Jul 13, 2010

Moving back to my creative space

Yesterday I blogged about Mr. Luna invading my space. I came home with dinner and then said "Today I am moving out, I need my space." He laughed. He didn't want me to move, or maybe it was that he didn't want to help me move? It was one of those. Either way, I am only 1/4 of what way done. We shared a room for a couple of months because we had a roommate, daughter of my mom's best friend. She moved out in March and since then I've been trying to convince Mark that I need my space back. He said he was happy sharing a room with me and lets just leave that room as the guest room. Honestly it would have been OK, but really I loved having my own space and moving back gives me another chance to purge my supplies..AGAIN.

I am reorganizing, finding things I thought I lost, and realizing (again) I have way too much.

I have all of this, picture is really crappy and doesn't show it all, plus I have more boxes under the tables and I think I have more in the closet. I forgot to check that part. LOL. Oh I am ridiculous - too the max.

And here I had to take a picture of me and my 2 helpers. Each time I would yell for help I'd get a NO! Darn them! In the end they did help, but I had to threaten them. Can't remember what I said, but I am sure it was something good - like I won't cook for you anymore or something like that.

Now for some Silhouette love.

I had gone to this cup cake place, somewhere over, there and they had this most awesome image on their napkins. Cute right. So what I did was save the napkin, scan it in, clean it up in PhotoShop, take it into the RoboCraft software. Do what I had to do, if you have one you know what I mean, and whalla....I cut the image. I plan on using it for some layouts I am doing for a swap. Pretty cool right. Yeah totally love this machine. Really wishing I had more time to play with it. I have ideas coming outta of my head.

And now comes the disclosure, only because I know how some people think. NO I don't plan on selling this image. NO it is not mine to sell. It is all for personal use. If you want the image to use for personal use of course I will send it to you. It's cute right. Imagine all the cute cupcake layouts you can do with that. Just email me... email link is on the top right.

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