Jun 15, 2009

This morning

I've been wanting to post about this all morning but needed to be in the right mind frame to write about this.

This morning I was running late to work. I woke up late, I left my hair curly, and I wore jeans to work... we had an all staff meeting and I wasn't dressed appropriately. OH WELL!!

Most mornings I see this lady walking in my parking lot towards the opposite end of where i am walking. I see her and she always has the biggest smile so I always smile and say good morning. Strangers you know I don't know her she doesn't know me but I smile anyway.

This morning as I am walking I see her bent over on a car. I look at her and smile but she has an odd smile. I stop smiling and walk towards her and ask her if she is OK. She is not, she is having an asthma attack. She had her inhaler but was still having a lot of trouble breathing. I stay with her hoping she is going to be OK. I found out her name is Andrea and she walks through the parking lot to the other side and waits for her boss to pick her up. I assume she is either a nanny or a house keeper for someone. About 5-10 minutes later she dialed her boss and asked me to talk to them and let them know what is going on. A man answers, what his name is I don't know, i tell him my name is Susan and I am with Andrea and that she isn't feeling well. He said he was around the corner on his way to go get her and was going to take her to the doctor right away. I said Thank you and I will stay with her until he arrives.

As all this is happening I see people walking by and not even turn their heads to see if they could be of assistance. I felt so bad, I even offered to drive her where ever she needed to go. She looked at me and said Really? I said of course. A few minutes after I talked to her boss he arrived to pick her up. I watched her get in the car and then continued on to my office. I was OK up until I got in the elevator. I started crying! I got off the elevator and quickly and went in a back door so that no one would see me.

I sat in my chair and I couldn't get her out of my mind. What if I would have kept on walking? What if I no one else would have helped her? I am glad I stopped to help her, I just hope she is OK.

I saw Andrea this morning. She is doing great. It made me smile to see her smiling face. =)

Ribbon Ring Tag

I have a secret obsession...ribbon. I buy it to use it on my scrapbook pages, at least that is my intention. I buy it, I put it away and it stays put away. You see I get these awesome deals on ribbon. Seriously, 50cents a yard!! Would you pass that deal up?

Can you see that plastic container below? That is my ribbon box. I actually have a lot more then is in this box I just have to look for it all. it's pretty embarrassing. I call my ribbon storage, grab it and go. Since I use to attend a lot of crops it was an ideal storage, but now that I mostly scrap by myself it isn't working out as well. i want to SEE IT, FEEL IT, you get my drift.

A few months ago the owner of Ribbon Ring tag, Melissa, sent me a sample of her ribbon ring tags to check out. I tried it out and hung them in my scraproom, mostly for decoration at first.

This past weekend Melissa was at CKC Pasadena and I told myself before I leave I must buy more. Melissa's booth was adorable and when I saw how she hung her ribbons I was like OK that is what I want to do in my scraproom.

the mess
my ribbon stash

the process has started.
ribbon ring tag003
This is where i left off.
ribbon ring tag 004
it's all still a work in progress but I hope to get it done before the end of the week. I want to go buy one of those over the door coat hooks and hang the ribbons from there. It is all looking so pretty. can't wait to finish it.

Jun 12, 2009

19 years ago today

my baby boy was born.

Happy Birthday Johnny! I love you.

Jun 10, 2009


Today was one of those days where I was in deep thought all day long. Our organization is going through a restructure/reorganization whatever you want to call it they are looking at people jobs looking at where to cut the slack. It’s been all over the news the UC system is in a budget crunch. Last Friday our Development department had their reorganization and ours is set to come. Besides the reorganization we are looking at a 7% pay decrease and 16 furlough days. I always try to put on a happy face, but today at lunch it was all my co-workers could talk about and it made the stress that much more. I can deal with a reorg, but the pay decrease and the 16 furlough days that I am not to sure about. I told my co-workers honestly I don’t want to hear rumors; I just want to hear the facts. What is going to happen? Do I have a job? It’s all a bit stressful.

On my way home I had to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. The woman in front of me was only buying a few things, 2 bags of chips and some hot wings she had gotten from the hot kitchen in the back of the store. She asked the clerk to only ring up the chips first because she wasn’t sure if she had enough money on her debit card. It was one of those debit cards given to people on food stamps. She kept contemplating on what to do? Go back to the kitchen and ask them to remove a few hot wings what to do, she was hungry. I looked in my wallet; I had the money, why not just buy her hot wings for her. I took out a $5 and said here take it buy your hot wings. She looked at me in tears, Really? I said Yes Really please take it. I gave the clerk the $5 and her total was $2.25. I thought of it this way, I buy junk, I like to spend money, why even think about its just do it. She was very thankful and then she went on her way. I have to admit I don’t normally do this. NEVER, but something about her I don’t know what it was. I don’t know why she is on food stamps, I don’t know why she chose to buy 2 bags of chips over the hot wings I didn’t care, after the shitty day I was having I wanted to make someone else happy. It’s what I do, I am not prefect nor will I pretend to be but sometimes it’s the little things that make me happy. Doing this good deed..made me happy.

Jun 5, 2009

The cheerleaders

SDRNR_2009, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

I did it, I finally scrapped a layout. I just love these photos and the paper is so much fun. I started another one last night and hope to finish it tonight.

You know what I am itching to scrap...baby photos. Think I'll look through my old photos and find some baby photos of my boys to scrap. Johnny is turning 19 next week... 19!! He is so handsome and such a damn responsible (cough cough) man! He makes his mama proud. I know.. I'll scrap a layout of his first birthday! Oh ... how I miss my baby.


Jun 2, 2009


I know a lot of people think running/walking a marathon is something beyond the reach of imagination, but I am here to tell you with the proper training anyone can do it. It doesn't matter how fast or how slow you are, once you cross that finish line...the feeling is beyond belief. It's not only personal accomplishment but a test of your own personal endurance. This season with Team in Training has been one of my favorites. I looked forward to each Saturday with the team. I met amazing people who had such interesting lives and the best thing they were willing to share their story with a stranger like me. Always our conservations started like this.

Them: So Bucket how long have you been with the team?
Me: I joined the team in January of 2006.
Them: Oh wow so you must be a pro at this marathon stuff.
Me: HELL NO! I am a fake marathoner..hahah
Them: hahah lol... you are too funny.
Me: So why did you join?
Them..usually the answer is something like this Because my father/mother/son/daughter/best friend is a survivor or it could be they lost a loved one to this thing we call cancer.
Me.. I would get really quiet, stop and give them a big hug and tell them I am proud of them for what they are doing. I can't explain it, it's a big thing to do a marathon, but to do it in some one's memory/honor that makes me cry.

This Sunday was San Diego's Rock n Roll marathon, as I stood out there cheering people on I got very emotional. I watched people smile, I watched them cry, I watched them hold hands and pull each other along. I stood out there giving out Red Vines and Gold Fish crackers. People walked up to me and asked "is it OK if I get one even though I am not part of the team?" I looked at them smiled and said OF COURSE! One lady called me her angel, I laughed. She was so hungry and the gold fish were heaven to her.

This was my first year being part of the cheering committee and OMG it was just amazing. Here I have seen these people go from 0 to 12 to 20 miles in a matter of months, and now they are going all the way with their half and full marathons. AMAZING!!

Last night my sister asked me, "So when are you going to stop running marathons?" Now why would I ever want to stop? BTW, in case your wondering why did I start running marathons? Honestly I was bored and I wanted to do something, but not just something, something meaningful, something that would change my life forever..and I think I found my calling.

If you have time, check out the slide show. These pictures here are of my amazing teammates!

San Diego RNR Marathon 2009

This Sunday I have a small run coming up. Me and my friend Sue are doing the Camp Pendleton Mud Run! I even have an outfit all picked out, APRIL don't laugh.

My outfit for Sunday

The t-shirt says "Solider in a volunteer army". On the back is the Team in Training logo. So still I am still representing the team. =)

I'm still training, I'll be in Seattle at the end of this month for the Inaugural Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon. I am so excited!

On the scrapbooking side, I haven't had time to do anything. I am resting this week so I hope to scrap a few photos from this weekend. Think I may even do a mini book... =) Cough Cough.. I feel a sick day coming on.