Jul 12, 2010

project 365 - 7/12 I'm working I swear

7/12 Someone has to work
Anonymous: Hey Good Morning Bucket, what are you doing? (as they look at my computer screen.)
Me: Working.
Anonymous: Are you busy?
Me: (as I take off my head phones) No not really what is going on?
Anonymous: Whatcha listening to? (as they grab my headphones)
Me: *Laughing* Umm nothing. I pretend to be listening to something so that no one will bother me.
WE LAUGH. I've been caught.
Anonymous: So hey why did you delete me on Facebook.
Me: hahah I didn't delete you, I took a break. I have tons of work to do and it's a distraction.
Anonymous: Oh I thought you deleted me and I wanted to make sure we were still friends.
Me: *Laughing*

So really.... is it that big of deal if you aren't friends with someone on facebook? So if we aren't friends on facebook does that mean we really aren't friends? Oh how I love these social networks.

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