Aug 4, 2009

Meetings, Doodles, babies, and online video chatting

Meetings & Doodles

I really think I have some sort of attention disorder. I get bored, really bored. I have meetings every Tuesday morning and sometimes the chatter tends to go on and on and on. I pay attention to what I need to know, the rest...not so much. I start writing my to do list, I start doodling, I do everything I could to stay awake.

Today..ugh gross I caught someone taking my picture with their phone. SICKO... I will not be nice to you! I don't like you and well I just don't like you. SO THERE HA!! AS if..I didn't even look cute eick. Either way.. YOU GROSS ME OUT.. GET A LIFE... and yeah brush your teeth.

Still kind of grossed out thinking about it.

The Baby

In my last blog post I wrote about my friend April being in labor. Look here..the beautiful baby girl . . Audrey Michelle. I can't wait to hold her and squeeze her and love her forever and ever. Through out April's pregnancy she said I could have her. She SAID.. "I don't do well with babies, you can have her for the first few months and then you can give her back to me." Yeah right..I am sure she is home with her right now just loving her to pieces. I should have had her write that in blood..a true legal document, lol. Love you April, so proud of you!

Skype...with the creative cam

Before my former co-worker Kevin left to Brazil we talked about Skyping. He told me keep in touch and lets Skype. Skype? Me the one that use to be all into technology and was always up to date with everything, here I was feeling really lost. Ugh you want me to get a camera so that we can chat while your in Brazil..having a blast? Let me see what I can do.

My co-worker had an extra one and gave it to me. I've had it for a few months but just never took the time to set it all up. So tonight I started playing with the creative cam.

So I took a few pictures, I recorded a few videos, and well I guess it's not so bad. Now I just need a mic. Look at the middle picture, me with my baby boys. YES MY BABY BOYS. That is Josh to my left and DJ to my right. Can you believe I let them have a party at my house.. that is a story for another day.

And here below I set up the Skype thing. I had my niece set it up too so that I can chat with her. We quickly found out I need a mic. I could hear her but she couldn't hear me. Oh thing at a time.

I'm off, I was supposed to be cleaning up/clearing out my scrapbook room. I always said I hated having a room all to myself.. I will eat my words now. I am sitting here looking around... How the heck did I accumulate so much stuff??

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the baby is soooooooooo PRECIOUS!!!!! And LOVING your photos....but the person that took your photo with the phone??? eewwwwwwwww ... not nice gross person!!!! I will have to check out the Skpe thing! :):):):):):):):):)