Jul 6, 2010

7/6 back at work

7/6 back at work, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

It's a process. It's slow. Am I enjoying it? Truth be told - No. People try to change process while I am away, dumb dumb dumb. It's OK it's a short work week. I will just smile, walk away, and put a stomp to it. Just because I am out doesn't mean I will let you mess with my tables. Nope...I am the database table Queen and what I say goes. LOL I should get a t-shirt like that...but on the for reals side I don't give a crap. Just some people annoy me.

So I wonder, there is this woman at work who complains about everything. No really she does. Right now it's about Lindsey Lohan and how she should be in jail. I was like "What?" I don't care about her! Woman get a life and shut up.

Yes that is how I feel today. I have work to do and wish i could duck tape her mouth shut!

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