Jul 5, 2010

6/30 in her memory

6/30 in her memory, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

My aunt loved her Sees lollipops. My mom wanted to share with everyone a little memory of my aunt and decided on Sees Lollipops. I do remember my aunt always having a stash of goodies in her desk. Whenever it was time to leave work I would walk to her desk and say "Tia are you ready?" She would look at me and laugh.."Almost" and go in her desk and grab a lollipop. My aunt always had a knack of running late or just plain losing track of time. Lucky for her she always had me to pull her away from her work. I do miss it. I miss waiting for her by the elevator. I miss having someone to talk to. Good or bad she listened and never judged.

I just plain miss her.

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