Aug 20, 2009


My job. What do I do? I am a data analyst..I work behind a computer most of day, and when I am not doing that I am in meetings all day long. It's times like this I am super thankful for my co-workers.
Vicki and Consuelo are the ones I go to when I feel like yelling. They say Susan lets go for a walk. They always make things better. Without them I would totally be lost.
Jocelyn, Lea and Bret make work more interesting. We sit and laugh all day long. Well not all day long but enough where if I need a good laugh they are always there. Bret is the baby of the group, he moved to Los Angeles from Texas about a year ago. That is all I really know about him. That and the fact that he smiles like Matthew McConaughey and kind of even talks like him. For my younger friends...I do hear he is single. LOL.
My desk.
Yesterday I pulled my chair back and looked at my desk. How did this happen? When did my desk get like this? I've been super busy since May or maybe even before then, I can't even remember it's all been a blur. I'm on a mission to clean it up. So then I started wondering, yeah my desk is messy but who has the messiest desk on the floor?
I found it. I'm only showing partial pictures of it. I think if Osha where to come in they would totally condemn that area. It's gross. Newspapers stacked. Crumbs from the morning breakfast. Papers and papers stacked on top of each other. I always wonder, if your desk is this messy what must your house look like... OK yeah I am cleaning up my desk TODAY!

I love Tito's Tacos... You'll love Tito's too

Lets just say it totally made my day.
My co-workers + Tito's tacos = a fabulous day. =)

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

U are lucky to have AWESOME coworkers!!!!! I work in a building of about 4k I only find about 10 of them interesting....(lol....and one of the 10 is HUBBY!!! lol).....and Mr. Matthew McConaughey look-alike is a cutie! :):):):):):):) And hehehehehehehe...I have to laugh over the messy desk....LOL!!! I am SUCH a neat FREAK that I have an anxiety attack if I have more than one stack of papers in my view!!!! LOL! LOL! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):)