Oct 2, 2012

New Job

First day of work and I was late 40 minutes. I misjudged traffic and well I was late.

Going home I got lost. Hahha yes I made one wrong turn after another and finally got on the freeway only to get stuck in a traffic jam. 2 hours later I was home safe and sound.

My first week I had lunch with my friend Veri, by the way Thank You again! Had more lunches with co-workers and have enjoyed getting to know them.

My 2nd week is getting a bit tougher. So technically I'm not the new person any more and I don't have everyone's name right yet. I still get lost coming to work. Note to self when the WAZE app says go through dodger stadium for a short cut..don't listen. Argh. But I am enjoying lunches by myself. So as technology goes I'm sitting outside blogging on my phone. Today it's super hot but beautiful. I love people watching! On my way to get lunch I saw a DJ playing rap music and well who knew those white boys can dance. Ok well this Mexican here has no rhythm so who am I to judge.

Being that my last job was off campus before I am enjoying being on campus. My sister Veronica has teased me about working in the Ghetto, but I don't see it. It's Downtown LA and I see it for all its beauty and culture. I love that I drive thru Korean Town. I am craving Korean BBQ!!

As much as the drive sucks I like it here. Everyone is great and so far they like me and said they will keep me. :) what's not to love right. So as they say at USC 'Fight On' and Uumm I guess that's it.

For tomorrow I plan on going to their recreation center. Looking at the website they have some great classes. It is encouraged that you go. No more time nazis. Hahah my friends at UCLA will know what I mean. Love and miss you all.

Sep 7, 2012


While I lay here in bed I think about this incredible journey I've been on. I won't lie I've been so stressed that I seriously tried to come with a reason not to do this triathlon event. I know stop shaking your head at me, but you have to understand stress sucks.

While I am so excited about my new job I was also not excited about giving notice. I love the people I work with but really I was looking for a new opportunity. But wait I'm going off track.

Stress. This WAS the excuse I was going to use to get out of coming to San Diego. On our drive over here Mark kept rubbing my arm. He could totally pick up on my nerves. I took a few breathes and thought about it. Why am I so scared? I CAN DO THIS! No I won't be the fastest I may even be the slowest but I'll be damn I am doing this! So for now ta ta. Tomorrow I become a Triathlete!

Sep 6, 2012


Scrapping my favorite holiday :)
My Minds Eye-Lost and Found Halloween Collection.

Sep 4, 2012

it's been a while

So much to update on.  

My triathlon is exactly 4 days away.I feel like my training season went by so fast. I've had the most amazing time and have met so many amazing people. I tend to get a lot of slack for 'doing my thing' but if you call doing my thing kicking cancer in the A$$. Then you better believe it I am very happy about doing my thing.

Can you see that smile? That is what Team in Training does. It makes you feel amazing, awesome, and super all at the same time. Don't believe me? Then you really should give it a try. 


My campaign manger sent this to me..and really I just have to share it. On my race day yes I will truly showing off my PDA. A lot of my friends have said they wanted to donate, there is still time. If you have read my training blog you will know there is never enough anyone can do for cancer research. Help me raise $100 more. or better yet $1,000 more. Click here to donate


and if you haven't heard. 

I'm going from here

to here 

I know I know. Some will give me a high five. Some will look at me and say trader. Either way you look at it it's a great opportunity for me and I AM TAKING IT!! 

Am I scared. Sure. Am I excited. Sure. Am I jumping up and down. YOU BETCHA! 

xoxo - bucket  

Jun 4, 2012

6/3 And how was your weekend

I LOVE THEM! You know in a friendly way, but everyone on the team is so amazing. I've met some great people and everyone is there for one cause - Kick Cancer in the rear. I really do kick myself for not doing this sooner. I know stop talking about it, but I'm loving the swimming! The bike has yet to be ridden. Just been a bit busy, but I'll get back on it soon. My running isn't all that great - no surprise there. Stupid legs and the the falling asleep issue. Oh well what can you do. 

Below are a 'few' of my favorite pictures from the weekend.  
My Tia Lupe with her tea set, Natalie and Ethan.
I see someone from the bridal shower party has been reading the book. Speaking of which, for my gift I went out on a search for Ben Wa Balls. Interesting the clerk said, 'Ever since 'the book' came out the Ben Wa Balls have been selling out like crazy.'  And then look at my cousin Natalie with her little one Ethan. I love this photo! He is such a happy baby. 

I attended my favorite little 7 year old's birthday party. Adriana has the most beautiful smile and gives the greatest hugs ever! Always happy to see me and talk my ear off about anything and everything. 

My boys with their sisters. Adriana is dressed in yellow. She had the cutest Hello Kitty Birthday Party.

 Here are my boys with their dad and step-mom. I don't say it enough, but this whole blended family thing is amazing. A lot of people look at me in awe and say what, your going to your ex husband's for his daughter's birthday. Well yeah he is my ex-husband but so what. Everything happens for a reason. I married him and out of that marriage came out the 2 most amazing boys. I divorced him so that he and Jackie could find each other and have the most 2 amazing girls in the world. Like I said everything happens for a reason.
The Rodriguez Family - Jackie, Josh, Isabel, Adrian, Adriana, Johnny.
Her is a picture of me and my boys.  Imagine Johnny with a wig or me with that harry thing on my chin..Twins. Love them so much!
Johnny, me, Josh

This weekend was also Mud Run Weekend. Mark has been busy studying for an engineering test he has to take and was looking for every excuse possible not to go. I think in the end he really enjoyed the race. He was supposed to stick with me but he decided to leave me. Whatever. I just wanted to finish. 

Here is our photo before the race. 
Liz, Bucket, Mark - Still Clean.
Liz and I after the race. Her tutu isn't as fluffy, my zebra stripped shirt isn't white anymore. IT WAS THE MOST FUN EVER! Ask anyone. I was told that when I was a kid I loved playing in the mud, I can honestly say that hasn't changed.
Liz and Bucket - so dirty.
Mark, Bucket, Liz

And with that Happy Monday and have a great week.

May 31, 2012

5/31 Swim #2 Still smiling

Back when I was younger (like last week) I went to San Diego to Swim Qualify as part of my U.S. Marine training. In bootcamp I did pass, but back then all we had to do was float for I don't know about 5 minutes or so. We floated in our PT gear so it really was no big deal - for me at least. Then when I joined the reserves we had to re-qualify. This time it was in full Boots & Utes. I think that is where I first figured out I can't float and got a bit scared of the water. Here I was trying to float while I was in full gear, a stupid helmet that didn't fit, and all while carrying a rubber M16A2. Blah blah. I'll say it wasn't a bed of roses that's for sure. Sadly I went swim unq. I freaked out when I couldn't lift my head out of the water. But that was then..this is now. Yeah I like to babble.

I decided to attend last nights Team swim practice to give it another shot. More swim practice is better then none right. At one point I felt like the baby in yellow. Do what again? Do another 100 yards doing what - I forget what it's called already. Honestly think we swam a total of 750 yards or maybe more. At one point I lost count. It wasn't bad, I'm not complaining, it was just very exhausting. You know that song from finding Nemo - just keep swimming - I was actually singing that to myself. After a while I started smiling again (to myself) and started saying...I could do this! I really could!!!  . 

My BFF Sue Baker read my blog post from yesterday and said she cried. Tears of happiness. She really does love the Triathlon team and I can understand why. The coaches are so patient and really are with you the whole time. 

A quick update on my fundraiser. The list of opportunity drawings keeps on getting better.

When I created my FB Invite I was pretty vague about the Journey Fan prize package. I wasn't sure what I would be getting so..I kind of left it open ended. I did get an email yesterday confirming what the prize package will be. 

drum roll please......
2 Tickets (YES TICKETS) to the Journey Concert on July 21 at the San Manuel Amphitheater, San Bernardino, CA. 2012 Tour merchandise items with an autographed copy of the "Live in Manila" concert DVD.  Did you know this concert starts their 2012 Tour? So you know it's going to be good! And Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo (from loverboy) will there. Wait..come to think of it I want those tickets. Just kidding, maybe, but I may have to bribe the prize winner to take me along. 


AND if you haven't checked..I also got the word that the Ellen Show is donating tickets to the show. I've been a few times and totally loved the experience. So DON'T ask me to give you the tickets. You will have to come to my event to get your 'opportunity' to win them. Even if you are family, and I pulled your hair, and I love you a lot..you will have to attend. Love you Espi. :)  

I've said this before, but really am fortunate to have such great people in my life. Thank you again.



May 30, 2012

5/30 How did you like it?

The highlights of my first swim practice with the Team in Training Triathlon Team.
1. I feel like throwing up.
2. I can't breathe under water. How is that even possible?
3. My legs feel like jell-o
4. I drank way to much water

Yes while it was hard. I can swim. My friend Sue Baker kept telling me "Bucket! You are going to love it! The coaches and mentors are with you at all times! BUCKET are you listening? JOIN THE TRI TEAM!" Me: OK Sue I'll do it.  And yes if Sue told me to jump off a bridge and that it would totally be safe - why yes I'd do it.
This is my BFF Sue Baker.
I have absolutely no regrets in joining. It's a new adventure for me. I can run. I can bike - well only if there are no parked cars, running cars and little kids with skate boards on the road. Oh the swimming. That will be my biggest challenge - but honestly with some practice I will be fine.

And yes Sue you were right. I LOVE IT! So for those of you that haven't been listening to Sue Baker, what are you waiting for?

5/30 The Sketchbook Project

I received an email a few weeks back from my friend, Tashia, saying lets do it. Do what? Do a sketchbook. It sounded so intimidating. I said I'll go to the art show with you to check it out, but that's it.

What I found was amazing!

 They had several of these bookcases filled with sketchbooks from around the world.
 I looked at this desk and totally imagined myself sitting here sketching and people watching. Daydreaming at it's finest.

Above is one of the sketchbooks I checked out.

The art show also had a feature sketchbook artist. Jim Rugg. If you have a chance I say check out his solo show at iam8bit in Los Angeles. 

 At the end of the show I told Tashia, OK I'm in. I purchased my sketchbook. Got my other goodies. I can't wait to get started.If your curious, check it out at Sketchbook Project 2013


May 24, 2012

5/24 Good bye my friend - Kelly DeGon

Yesterday I said goodbye to my friend Kelly. My friend Willie made the most beautiful tribute to her. I know deep down inside I will see her again and when I do we will be doing the funky chicken and yelling out whiskey dick while playing Bingo with her.

Photos from yesterday.

A bunch of us got together to do a 3 mile walk and share memories of Kelly. Her smile, her laughter, he oh so silly sense of humor...i think it was the sense of humor that attracted us all to her.

May 22, 2012

5/22 Humm..put on a smily face

On my way to work on Wednesday morning (5/16) I got an email saying my friend Kelly passed away. I had to read it 5 times to make sure I had read it correctly. I was stuck on the words Kelly DeGon had passed away in her sleep on Monday. It's a lie. It had to be a lie. I cried. Cried all day. Cried the next day. And really haven't stop crying. 

I just saw Kelly. We talked about getting together. Doing a "Couples thing". She wanted us to get to know her husband-to-be better. She was so excited. She was so happy. I've been cussing out GOD. Why? It's not fair! I've been told it's part of the grieving process, it's OK to cuss him out.  

Tomorrow is her memorial service and it still seems unreal. Girl...I am going to miss you so much! 

Inspired Journey.
This is the best thing that could have happened to me. While I had all this sadness going on in my heart I had my friends to lift me up. Here are a few photos from this past weekends event.

 I sat next to the sweetest person ever! Erin I still want to make your card! She is so creative. The cards I had were curiosity of Joey Otlo of Bazzill. 

When was the last time I rode a bike? 
My friend Raul is really a girls best friend, for a straight guy. He is the one that has been pushing me to get on that bike and embrace it. We made a date and I said OK lets do this. But in the mean time I have to post this. Our conversation before my big day. I'm so glad he doesn't think I am crazy, I think any normal person would have said screw this...she is on her own.

   We got to the park and he was all excited to see the bike. I'm glad he was because I was ready to go home. While he got ready I rode around the parking lot. I got a little unsteady, tried to stop, turned into a parked car. My first bike/car accident. We finally got on the path and it went pretty good. The speedometer said my max speed was 13, where my average was 6.5. What does that mean? I have no idea but I thought it sounded super bike smart. 

In the end my body was sore, I was a bit too tense and held on to the handle bars for my dear life. But honestly I can't wait to do it again.

I am excited about the challenge and even more excited about my fundraiser. I am going to have an event with my friend Raul. He still has fundraising to do and mine has yet to start. He is training for an Iron Man and me for a Triathlon. I'm excited, we are planning an awesome Summer Party. Save the date for the evening of July 7th.  

May 14, 2012

April Design Team Projects for Remember When

I love..love..love being on Remember When Design Team. When I went to the last meeting and all of us on the team were talking about our projects I was in awe. Really the women on the team are amazing artist. If you haven't checked out the April Design Projects you really should. Click here.  

Paper Line: Cosmo Cricket Evangeline Rose. This paper line is so pretty and romantic. Sorry the photo is so blurry. I used my Silhouette to cut out some die cut images. Also on the bottom it's a heart flapper sort of thing, really pretty in real life.

For those attending the crop this weekend, you will get instructions on how to create these projects. 

Paper Line: My Minds Eye/Lost & Found
Sorry for the glare on the photo, the layout is adorable in real life. It's of my nephew Zach and his puppy Capone.

Paper Line: My Minds Eye/Lost & Found
A generic card that can be used for any occasion.


Let the training..almost..begin

When I joined the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training Triathlon team, the one that really scared me was the bike thing. Can I afford it? Am I being realistic in thinking I could do something like this? 

Who know there are programs out there where they give you loaner bikes? Not me! So I called, emailed and the response.."We have a bike for you!" I got super excited! Then I said..oh this means there is no turning back now is there? The way I have described my emotions is "I'm super excited and scared shit-less at the same time". 

The next step is to plan my fundraiser. I have the idea in my head. I know what I'm doing. I just need opportunity prizes..and PEOPLE. I have a few prizes that have been offered up, but I need more. Something that will really draw people into my party. So if you are reading this..and want to help me .. and love me..and think I am amazing...email me. :) I wanted to plan my party for late June, but that isn't going to happen. So now I have to pen in a date for the 1st weekend of July. I've planned plenty of fundraisers where I know I need to plan at least 2 months in advance. So far so good, but I need to get to planning instead of just having the ideas in my head.


It's my birhthday...it's my birthday...well it was.

I had the most amazing birthday weekend. It's the kind of weekend where I smiled all day and really went with the flow. And I say that in the sense where things just went great all weekend. My small little party was amazing. I would look around and just smile at everyone. I can't explain it, but it's just a great feeling to feel such great love. Below are a few photos of my birthday evening. :)
Me with my amazing birthday cake that the most amazing niece made me.
Me and my cousins with my sisters.
Me with my best friend. Yeah I know cheesy, but really he is.
Me and my babies. They make everything better. How did I get so lucky?
My birthday party guest.
In the end....I had the best 21x2 birthday party. It was perfect, and a big thank you to my sister Veronica to making me have one. Cause really I was going to pass on the whole birthday thing.