Apr 8, 2011

4/8 Project Life Update

It's not that I haven't been keeping up with my photos, its that uummm.... let me think about a good excuse and get back to you. Here goes.

Week 10 Project Life Pages

Week 11 Project Life Pages

For this week I decided to do a layout on my dress. :D *Big Cheesy smile*. My little sister Diana helped me pick out the dress and I absolutely love it. I can't wait to wear it.   
Week 12 Project Life

Blurry Picture? It's of my baby nephew. He is too young to be exposed to the Internet. haha.. no really just respecting my sisters wishes and not posting his picture. Welcome to the word baby Z. May you keep your mom and dad up all night and holler like there is no tomorrow. :D Nothing like being new parents right?
The Price is Right!!! On a whim I asked for tickets and got'em. It really was the best time ever. I've had this crush on Drew Carey for a long time. Then...finally I got to see him. My heart went pitter patter. I love a man that can make me laugh and he sure can. Him and his fake cigarettes...I love it. You had to be there.
Best training shirt in the world arrived! Marine Corps Marathon 2011...YEAH! And I think Mark has finally admitted to himself he is going to do the run. He kept saying no, but finally is saying he is doing the race. YEAH!! 
...that's all folks.

Apr 6, 2011

4/6 What a mess...but a happy mess

Mark and my dad have been talking about redoing the kitchen floor. If you have ever been to my house you would have seen that my floor really needed replacing.

I knew my dad was going to start working on it, but still the mess always gets me right here…A.R.G.H. It’s me. What can I say. I know I will love the finished product but look at my kitchen. :P

My dad said there were about 3 layers of vinyl flooring. Mark and my dad picked out all the flooring. I can't wait to see the completed floor. :D

But that isn't the only thing going on. My shower had been leaking and me not being a plumber thought you could just replace the thingie...the thing that pull to turn the water on and off. Heck.. I'm not a plumber I don't know what it's called.  
Well instead of replacing that thing...the plumber had to tear out all the guts. Can you see it? Only thing that makes me sad is that the tile is a vintage soft yellow and very hard to find. I have a feeling I am going to have mismatching shower tile. Oh well....but I get a new shower head and all the other stuff. So I am happy. BUT in the meantime I have to use the boys bathroom..kinda gross but I came out alive.

This is the face I got from my dad when I walked in the door yesterday. No reason I am posting this but just to say thanks Dad..i love you mucho.Cute right? Now you know where I get my looks from. 

Since I couldn't cook dinner...hahah... i decided to scrapbook. 

It's been a while since I scrapbooked and really not having a kitchen available to me gave me the excuse to go hide in my room. :) I've missed my room.

Not more then 20 minutes later I got the cutest visitor.  
 If you haven't seen all the photos of her on Facebook, this is Scarlett she is Mark's baby niece. We had the best visit yesterday. At one point I was holding her and she just started talking to me, yes baby talk but it was the best conservation ever. She is absolutely adorable.

I haven't talked about my training lately and here is an update. Pure A.W.E.S.O.M.E.ness!!!! OK who bought tickets to the dodger game in my name? No really?? Who are are you? I can't thank you enough! I received a total of $370 from the Dodger game fundraiser. I know of about maybe 20 tickets or so, but I wasn't expecting 37!! THANK YOU!!!

My fundrasing total is currently at $1,905. I have 1 matching gift ($800) that I am waiting to hit my paycor account and once it does...the rest is just down hill. WOW...WOW..WOW...Yes I am patting myself on the back. This has been an amazing fundraising season. Thank you all who have donated.  

My next event is Drag Queen Bingo. If you have never attended one of these events you must. Email me if you want more info.