Apr 27, 2012

a Triathlete? Me? Why not.

I thought about it a few times, actually it's been on my mind for a while. I wanted to do a Triathlon before I turned 40. 40 came and went and still I didn't want to take the plunge. I'm scared. I for one am the FIRST one to tease my friend about sharks in the ocean. I will sit there and totally tease him and scare him all while I am just laughing away. Honestly I was jealous. Jealous because it wasn't something I could do. Really I wasn't ready for the challenge. As always life got in the way, or really I made excuses. 

About a month ago I was talking to my friend Jenny about seriously considering doing a Triathlon with Team in Training.My friend Sue would just tell me "Bucket! Do it! I can't even tell you want an amazing experience it has been!" Sue, Jenny and I have trained for marathons together, but a Triathlon? While helping out at a fundraiser (back in December) again they 'almost' convinced me. During a night of walking the streets of Los Angeles and drinking a few beers - Jenny had me convinced. BUT I still hadn't signed up. Then I finally decided, this is my year! As I said before "Crazy is as crazy does."     

Sue, Jenny, Talene, Nary, and me.

And so a new chapter in "The Crazy Things Bucket Does" begins.  

Apr 25, 2012

Give me some of that stuff you're drinking

Sometimes I feel like that. Sometimes I get in this mood where I just want to create all day long. Then I get OK what are you drinking because I want to be on that high that you are on. I say..it's all me.    

A friend of mine recently contacted me about some design work for some t-shirts. Within 5 minutes I was working on the design and within 2 days I got it. I knew what I wanted it to look like. It was just a process of collecting all the pieces for the design. I think it’s one of my favorites yet. But anyway, that is another story. 

 The point is, in the process of researching I found this awesome site called Logo Soft Wear. It’s mostly for team sports, but really lots more to it. It’s not like cafĂ© press or zazzle, the options are endless as far as products you can upload your design to. I created a store just to test out their design options. LOVE LOVE LOVE. The fact that you can have a logo on the sleeves was a major plus for me. But what I loved most was this fitness jacket. Like I said I am still playing with the design options but so far it’s been a lot of fun.
My store name is: Stuff by Bucket. I know not very original but really what do I call it. Blind ambition by Bucket. Surf and Turf by Bucket. Check yourself before you wreck yourself by Bucket. Yes I think Stuff by Bucket suits me just fine. So what do you think? 

Apr 20, 2012

My Desk and my Smash book

It really is this clean. The lights have been dimmed a bit, I think it makes my area a bit cozy. Untitled Desk

Since I know I have at least one reader (Hi Karina), here is an update on my Smash Book. I don't really do 'chunky' on the book. Since I carry it in my purse I don't want it to heavy. 

Inside. Untitled My family. I wanted my first pages to be of the most important people in my life. Even though, and I am sure this is for all moms, I don't feel like their most important person. Untitled March Calendar Page Untitled Just stuff..but look at the baby boy. I can't get enough of my nephew. Untitled more stuff. Untitled April Calendar Page. 
I've collected images from different magazines. The card on the left is my new business card - as if I need one. I put the little mustache face over my info. Untitled my boring but awesome life. Untitled and that is it. OH..if you have time, and happen to be in the area..I am doing a make and take tag at Remember When next Friday. 

Apr 18, 2012

This, that, and then some more of something else

Hollywood Half Marathon

Have you ran any marathon's lately? I get this from my boss all the time. I laugh, it's not like I like to run, because I really don't. I only do it for the photo opportunities. Really.
Matt, me, Mark, and Susie 
Taken at zero dark in the morning. Always great seeing a friendly face in the morning.

And here were are with Irene. Irene was my 'Lets do this thing' partner that day. Had such a great day with her.

It was great running through Hollywood. I kept thinking here I am running with someone who doesn't drink, and here all I could think about is drinking. Hey there were all these cool bars I had heard about and had been wanting to try, and now I know where they are at. Even though my doctor said no more drinking. BUT I don't drink everyday, it's more social. I just love hanging out with friends. OK yes I am making excuses, but whatever...I love Jesus but I drink a little. LOL. Yes you had to be there.

If this doesn't motivate you, then nothing will. At this point when I saw these guys it was at mile 11/12. It was ALL Uphill towards the end of the race.

Then just random photos. 

 Sweet messages from Mark. I sent him a message saying I was proud of him. 
 The Medal.
 A must need, a pair of sparkly race legs from Team Sparkle!
He was so happy here. I love his smile. I love him.

It was a great day spent with amazing people.


Not sure if I mentioned it yet, but maybe not. I got chosen to be part of my local stores design team. Remember When Scrapbooking.

I went to my first team meeting a few weeks back and .... was totally intimidated! Why? Because I haven't done this in so long. Don't get me wrong I scrapbook, I do it for me. But doing it for someone else is kind of nerve wrecking. Well those were my thoughts. But now I'm all about the challenge

I hosted my first make and take, and I think it went well. I smiled. I chatted. Big Thumbs Up.

I even scrapped a few pages. If you have ever scrapped next to me, you would see I pull out things and put things away, I hate clutter. I do this at crops, but at home it's a different story.

Here are a few of the pages I created. 

A fun night in Hollywood going beer tasting. So I wonder, am I the only one that still uses her plastic alphabet pattern. All I know is that font is called watermelon.


It was an Unofficial official beerathon. The actual event was cancelled by the ABC. Fudgers right, but it didn't spoil our weekend. With map in hand and beer specials to be had..We still had an amazing night. I pulled out my Fuji Instax camera and had a blast.

This layout was left simple on purpose. Aren't they just adorable!!
My scraproom has crappy lighting. The original, in my opinion, is beautiful. My nephew Zach, is watching Mark and his nephew play basketball. He was so eager to go play. It was just adorable watching him watch them.
 go go go
Each time my parents come home and he sees them he starts saying "Go, Go, Go." Meaning take me outside in my little car.

More Photos because I can't get enough of them

Me and Zach

Mark taking Zach for a walk around the pool. Can you believe this kid is only 13 months old!! He is so big.
baby love. He smiled when he saw his momma coming to get him.

Scarlett - she will eat just about anything I eat. Here I had to share my PB & J sandwich with her.
For whatever reason she was just being a total fuss ball. So I asked if I could stick her in the bath with bubbles. Even with little ones, all you need is a bubble bath to make things all better.