Oct 25, 2010

Project 365 - 10/24 Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

Each time I see my old team mates I say Yes I am still with TNT. I do love this feeling of belonging to an organization that is doing good for others. Here we are before the marathon. Shiny happy people. :D 

More various team photos. Look...don't we look happy about doing something crazy. I always say 13.1 miles just for fun...

1. Big Picture - this is where the fun begins.
2. Right 1. Rachelle and I. Crazy woman, I didn't even notice she had on all this make up.
3. Right 2. Rachelle, Kim and I.
4. Right 3. Rachel..my Barry's bootcamp buddy. She pushes me through every class. Love ya Rachel!

Picture 1. Rachel, Erin, Erica and me. Amazing ladies with huge hearts!
Picture 2. That is Tony. Tony is a total cutie pie. He is single and drinks whisky to get Frisky. :) Right Tony. All the ladies on the team secretly call him their boyfriend. His number 1 girlfriend is Sue Baker, she has claimed him..or so she says. Good Times I tel you.
Picture 3. That is my friend Yezenia. She text-ed me at around 6:30 in the morning, are you running that crazy race that is blocking the streets of my hood? hahah Yes! She met me somewhere between mile 5 and 6. aaahhh love those green scrubs.


The race itself was beautiful. It had more hills than I would like, but it was fun. I call it my warm up for the Marine Corps Marathon. :)

After the race...we went to the Nickel Diner in Downtown LA. OK I know I am not supposed to have sweets, but I've been good...really good...well partially good. The donut was covered in nutella with crushed toffee. Totally YUMMY and yes Delia it was worth it!!   
Nickel Diner

Last but not least...the medal. Delia thank you for letting me run with your bib. It was an amazing race! Now to pack for DC! I leave in 2 days!!!! I am so excited.


Project 365 - 10/23

10/23 1

Mark's niece was over this afternoon. We decided to grab blankets and enjoy some good old Paranormal State on TV. She loves the show and so do I. Mark came home and smiled at us. Imagine us snoozing, the fireplace on and the house smelling good from the candles that were lite. Aaahh I love lazy Saturday afternoons. He tends to get all jealous because he says Mariah and I are so much a like. LOL, love that girl to pieces.

Sometimes I make crazy decisions. My friend Delia was injured and couldn't run her race at the Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon. I offered to run it for her. I did want to run so that I run with my team and most importantly with my pace group.
So here goes...this Sunday RNR LA Half, next Sunday..the Marine Corps Marathon. I can't wait.
10/23 2

Project 365 - 10/21


It's days like this I miss talking to you. You were my best friend.

project 365 - 10/19

I love it when it rains. Here is the view from my living room to the back yard. Can't wait to see everything turn really green.

Oct 19, 2010

catching up...been a little busy

10/5 - The NomNom Truck10/5

All I can say it was so worth the 2 hour wait. I always say don't knock it until you try it.

10/9 - My little Erin gets married.

After a year plus a few months of chit chatting with her about her wedding, the day finally came. It was so cute to see her so happy. I do wish her and Eric the best.

10/11 - My babies

They really do make me happy. Finally they are realizing that it doesn't matter how old they get they still have to hold their mama's hand. OK it's not in public, but if we are home watching TV together I think they should hold my hand. I love our random chats, most of which lately have been about girls - which drives me crazy - girls are the devil! hahaha I love my babies.

10/13 - Playing and Creating


The imagie may look familar to some, it's the silhouette from the Nike Woman's Marathon. I cut the image on my electronic cutting tool (silhouettemachine.com). I am using the imagine for a journal I am making. Check out my Watercolor Palette. Totally scored on this at Michaels. I paid a total of $1 for it.

10/15 - Making Birthday Cards

Making Birthday Cards just because, I know someone somewhere is having a birthday. :)

10/16 - Such attitude and such a cutie

She went around asking the everyone "Celtics or Lakers?" Those that said Lakers got this beautiful face thrown at them. What a cutie right.

10/17 - Mark's first marathon without me


So proud of him. This is officially his 4th Half marathon. He caught the bug. :)  

10/18 - tired.
What is up with this blurry photo? hahah this is how I feel my work outs. I admit I LOVE THEM! :)

Oct 5, 2010

project 365 - 10/4

10/4, originally uploaded by suzbucket.
Pic. 1 - Altered Clock. I love my Silhouette. I know everyone now a days has a cutting tool of some sort, but look at my clock. Well the picture sucks, but I love it.

Pic. 2 - What I did last night.
Pic. 3 - Layout done at Inspiration Unlimited by Janna Wilson. I just love it!
Pic. 4 - Another layout done at Inspiration Unlimited by Janna Wilson.

It felt good to get something done last night. I'm kinda feeling inspired to create a wall full of clocks.

project 365 - 10/2

10/2, originally uploaded by suzbucket.
drinking fancy water with Erica.

Oct 1, 2010

project 365 - 10/1

10/1, originally uploaded by suzbucket.
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.