Sep 7, 2012


While I lay here in bed I think about this incredible journey I've been on. I won't lie I've been so stressed that I seriously tried to come with a reason not to do this triathlon event. I know stop shaking your head at me, but you have to understand stress sucks.

While I am so excited about my new job I was also not excited about giving notice. I love the people I work with but really I was looking for a new opportunity. But wait I'm going off track.

Stress. This WAS the excuse I was going to use to get out of coming to San Diego. On our drive over here Mark kept rubbing my arm. He could totally pick up on my nerves. I took a few breathes and thought about it. Why am I so scared? I CAN DO THIS! No I won't be the fastest I may even be the slowest but I'll be damn I am doing this! So for now ta ta. Tomorrow I become a Triathlete!

Sep 6, 2012


Scrapping my favorite holiday :)
My Minds Eye-Lost and Found Halloween Collection.

Sep 4, 2012

it's been a while

So much to update on.  

My triathlon is exactly 4 days away.I feel like my training season went by so fast. I've had the most amazing time and have met so many amazing people. I tend to get a lot of slack for 'doing my thing' but if you call doing my thing kicking cancer in the A$$. Then you better believe it I am very happy about doing my thing.

Can you see that smile? That is what Team in Training does. It makes you feel amazing, awesome, and super all at the same time. Don't believe me? Then you really should give it a try. 


My campaign manger sent this to me..and really I just have to share it. On my race day yes I will truly showing off my PDA. A lot of my friends have said they wanted to donate, there is still time. If you have read my training blog you will know there is never enough anyone can do for cancer research. Help me raise $100 more. or better yet $1,000 more. Click here to donate


and if you haven't heard. 

I'm going from here

to here 

I know I know. Some will give me a high five. Some will look at me and say trader. Either way you look at it it's a great opportunity for me and I AM TAKING IT!! 

Am I scared. Sure. Am I excited. Sure. Am I jumping up and down. YOU BETCHA! 

xoxo - bucket