May 26, 2008

Lucky Girl Paper Doll Card

I'm addicted. LOL. These are just so much fun and easy to make. Above you will see what I used. A 8x8 piece of chipboard, a maya road girl people shape. That is all I used. Seriously. I used the chipboard shape to draw out the 'paper doll' and whalla just cut it out and here you see what I am left with. Slowly but surely I'll get my mojo back. I feel it coming. LOL.

May 25, 2008

Where o' where has my mojo gone......

It's been a rough month for me, I just don't feel like going in my scraproom, much less do I want to scrap anything. There is a card challenge going on over at A Million Memories, I thought I'd take on that challenge and try something out. I first got this idea when I saw the Eternal Spring Kit Ranjini of Scrapologie created. OMG. She took the Girl people chipboard from Maya Road and created the cutest little paper dolls. So I decided to try something different. I made these Paper Doll chipboard Birthday Cards. I had some chipboard Crystle had given me and cut it up and whalla this is what I got. I have to say, I also purchased a pair of the Tim Holtz Tonic scissors... I LOVE THEM. With my carpal tunnel acting up lately I have to say these scissors made cutting the chipboard so easy. LOVE IT!!!

So here you go. My birthday cards.

May 21, 2008

Check it out I scrapped

mark_i_love_u_4_everything, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

So it isn't much but I did something. I found this picture while browsing through my photo albums yesterday. It was taken 10 years ago. I can't believe how young Mark and I looked. TFL..


May 12, 2008

Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday to me.
Happy Happy 20 + 18 birthday to me.

Yeah don't laugh. I have issues, I know it. Why can't I just say I am 38? No.. I am 20+18. My sister asked me, so how does it feel to know you graduated High School 20 years ago. I was like it feels great, reminds me I better check and see if there is a reunion coming up.

I guess I don't feel 38, but what is 38 supposed to feel like?

How was your weekend? Mine was busy as usual.
Friday night, I went to bed early. I had a 20 mile run coming up and I knew I needed all my rest.
Saturday morning I am up at 4:30 am. I was excited, yes you read that right, to be running 20 miles. What was I thinking? What am I ever thinking?
This is what I was thinking and sing it with me.....
Up in the morning at the crack of dawn
Gonna take a little run, gonna do it just for fun.
This was my motivation song. Gonna do it just for fun.
I get to the park at 6:15am and it's only me and one participant, Rachel. I look at her and smile and say are you ready? She looks at me like I am crazy and says "NO" I smile back and say it will be easy, you have been training for this! Think good thoughts and you will be fine. Who am I trying to kid? I am nervous, I haven't done 20 miles in over 6 months, and yes I am nervous about this.
6:25 am.. oh goody now most of the team has arrived. Practice can start on time.
6:30 am.. GO TEAM! A few announcements and off we go.
6:40 am... HERE WE GO.
So you may wonder what happens during this training time? What do I do when I'm out there?
I have to say I am very fortunate. I have been very lucky to always have someone to either walk/run with. I hate doing long or for that short mileage alone. So off we go, me and my partner Susana (who by the way will be 60 this Friday! GO SUSANA!). As we start off we are talking about a business venture she wants to bring me in on. We talk about all the wonderful vacations she has taken and how much it cost. Can you believe she sold cruises to the Bahamas for $345! Yeah so of course I want to know more about this business ventures and what it's all about. Then we go on to talk about other things, especially the San Diego Marathon and all the fun we are going to have. Along each mile marker there is a band playing, and somewhere after mile 20 I hear there is a Margarita bar! *BIG CHEESY SMILE* There is also a headliner concert after the marathon (get this Pat Benatar will be the headliner!), so we were talking about attending. She was like I don't know if I will be OK to go afterwards. I was like Susana look at us now, we are at mile 15 and you and I are doing great. We can go! Speaking of which, at about mile 16 I was hitting the runners wall! I was ready to quit! She pushed me along and we kept on going. Actually I got a bit faster and started running more often. She was like look at you go! I was like come on you don't want to finish last do you? She laughed at me, I have issues about being the last person in. LOL.
11:22 am. Mark calls, are you almost done? I'm here waiting for you. See Mark isn't going to be at the marathon so I asked him to come over and watch me run in. It's a mini finish line at the 20 =) So he did. Yeah he is awesome!
11:50 am I crossed that finish line. I was so happy to see my love muffin. He asked me "Are you sure you did 20 miles?" only because I had a huge smile on my face. I just hugged him. He really is a great guy.

I can't wait, only 3 more weeks to go!

The rest of day was spent with my family. My dad had a Mexican mother's day celebration at our house. It was so nice to see my aunts and my cousins. I was so sore but I think all the moving around helped my muscles a bit. Then my sister Veronica came over and we had an early b-day cake for me.

Sunday - Happy birthday to me. I look in the mirror and go UGH then smile because I AM ALIVE. Healthy and alive.. honestly you can't ask for more then that. Seriously!
We went to church, yeah can you believe that! It's not something I normally do. I am catholic but not a church going catholic.. I have issues. LOL.. dang I sure do have a lot of issues huh. Plus it was a special occasion, my cousin Cris's oldest children were doing their first Holy Communion and Araxi was hired to take some pictures for them. I should have warned her in advance about the kids. This is my cousin who has 4 wild children. The kids are as cute as can be but are just very active. I know my cousin's family was very pleased, Araxi has a way with kids.
My mom kind of messed up the rest of my day, but that is OK. I got our communication mixed up somewhere along the lines- I call it selective listening on her part - and we didn't even up spending the rest of the together. I'm OK with it, as long as she did something happy for herself.
Me I ended up taking a nap with my boys on the sofa. We came home from church and laid down for a few minutes and ended up falling asleep. Mark even took pictures of us. Such a crack up. Then we got up and went out for some Sushi.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. It was really nice and the weather was awesome. So how was your mother's day?

May 7, 2008

May 5, 2008

only 4 weeks until the marathon!!!

Is this for real?? I sat here now reading an email from my coach, reading it and it not hitting me until now. The marathon is only 4 weeks away. OK wait what is that I feel ... pain in my legs, I feel weak and I want to throw up. Yeah I've done a marathon before so why am I getting all nervous now? I'm serious! I think it's this weekends run that I am afraid about. We are doing 20 miles this weekend. No wait I am ready! I have been training my butt off... I can do it! I am the little bucket that could.. yeah don't laugh I am all about convincing myself that I can do anything! OK off to drink more water. We are supposed to drink a gallon of water a day.... oh this should be fun.

How was your weekend?

Mine was just a bit stressful but none the less memorable.

It’s time to recruit new Team in Training Members. I am so excited about this season, actually I get really giddy when a new season is starting. But this is the one.. the one where I will increase my run time to a 10 minute mile *yeah right who am I kidding!* No but I am excited. I am joining the new season as a Web Captain/Mentor. Lots of responsibility but I love this. I really do. I know the coach and he is amazing! I laugh when people ask me “Do you really think I could run/walk a marathon?” I say.. of course, I will be with you every step of the way.. with a big old smile. It’s just comforting you know. I don’t really think of myself as a motivator, but lately people have been telling me how proud they are of me, and how amazing I am. You know it sure does put me up on that cloud, but I always stay grounded. I don’t let it get to my head, I’m just not like that. I would love to have some friends run the marathon with me. Come on you can do it!!

Oh… and look at this…. My baby went to Prom Saturday night. OMG..I can’t believe it! I am so proud of him. I get all teary eyed when I think of him graduating High School. I still remember his first day of kindergarten! I went to take him to his class, he kissed me goodbye and said see you later mom. Is that what it will be like when he goes off to College? I really miss having him at home. I know he is doing great at his dad’s house, but I have this little heartache in me. I want my boy back home.I really am proud of him. He makes his own decisions and acts like a real grown up. More then me sometimes and he sure isn’t shy to tell me that too. PITA!!

johnny_prom 2

johnny_prom 3

Saturday was also our annual San Fernando Valley Team in Training Casino Night. I had such a good time! I am happy to say the Scrapbook Basket I had in the silent auction sold for $170!! Yeah can you believe that? There was actually a bidding war going on. Thank you so much to my foxy friends that donated towards this basket. I should have taken a picture of it but it was a crazy evening and I didn’t get a chance to. Ohh.. lookie here, this is my mentor Kelly. You can view more photos from the night here. The bachlors were great this year. They didn't have to strip to get dates, shucks because I was really looking forward to that. LOL... yeah I'm crazy.

May 2, 2008

Araxi photography photo shoot winner

Last night was pretty crazy. I had the Team in Training Casino Night committee over my house. We have been meeting at my house for the past 4 weeks trying to get this event in order.

So without further delay the winner of the Araxi Photography Photo shoot is....... Nancy Dulin. You will have to excuse me I have a problem with last names other then Jones and Smith. LOL.

YEAH NANCY! You are going to have a blast with Araxi. She is an amazing photographer.

May 1, 2008

Magistical Memories is going "Crystle Clear" .

**oopps forgot to post this here so I hijacked it off the Magistical Memories blog =) **

When Crystle first told me, hey bucket we are going to start cutting your designs with this really cool clear stuff. I was like.. huh what? As much as I love all the clear elements out there I wasn't one to catch on with the craze just as easy. I'd ask different people so... what do you do with it? Oh you can stamp on it... you can paint on it... and then I'd tune them out. I just didn't get it. How do you stamp/paint on one side and not do it on the other side. Maybe I didn't want to get it, I don't know whatever the reason was I didn't want to get it. Does that make sense?

So one day I was blog browsing and I stumbled upon Donna Downey's blog... and WHALLA I get it. Maybe I needed to see a close up picture or something, but I get it now. So I gave it a shot last night and this is what I came up with.

Crystle Clear Tree Book - Friends





So how did I do?



I just had to come on here and say WOW!!! The photo shoot fundraiser raised $600!!! YEAH BABY! Thank you so much to everyone that donated! BIG BIG BIG HUGS going out to you.

As I was calculating the totals I started crying, yeah I am a big old cry baby! You all have been so generous! I'm going to wait until I get home tonight to pull a name. I want to film it. It's just fun filming it! Thank you again everyone!

And so the countdown begins.

In exactly 10 days… the big 38 is happening. Yep!! Yeah don’t say it…it’s an issue for me this year. So for my friends, I’m posting it out there for you today.. this is what I want. Nothing fancy… nothing expensive… but this is what I call “Bucket Approved” birthday wish list items.

Things to make me smell good.
Don't say it Susie I know! She always tells me I stink :-) I don't really... it's just our thing to say to each other. You have to be there!

Pink Sugar by Aquolina.

Pink Sugar Stylish and lively, with a distinctive personality, Pink Sugar takes you on a journey through the pleasures and flavors of childhood with a playful blend of vanilla and caramel.

Ralph Lauren Rocks by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Rocks Inspired by the independent, creative rebel, Ralph Rocks is an exciting, rebellious blend of vibrant fruits and creamy floral notes, soothed with warm amber, coconut milk, and sexy woods.
Notes:Passion Fruit, Humid Mist, Kiwi, Washed Citrus Accord, Dewey Green Palm Leaves, Freesia, Orange Blossom, Heirloom Hyacinth, White Coconut Milk, Sun Bleached Woods, Amber, Indonesian Sandalwood. Style:Bold. Vibrant. Energetic

Women's Moisture Management V-Neck T-Shirts

Keep dry and comfortable in Augusta Sportswear Moisture Management V-Neck T-Shirts for women. This premiere T-shirt wicks away sweat keeping you dry and comfortable. Whether in a crowd or for everyday, you stay dry under arm and under breast. Can also be worn as sleepwear. Marine logo located front and center.

I SO WANT THIS!!! YO Gunnery Sergeant Reynoso... you listening to me! Don't talk back to me either ... you know wrestling is fake!! :-) Oh hey if you can throw in a pair of those Marine Corps sweats that I have been asking for since like 5 Christmas' ago I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU! Love you much!

Girly Girl stuff for the Girly girl in me

Jessie Steele Pink and Black Damask Chef's Apron

Pink Polka Dot Gloveables- Mark I promise not to complain about washing dishes if you get me these. OK yeah I promise not to complain as much. I really want these with that cute Belinda Full apron.

For the silly girl in me

The Tingler.... oh how I have wanted one of these!

Well that's all... :-) That is my birthday wish list. I'm off to pull my list for the drawing tonight. :-) Thank you so much Araxi! I really do appreciate you donating that awesome photo shoot package.