. I have been asking him, so when can I meet her? Can we meet her? He has had other girlfriends but none that he wanted to bring around and when he talked about this girl his face just lit up. So I was I don't know if I can handle it. A few weeks ago he called me up and said I am coming over and I am bringing Genevieve with me. I was like what? I didn't shower, I haven't cooked a thing, the house is a mess...can you give me some notice next time. We meet her and she was so sweet. So then I asked so are you going to your Nino's promotion party? He said yes and I am bringing Genevieve with me. I was like OK babe but just warn her about the family we are a bit crazy. He warned her he said. Saturday night went off just as expected, the crazies showed up, but only half of them. I call the crazies my Robles side of family..the ones I take after. She just smiled and laughed and I do hope we didn't scare her to much. And of course.. picture #3. Me and my baby. I still ask him, babe who is #1? I make sure he says "My mama is #1."
Fast forward to this Monday. I am back at work. Came in a little early wanted to clean up my email and eick I haven't checked my voice mail yet - don't really want to either. I can't say I really feel like doing much. I have been pretty much sitting here staring into space. This morning I walked in talked to manager for a bit then came to my desk. Not 30 minutes later I was told we had an emergency meeting. Kind of odd but OK. As I was walking out to the conference room I noticed my manger's door was closed and her lights were off. From that point on I knew something was wrong but not sure what. To make a long story short, my manger was laid off. It's not something anyone expected and if a manger was going to be laid off surely not her. So now I will be reporting directly to our departments Executive Director. *sigh* My understanding is that lay offs still are not complete. I am little scared because while my area is important to the organization it's a little hard to understand where exactly we fit in. I work with many external departments and well while my work is important I am just hoping I don't get reorged into my former mangers area. If I do...LORD HELP ME I will quit. I've said it before and have said it to him too.

For now I will go back and do something constructive... I am on the search for some Mehndi art. Friday night we were talking about tattoos and I keep changing my mind. I still want my butterfly skeleton but after I got my henna tattoo I was like... uumm.. I want to make it permanent. Not on my arm the way it was but something maybe more like this style -> CLICK HERE but not on my foot. I want it going up and down on my side starting below my armpit or maybe my boob to my hip maybe. But then again I still want to incorporate a dia de los muertos skull art in there too... I wish I could just give someone all my ideas and that they could draw it out for me.

Here are a few I found and I am loving it all.

1. Dia de los Muertos Skull

2. Henna Leg Art

Well that is all for now. The emails are coming in and maybe I should get something done today. maybe....

Aug 21, 2009

Scrapping the Music Challenge #99

I just love this little guy. His name is Moses and he is 5 years old. I'm his secret least he gets teased like that. When ever he sees me he runs to me and gives me big hugs. When I am not around his tio Mark is his favorite, when I am around tio Mark does not exisit. I love it!!

Journaling reads:
Mark: MOSES!!! What are you doing with my girlfriend?
Moses: We takin' pictures, huh tia bucket.
Me: I love you.
Moses: TIO!! I love tia bucket.

Movies while I work

It's more like listening to movies while I work. I'm hooked on hulu. I need noise and lately my ipod just isn't doing it. So I've started listening to movies while I work. It's not like I have time to sit here and watch anything but it's nice to have back ground noise.

Today's Movie..Hair.. I was actually singing a few of the songs at my desk. Totally loved the movie, I actually found myself moved to tears towards the end.

Can't wait to see this!!!

and this because I love her..she is real and hell she makes me laugh.
Mo'Nique - I Coulda Been Your Cellmate!

Today has been a total dead zone at work. Everybody is either out sick or on vacation. =( I attempted to clean my desk.. just wasn't feeling. I did catch up on a lot of work. Crossing my fingers next week will go by quickly.

I can't wait to get home! Mark is gone, I am sure my child will be hanging out with his friends.. can't wait to get home put on my "comfortable" clothing and continue on my quest to clean out my scraproom and wait scrap one layout (it's my Friday night ritual). So far I have 1/2 the room cleaned out. I am organizing and purging. It's amazing how many stamps I have. I did not know this. I organized all my card stock and I am making a pile of things that I've had for years and will never use. For example..patterned vellum...yeah I still had a bunch and not even sure why anymore. Does anyone remember Mustard Moon and the alphabet paper? The ones with the perforated squares. I have tons!! Again why? Did I need every color? I "had" this friend who had to have everything and convinced the rest of us that we had to have everything too.

Besides that I am on a quest to learn something new. I bought this freestanding punching bag. Yeah I know me!!? I'm not going to sit here and say I can kick butt or anything but you know I really like it. My friend Bridget has been putting together some killer workouts for me and I LOVE IT!! At first I wanted to do more boxing for stress, now it's more like I'd like to get better at it just because.

Tomorrow morning it's 5 miles with the new Winter Team. Again it's another great season!!

.....and with that I am outta here. Have a great weekend.

Aug 20, 2009


My job. What do I do? I am a data analyst..I work behind a computer most of day, and when I am not doing that I am in meetings all day long. It's times like this I am super thankful for my co-workers.
Vicki and Consuelo are the ones I go to when I feel like yelling. They say Susan lets go for a walk. They always make things better. Without them I would totally be lost.
Jocelyn, Lea and Bret make work more interesting. We sit and laugh all day long. Well not all day long but enough where if I need a good laugh they are always there. Bret is the baby of the group, he moved to Los Angeles from Texas about a year ago. That is all I really know about him. That and the fact that he smiles like Matthew McConaughey and kind of even talks like him. For my younger friends...I do hear he is single. LOL.
My desk.
Yesterday I pulled my chair back and looked at my desk. How did this happen? When did my desk get like this? I've been super busy since May or maybe even before then, I can't even remember it's all been a blur. I'm on a mission to clean it up. So then I started wondering, yeah my desk is messy but who has the messiest desk on the floor?
I found it. I'm only showing partial pictures of it. I think if Osha where to come in they would totally condemn that area. It's gross. Newspapers stacked. Crumbs from the morning breakfast. Papers and papers stacked on top of each other. I always wonder, if your desk is this messy what must your house look like... OK yeah I am cleaning up my desk TODAY!

I love Tito's Tacos... You'll love Tito's too

Lets just say it totally made my day.
My co-workers + Tito's tacos = a fabulous day. =)

Aug 16, 2009

The books are up!!!

Find more photos like this on inspiration unlimited

Mary where are you at? Was the wait worth it? What do you think?

For this years Inspiration Unlimited Event I created a new event book. The camera chipboard book. Ginger will also have on sale last years event book. Both are picture in the slide show above.

I've had the camera book in my files for a while. When Ginger asked me if I had anything in mind for this years event the light bulb went off and immediately - The camera book!! I sent it to her...I got this response back "BUCKET!!! I LOVE IT!!!" . Above only the cover is pictured but as soon as I get the rest of the the add on pages I will be finishing it up. The possibilities are endless with this book. I can't wait to see what everyone does with it.

The license plate book. Above are my complete samples of the book. Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures at the event last year so I didn't fill it up. This year I plan on clicking away as much as I can.

Ginger will be posting the books on her site soon. They will go on pre-order sale. Last years book sold out like crazy, hope you all enjoy this years book just as much.

Aug 14, 2009

STMC - #98 More Beautiful You

This weeks song over at Scrapping the Music is so beautiful. From the lyrics I chose to scrapbook "Perfect just the way they are." These lyrics describe my friends. They are all different but it's those differences that make them perfect just the way they are.

just because I feel like blabbing...

check out the newest addition to the back yard. It's is called the BIG GREEN EGG. Mark's co-workers daughter has a client who owned this thing and wanted to get rid of it. Mark being the Chef Boyardee that he is jumped on it and said I'll take it.

It's actually really cool. It's a 200 pound ceramic grill/smoker. To be honest the only thing I could really grill is hot dogs and hamburgers. So I'm on the search for some great grilling recipes. I want to venture out and try something different.

I think I'm just hungry. I'm craving some of my yummy vegetarian chili, some artichokes, some yummy grilled squash, yeah I am just hungry. Can't wait to go home and fire that thing up.

I can't wait to get home. I need to de-stress I need to get my groove on with my paper and glue. =) I am super excited. That project I've been working on, well the design has been finalized and going into production.

I will give you a hint, those of you attending Inspiration Unlimited... you are going to love this. As soon as the design has been put up on the Inspiration Unlimited site I will post it on here. Can't wait to reveal it.

In case your wondering I am still working on my company name. Do I really want to include "bucket" in the name? So I have a few names in the works I just need to research and make sure those names aren't in use already. Plus I want something that really describes me and who I am. Yeah I know I am getting to technical about it but if this is something I really want to do I want to take it seriously *putting on my serious big girl face now*. I've wanted to start this up for a while but figured it was best to wait.

Did you hear.....

the crypt above Marilyn Monroe is up for sale? Yep it's true read all about it here -> Click Here.

After I read the article I decide to go for a walk and go visit Marilyn and see how she is doing. Last few times I've gone to see her she had big wreaths of roses around her crypt. Today all she had was this small bouquet of roses. =(

Marilyn's newest neighbor is none other Farrah Fawcett. I walked around looking for her plot and I found it, it's still unmarked but you could tell it was hers because it was surrounded with wreaths of white roses. I walked around some more and found Billy Wilder, Jack Lemmon, Dean Martin, Don Knotts, Natalie Wood, my all time favorite Rodney Dangerfield, and who doesn't love Merv Griffin.

The cemetery is actually really small and you could totally miss it if you don't know it's there. For me and my co-workers it's a nice getaway. We just walk around and my co-worker Consuelo gives us a history lesson on who some of these people are. =) Ahh love getting away, even if it's only for a few minutes.

Aug 12, 2009

The happiest place on earth... and it realy was

the whole day I truly felt like a kid! I have never laughed so much.

It really is different going to Disneyland with adults only. We didn't have any little kids to boss us around and we just did what we wanted. I love taking pictures with the Disney characters and thank goodness my kids weren't around. It's always Mom that is so embarrassing. Come on mom, lets do this and lets do that. Disney - Kids = LOADS OF FUN.

These are just a few photos from our day. OK so I admit I had never been on splash mountain. I have this thing about wet rides. I hate to get wet at amusement parks. It's a hair thing =).. So when the girls wanted to go on Splash Mountain I was like why not. I didn't expect to get too wet. I saw people getting off the ride, OK their shorts are wet, no big deal I can deal with wet shorts. It's hot and they will dry. BOY was I wrong. First little downhill my shorts got a little wet. Second little downhill my shorts were soaked and my t-shit on the right side was all wet. No big deal I thought this ride was a lot of fun. The last downhill was SCARY and I screamed like a baby! Once we hit the bottom you could have sworn I just got out of the shower. I heard Ginger, Susie and Alisha all laughing saying that was fun. I turn around and looked at them and gave them the biggest laugh ever...I had water dripping off my face. We laughed so hard! The rest of our day was just like that. It really was the most fun ever. I can't wait to do it again.

No more Scraproom....

Besides that I've been busy clearing out my scraproom. I'm a little sad but in the process I am throwing away a lot of stuff. Magazines for instance. To be honest I was the one that had to order every scrapbooking magazine out on the market. I looked at them once and then tossed them aside. Do I really need to keep them all? Nope, straight into the trash they went.

I am even finding things that I forgot I had. So now to organize it all. YUCK. So where am I moving it too....the other side of the house. Mark and I will have to share a room. Double YUCK. It's a really large room so I don't mind, but I know he is going to get all grouchy on me when I start bringing in the rest of my stuff. He drives me crazy. I don't want to share a room with him and if I could kick him out I would. No lie. So in my own little way I am going to try to figure out a way to slowly put his stuff outside. *insert evil smile here*

So why am I moving my stuff. Well I have a friend moving in, her name is Uri. She is the daughter of a good friend of my mom's, they grew up in Mexico together. Uri comes out to visit every few months, she is a singer and has been working her way around the LA circuit for a couple of years. She knows if she really wants to promote herself she needs to move out here and get her butt in gear. So next month I will have a new roommate. I am really excited for her.


I've been doing it. Working on a project but just can't show it off yet. Been designing again, really excited about this new adventure. Getting my Etsy site ready and thinking of a company name. I can't think of anything creative. Right now I have.. "Stuff by bucket" super boring.

Here are a few more that have been suggested.
Its all in the bucket
All around the bucket
Uniquely bucket

Shoot I don't know. I'm open for suggestions and as they say when one door closes another opens. It's almost been a year, I've honored my contract and now that it's all over..THIS GIRL IS GOING TO GET HER BOOGIE ON!!! No hard feelings, it was an experience and a great one for that, but now I am free to be me. Gosh it sounds like I am getting divorced doesn't it. But in a way it does feel like a divorce. I will admit I am still a little sad and wish things could have been different, but like I've said many times I did learn a lot and it was a great learning experience. I've moved on and that is that.

Aug 4, 2009

Meetings, Doodles, babies, and online video chatting

Meetings & Doodles

I really think I have some sort of attention disorder. I get bored, really bored. I have meetings every Tuesday morning and sometimes the chatter tends to go on and on and on. I pay attention to what I need to know, the rest...not so much. I start writing my to do list, I start doodling, I do everything I could to stay awake.

Today..ugh gross I caught someone taking my picture with their phone. SICKO... I will not be nice to you! I don't like you and well I just don't like you. SO THERE HA!! AS if..I didn't even look cute eick. Either way.. YOU GROSS ME OUT.. GET A LIFE... and yeah brush your teeth.

Still kind of grossed out thinking about it.

The Baby

In my last blog post I wrote about my friend April being in labor. Look here..the beautiful baby girl . . Audrey Michelle. I can't wait to hold her and squeeze her and love her forever and ever. Through out April's pregnancy she said I could have her. She SAID.. "I don't do well with babies, you can have her for the first few months and then you can give her back to me." Yeah right..I am sure she is home with her right now just loving her to pieces. I should have had her write that in blood..a true legal document, lol. Love you April, so proud of you!

Skype...with the creative cam

Before my former co-worker Kevin left to Brazil we talked about Skyping. He told me keep in touch and lets Skype. Skype? Me the one that use to be all into technology and was always up to date with everything, here I was feeling really lost. Ugh you want me to get a camera so that we can chat while your in Brazil..having a blast? Let me see what I can do.

My co-worker had an extra one and gave it to me. I've had it for a few months but just never took the time to set it all up. So tonight I started playing with the creative cam.

So I took a few pictures, I recorded a few videos, and well I guess it's not so bad. Now I just need a mic. Look at the middle picture, me with my baby boys. YES MY BABY BOYS. That is Josh to my left and DJ to my right. Can you believe I let them have a party at my house.. that is a story for another day.

And here below I set up the Skype thing. I had my niece set it up too so that I can chat with her. We quickly found out I need a mic. I could hear her but she couldn't hear me. Oh thing at a time.

I'm off, I was supposed to be cleaning up/clearing out my scrapbook room. I always said I hated having a room all to myself.. I will eat my words now. I am sitting here looking around... How the heck did I accumulate so much stuff??