Jan 31, 2008

Brotherly Love

brotherly_love, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Check out my boys! Every time I look at these photos I can't believe how big they are getting. My oldest is heading off to college in a few months, and my youngest just as eager to hurry up and grow up! What to do? For these reason's I just looking at these photos. I love them.

By the way, check out the cool new border. It's a barbed wire border. When I first saw Toni's skulls I immediately thought these skulls need a cool border to go with them. Hence the barbed wire border was born. :-) TFL

Some better pictures of the sneak peeks...

From me... an apple book. It is so cute in real life.. trust me. From Cheryl Mezzetti.. it is the cutest ballet slipper. Oh by the way... Cheryl is going to be a grandma!! Congratulations Cheryl!
From Crystle a heart tattoo scroll. So beautiful!

And last but not least, an owl book from Toni. I really love this. I can't wait to use my owl papers to alter this baby.

Jan 29, 2008

Magistical Memories Kits

Have you checked out the new kits Magistical Memories? It's not a monthly program.. but more as a buy as you go - buy what you want sort of kit. I love it. Crystle and Toni have been doing an amazing thing with the kits. Check out the Magistical Memories blog for even more sneaks. For now I took this straight off the blog.. OMG I saw this kit in real life and it's amazing! It really is worth the price!

You will not believe all the stuff that is in this kit! Here is a little sneak peek of what you are gonna get!!! And this ain't even the half of it!!! This kit will be going up soon...We are just waiting on one last item to be shipped!!!

Kit will be available at Magistical Memories

Jan 27, 2008

How is your Sunday going?

I have been so busy today. It's raining like crazy outside which means I'm not going anywhere today. So I am finally catching up on some projects oh wow I love that I have been so productive. Here are a few things I have done so far.

1. I made a photo fabric book using photo fabric. It came out a lot nicer then I thought it would. As a matter of fact - I LOVE IT! Photo's compliments of my friend Araxi.

2. My love monsters. I think they are just so adorable. 3. This one here I have name Betty... but lately I am naming everything Betty. I love this little skeleton. I had it left over from Halloween and I thought it would look cute as a Valentines' day skeleton.
4. I'm still on my altered tile coaster kick. I just love this layout. I'm making this for Mark for Valentines' Day. It will be his card.

What else... well I got a new toy.
Strangely enough I have named my new ipod nano... Betty. My old ipod just did not work anymore. I turn it in and got 10% off this new baby. It is so small!! I had to get red because it looked so slick. I also purchased the nike+ id thingie. I really need to start logging in my runs and this will definitely help. I have a half marathon coming up next week.. and please ask me how much training I have put into this? Lets just say.. not as much as I should. I did 5 miles easy yesterday.. so I'm hoping adding in an extra 8 next weekend should be a breeze. HAHAH

That's it for now.

Jan 25, 2008

I'm going to get fired...

I just know it. Crystle is going to rip up my contract. I always do things without asking her. Why? Because I'm like that. It's like telling me don't eat that chocolate bar it's bad for you, but I do it anyway.. why.. because I said I'm like that. So if she fires me is anyone out there willing to hire me? I will design chipboard for cheap. *Sticking my tongue out and shaking my butt*

So here is the reason why I know I will get fired. CHA-W sneak peeks. Is it too early to show them?

Picture #1 - You may recognize as Toni's Hoot owl. I mentioned to Crystle and Toni that I loved that owl and I would love to see it as a mini book. I just love it! I have one at home sitting there waiting to be altered. Is it 4:30 pm yet? Well somewhere in the world it is but not here! Sheesh.. Ok on to #2.
Picture #2 - is an automobile book. I envision me and my best girlfriends pictured in the front and maybe turning this into a friendship mini-book. I may even have a licence plate in the front saying something really fun.. like... Honk if your single... LOL.
Picture #3 - It's a cupcake!! COLLEEN you out there? It's a cupcake mini-book. So you know what that means.. I need to make another run to sprinkles... no wait lets go to that other place.. CRUMBS.. yes Crumbs... I'm itching to try that devil dog cupcake! Just because it is a devil dog. LOL..
Picture #4 - sorry for the bad picture on this. One is a barbed wire border - mine- and the other is a scroll heart - compliments of Crystle. I
Picture #5 - I'm calling it a fan for now. Well that is how I designed it to be. Imagine a brad in the middle and turning it into the cutest little fan.
Picture #6 - An Apple... an apple a day keeps the doctor away... so they say. This one here is an apple chipboard book. I can't wait to play with it. I think I am going to find all my old school pictures and put them in here for memories sake. I can't wait to dig them out.

OK so there you have it. I know I'm gonna get fired. Oh well... can someone write to her and tell her it's not fair.. I just had to share.. because I'm like that.

Jan 23, 2008


I get SO EXCITED when I see my products being featured in a magazine. I'm kinda cheesy like that. You should see my smile. If you happen to have one of my designs published I'd love to see it.

Guess what else I got to see tonight? Laura you out there reading? I got to see some of the new CHA releases from Magistical Memories. Augh.... I can't wait for you all to see them. I'm really excited... why.. because I am coming out with some chipboard mini-books. Just wait until you see them. They are so cute!

OH OH... don't forget to check out the monthly kit club ... OMG I got a sneak peak of the February kit... it's to die for!! I'm going to have to see if I can get a hold of one. One more announcement regarding the kit club... congratulations to Glenda Tkalac she is on the design team for the kit club! Lucky Sucker!!!

I've been really busy but I do hope to have some stuff to share this weekend. Oh the ideas are buzzing around in my head...until this weekend... bye bye.


Celestical Frame_ Magistical Memories pg 30 Simple Scrapbooks

Tropics Frame - MM- pg 41 Paper Craft Essentials

Jan 18, 2008

Love is...

discovering the greenest grass is right where you are.

Just another quick one for today. TFL.

I love you more

OMG I did this page in litteraly 2 minutes. Seriously. Well OK it was a pre-made page but look it was that easy.

Honestly tell me, who has time now a days to really create a quick book? I know I don't.

Check out the kit, it's at scrapbookgraphics.com. It is so cute. I have an idea for this kit and hey with these pre-made pages I'll be done in no time.
Ah the joy... LOL... have a great day!

Jan 15, 2008

King Burger Fun!! Go Anjelah!! I love this!

I found this video today on YouTube of Anjelah Johnson, a great comedian. Have you seen her videos? OMG she is just awesome. Well anyway, when this video popped up I was like OMG I've eaten at that place. It's a burger joint called 'King Burger' it's near where Mark's sister used to live in Los Feliz, CA. Anyway, check out the video it's great! It is so King Burger. LOL.

Jan 14, 2008

Do you Kit Club it?

Well I do and I love it.

I just got my Scarlet Lime Kit at work today. The funny thing is I don't look at the kit first, I look for the candy. Seriously! I look to see what candy yummys are in the box after that I will then start to pull out all my pretty papers. The good thing about receiving my box at work is that I can show off to all my co-workers what goodies I got. Yeah it's the scrapper me, I need to enable them to shop with me.... look into my eyes... you want to shop for pretty paper, you want to shop for pretty paper. LOL.

You know what I've been jonesing for? The Scrap in Style Sushi kit. It's so cute and unique. But I do really need to buy more paper? Not really. But doesn't it look like a fun kit? I love all the doodled elements and paper is really cute. Look into my eyes... buy me the kit... buy me the kit... LOL... Did it work?
I gotta run, so that's it for now.

Jan 9, 2008

A house calendar

How cute is this? Click here to dowload this project. Check out the other calendar projects too. Some cute ideas on here! :-)

Jan 8, 2008

Free printable desk calendar

ooohhh check this out.

Need a 2008 desk calendar? Download and print these sheets compliments of Blueprint magazine. Detach the front cover of an ordinary CD jewel case, put it on backwards, and insert the calendar pages.

Jan 7, 2008

Want some Photoshop brushes?

I created a cassette player stamp for fun and thought why not share it in brush form. The link is only good for 7 days, so please download and share it with others.
brushes by bucket

So what do you think?

Jan 6, 2008

I was super busy this weekend...

I'm in the mood for love
I just love this photo and I guess I am ready for Valentines Day. Auugghh how cute huh. He's a punk, he drives me crazy, but all in all I have to say he is the best. He is my best friend and he is always there for me. We don't argue, we don't fight, we cuddle and we wrestle... I am one lucky girl to have this man in my life.

This is brother man - Ruben. LOL. We took this photo at his New Years Eve Party.

My little sister and I at a New Years Eve Party. Why is it when I play with glitter I seem to get it everywhere.


I was in a Heidi Swapp Playing Card swap. These are the cards I created. Sorry for the fuzzy picture.. I always seem to wait until the evening to take my pictures and by then I don't have good light. :-)~

2008 Calendar for my mom

I finally finished my mom's Christmas present. It's a 15x7 Making Memories calendar. What I did is look through all my digital photos files and try to find pictures I liked that were taken in the month I was scrapbooking. These are my favorite pages.

Jan 4, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

Do you ever get tired of scrapbooking? *Thumping my head on the wall for even thinking that* LOL. No but seriously, lately I've been in a funk. I get started on a project and then I leave it then sometimes I even put away the unfinished project. Story of my life.. *blah*. Anyway, I read about this book a few weeks ago and was wondering if anyone has tried any of the projects from this book? I think doing a few other projects may get me out of my funk, I have tons of felt just waiting to be used.
Doesn't the book look incredible!!
I so enjoyed my holiday off. I've been hanging out with the favorite men in my life, going to movies and just relaxing on the sofa. My butt feels it let me tell you!
It's supposed to rain cats and dogs this weekend.. so you know what I will doing... my week resolution is to finish up all those unfinished layouts and get them posted. Forget the new years resolution I am going for week/weekend resolutions. I can accomplish much more that way, don't you think? Well see how it goes, for now I'm getting ready for the rain and catching up on emails and such.
Have a great weekend.....