Jul 5, 2010

7/1 Her ashes over the Pacific Ocean

July 1st is the day we said our final good-byes to my Tia Andrea.

After the memorial service her wishes were that her ashes be spread over the Pacific Ocean. We bored the ship in Marina Del Rey, CA and off we went to spread her ashes.

As we were on the ship I looked at my cousin and said..how about that service! He laughed, knew exactly what I was talking about. My aunt got us and she got us good. My aunt was a Jehovah's Witness. While we teased her about going door to door and teased her about having doors slammed in her face...today was the day we were not able to slam the door. Don't get me wrong I would never slam the door in her face, it's just the preaching part that I could do without. Anyway, so at the service next to speak were these two men from her congregation. One spoke in Spanish and the other was to translate in English. Lets just say, after an hour long of hearing them talk we all said..finally my aunt got us to listen to one of her preachings. She got us and she got us good.

All in all it was a great service. I still cry, but I've been crying for months. They said mourning is good, so I will mourn and I will cry and when I am done I will be done. One thing that did bother me, someone in my family looked at someone else in my family...they laughed and said..don't cry she is gone already. It wasn't said in a loving way, but in a sarcastic way. I feel sorry for them. How can someone be so cold? I don't know it just hurts.

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