Aug 14, 2009

Did you hear.....

the crypt above Marilyn Monroe is up for sale? Yep it's true read all about it here -> Click Here.

After I read the article I decide to go for a walk and go visit Marilyn and see how she is doing. Last few times I've gone to see her she had big wreaths of roses around her crypt. Today all she had was this small bouquet of roses. =(

Marilyn's newest neighbor is none other Farrah Fawcett. I walked around looking for her plot and I found it, it's still unmarked but you could tell it was hers because it was surrounded with wreaths of white roses. I walked around some more and found Billy Wilder, Jack Lemmon, Dean Martin, Don Knotts, Natalie Wood, my all time favorite Rodney Dangerfield, and who doesn't love Merv Griffin.

The cemetery is actually really small and you could totally miss it if you don't know it's there. For me and my co-workers it's a nice getaway. We just walk around and my co-worker Consuelo gives us a history lesson on who some of these people are. =) Ahh love getting away, even if it's only for a few minutes.

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Glenda T. said...

Ok, call me crazy but I think this is sooo facsinating!!! I would love to stroll around here and see where some of the stars were buried. This picture of MM's crypt is so cool. I just watched a documentary on MM the lost footage a couple weeks ago and it was so sad that she was so unhappy when she could have had everything. Thanks for stopping by my blog Bucket I've missed seeing you around! Whatcha been up to?