Jan 29, 2009

CHA recap

I know it's long over due. Just been busy, but I am here now. Please don't expect a long winded CHA review.. because that is so not me. I keep it short and to the point. OK here goes.

My number one favorite was ... Jillibean Soup. Check out the pictures below and you will see why.

CHA Winter 2009 Ananeim 074

CHA Winter 2009 Ananeim 075

CHA Winter 2009 Ananeim 077

If you know me your know I go for more the muted colors. I love brights, but the toned down earthy colors are my favorites.

My second favorite was Chatter Box! Seriously. Check out their Fabulous Collection.

CHA Winter 2009 Ananeim 100

I love the new huge chipboard pieces Daisy Bucket is coming out with. Imagine the possibilities.

CHA Winter 2009 Ananeim 065

There was this other company that I really liked named Audela des cimes.

CHA Winter 2009 Ananeim 038

Check out the layout on the wall. The photo on the layout is black and white but look at how good it looks with those bright colors. I really loved it.

CHA Winter 2009 Ananeim 037

Check out these layouts. Beautiful huh.

CHA Winter 2009 Ananeim 036

And look check it out all you Star Wars Fans...be jealous... be very jealous.... LOL. On the serious side Creative Imaginations is coming out with a whole Star Wars line, I actually liked it. I think those hard core Star Wars Fans will love it.

CHA Winter 2009 Ananeim 015

If you read my blog, you know I'm not much of a writer. I really suck at it to say the least. If you want to see more photos I have some posted on my flickr account. Just warning you, my pictures suck too. LOL... Some aren't too bad, but you know how it is when you have to take pictures indoors.

I'm off...it's been a busy week and it's not over.


Jan 19, 2009

Happy 65th Birthday Dad

dad's birthday_collage 1
dad's birthday 2
dad's birthday 3
dad's birthday 4

Saturday night we celebrated my dad's 65th birthday. About 50 of my dad's closest friends and family came over to celebrate. My dad doesn't normally like to celebrate his birthday so when he asked for a birthday party in his honor my mom jumped on the opportunity to throw a party.

Everything was going great, dinner was amazing - my mama can cook - and it was just so cute to watch my dad welcome all his friends. He had the biggest smile on his face all night long. Needless to say, there was plenty of Tequila around for all the old farts =). Only problem with Tequila no matter what age you are Tequila makes you do silly things - one being my dad got pushed in the pool. I swear I watched it in slow motion. All the men were standing around the pool taking tequila shots, just laughing and having a good time. Next thing I see my dad's friend push my dad but then try to catch him at the same time.... then splash... I FREAKED! Seriously I did. I threw my camera on the floor and ran towards the pool. I was ready to jump in but luckily someone caught a hold of my dad and then I helped pull him out. The friend, who shall remain nameless, told my mom that I had the look of terror on my face. That all he heard was me screaming my dad, my dad. Whew thank god he was OK, but imagine being pushed into a pool in the winter...yeah it was cold.

So my dad had to go in the house and change. My dad being the man that he is came out singing...and wearing his charro suit. I remember how when I was younger I use to get embarrassed and go hide whenever he came out in those outfits. Now that I am older I really do love it, and the most beautiful thing to me...when he comes out in his outfit and he starts to sing I just see my mom's face totally light up. They are just so adorable.

Dream Girls Challenge # 20

Im_not Dream Girls # 20, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Challenge #20: Use your stash
create a layout using Pattern Papers that are at least more than 6 months old.

Prompt: Must use the title I'm not..
Technique: Paper tearing

**Laura don't kill me, I've been wanting to scrap this photo for a while** =)~

Jan 15, 2009

Pictures of Us

pictures of us, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Scrapping the Music Challenge #68 - Pictures of you

This past New Years I spent it with the people I care about most - My Family. I made sure to take my camera around and snap pictures of myself with everybody. I know a little cheesy but honestly I don't care. Looking back at a few of my family pictures I realized I wasn't in a lot of them, so this year I am making a point to being in A LOT of them.


Is it Thursday already

...............where is this week going?

Tuesdays appointment was good, Mark went with me. I have to say he is amazing. He sat out in the waiting room for 2 hours while my procedure was being done. Once I woke up and he was there. I was still a little dizzy and he held my hand. I think he expected me to come out of it a little crazy instead I was really calm and just sat there smiling.

Going to scrapbook tonight! Going to go home to a clean house! I am a little spoiled, I have a cleaning lady..yes I do! I need one. My house is too big for me to keep clean at all times. I clean a lot but it's not enough. I live with boys - enough said? She only comes twice a month, but on the days she does come...it's heaven to me.

I received my business cards! They came out so nice. I can't wait for CHA! I'm going to room with some of the A Cherry on Top girls, I can't wait. I'm in desperate need of some girl time and to be honest I can't wait to see Laura.

Oh Team in Training is starting up again. This new team I am with is amazing. Can you believe it's my 8Th season with the team? I am really glad I took this last season off. I really needed time to off and it came at the perfect time. I really was burnt out. I got a few complaints that TNT took up all my free time, to be honest it did. I just need to set myself up with a to do list and I'll be OK.

Besides that, things are looking up. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel - and that is a very good thing.

xoxo, bucket

Jan 12, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Chaos

Tea Party Chaos, originally uploaded by sherrisink.

Been thinking....I am going to be 39 years old in a few months (4 to be exact).
Wouldn't an Alice in Wonderland theme party be just adorable.
UUMMMMM well see. For now I am just searching around for ideas. I like the colorful theme, but also loving the stripes with a black and white theme....oh who knows. It's just an idea for now.

Scrappy Owl Treat Bag Tutorial

Isn't this the cutest! I've been on Flickr this morning searching for some party ideas and popped upon this awesome tutorial for this scrappy owl treat bag. Click on the picture to be taken directly to the tutorial. I am thinking more on the way of owl pillows..but this still adorable!

oh vey....I really need to take my sewing machine out of the closet..

Jan 11, 2009

Dinner with Anna & weekend happenings

Look at us...20 years ago... =)
A few days ago I was chatting with her on-line and we made a date to meet for dinner tonight. We had the best time ever. We were non-stop talking from the moment we saw each other. Just catching up on each other's lives, where do you find all time to do this and that. It as if we had never lost touch and were just Anna and Susie all over again. I loved it!

It was a pretty quiet weekend for me. I went out Friday night for my little cousin's 31st birthday. It's funny because honestly I am not much a bar/club person but I have to say I had a blast. I love to people watch and what better place to people watch then a bar. I was hanging out at the bar with my cousin's husband when he said you have to try their caramel apple martini's. I was like really? They sound really yummy. He told me I have to order it correctly or else they won't know what to make. Me being the dizty person that I am said sure how do you order it? He said to make sure I order the "Fripple Frapple Fritz Martini". Umm.... yeah imagine the bartenders face when I said that! He looked at me like I was crazy, then I said... Carmel Apple Martini? He said why didn't you say so... ATTITUDE!! SHEESH. So the rest of the night I sat by the fire with my cousins and enjoyed our people watching.
Besides that I've been on a no meat diet this weekend. It's hard I never realized how much meat I eat...or maybe it's because I had to stay away from meat that made me want it more. uummm yeah that is probably it. I have to have a colonoscopy done on Tuesday - trying to figure out what that pain in my side is. YUCK I know. I just want that pain to go away so that I can get back on my marathon training schedule. I have a run coming up and I really need to get some mileage in. blah blah...
I have to apologize to those I have not emailed back. I have no excuse. I need to get on that. Sorry Teri, Sorry Jill, Sorry Star.... I really do need to get through my inbox, I have over 500 unread emails. Yeah Jaw Dropper huh. I'm sure most of it is junk but I won't know until I sit at my desk and filter through them all. =(
xoxo, bucket

Jan 8, 2009

The Design Experiment Challenge #39

the_25th_hour, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

The Challenge:

The hours in a day pass far too quickly and it seems there are never enough. Imagine if there were 25 hours in a day instead of 24. Do you think you could accomplish more? Do that one little thing that you just didn't have enough time for? If you had an additional hour every day, how would you spend it?

I thought about this challenge and even discussed it with my mom. She laughed at me when I said I would cook more. Yes I would use that extra hour to cook more. With my crazy schedule it is easier to go to subway or just go through a drive-thru and get whatever my son wants. The kid is always hungry and well he said if I don't feed him he is going to call Child Protection Services...I say call them. LOL. OK if you don't k now he is 17 and way taller then me...and he tries to boss me around...but that's another story.

Journaling reads:

The 25th Hour. If I had an extra hour a day I would cook more, I know it sounds silly but with my schedule I never have time to cook. The best part about cooking is my #1 fan, my brother-in-law Nathan, when he eats all I hear is "hhmmm" "yyuummm" "this is so good" now if only I could get him to do the dishes. =)

Jan 7, 2009

Getting ready for CHA

Last year at CHA I was so unprepared with business cards. The first year I went I went with Magistical Memories as a product designer so I didn't really walk around. I was on this super high and didn't want to leave the booth.

The second year I went, I went in as I guess you could call me a spectator. Walked around and 'met' a lot of my on-line friends (huh Laura) and just drooled all over the new scrapbooking products that were coming out. Each time there was a drawing with a product manufacturer they asked you to drop a business card in their bowl. Umm.. yeah.. business card? Me? I don't have one.

So this year I am preparing myself. I am going to bring some business cards with me. I went on zazzle.com and designed up a simple business card - but it's so me. The cool thing is I had some credit over at zazzle...I had posted some designs over a year ago and had some sales ... so I used my credit to get my business cards done.

What do you think? I can't wait! I have so many more new on-line friends I just can't wait to go and meet them all. This time I won't be shy and heck I am going to carry my camera everywhere - maybe =D

OK back to do my work thing...LOVE IT! OK who am I kidding, belch.

Jan 6, 2009

Something out of the Wizard of Oz

IMG_3044, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Josh walked in my room and goes... "Mom! What are you wearing?
Me: (I look down and laugh) My favorite socks =)~
Josh: You look like something that just came out of the Wizard of Oz.

LOL... I don't know what do you think?

Jan 5, 2009

٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶eyeballs with legs

eyeballs with legs, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

I've been drawing lately.... eyeballs with legs. Not sure what this obsession is about.. but it's an obsession. One is just an eyeball with legs and the other is a super eyeball eyeball with legs. .... ok back to the drawing board.. going to see if I can make it a bit better. HAHA.. maybe I will add in some arms. Yeah.. it needs some arms.

Dreamgirls Blog Challenge #19

today_is_a_NEW_day, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Challenge # 19 - In with the new.

The challenge was to do a layout in black and white, use NEW in the title or journaling. The technique twist being the only color you could add was a handmade embellishment.

Title reads : TODAY is a new day!

It's a very simple layout, but I love it. The picture from left to right, my niece Krystal, my youngest Josh, me, and then my oldest Johnny. Taken on New Years Eve/Morning.