Aug 31, 2009

Is it really Monday??

What a week I had. Last week I became reacquainted with my bedroom. I normally just go in there to sleep for a few hours and leave. This week I got to spend more then a few hours in there, it was days and I sure wasn't happy about it. I got the flu. I have never been so sick like this. Thank goodness I am almost back to normal...well as normal as I am going to get. =)

While I was in bed I got to catch up on past episodes of Americas Next Top Model, Top Chef, Rachel Zoe Project, Project Runway, and really anything that was on Bravo. It was kind of nice having my child take care of me. He made me breakfast, brought me water, and looked in on me from time to time. At one point he must have gotten scared and said oh mom you look pretty bad. I asked him really? He said yeah. Pretty scary, I must have looked like something from night of the living dead.

So what have I been up to? Well last Sunday I took my friend Marjorie out to the Angelus Rosedale Cemetery one of the oldest existing cemeteries in Los Angeles. It's a total must see. Here are a few of the photos I took.

Happy Birthday Anna. Friday night I took advantage of feeling better and went out. How often do I get to go out with my friends and drink it up? Well not often enough. We had been trying to get together all summer but things just never seemed to work out. We had such a good time. I love it when I can be myself and not looked at like OMG what is she doing. This is me.. =) I still remember the time when my sister was introducing me to a friend of hers and she said "This is my older sister but I am the mature one." At first I was like excuse me? But now I'm thinking maybe it's not so bad not being the mature one, allows me to have more fun this way. =) Again Happy Birthday Anna...and whose next. I am ready to get my boogie on.
On Saturday Night my sister threw my brother in law a "Wet Down". I'm still not exactly sure what the true meaning of a wet down is, but all I know is that my brother in law got promoted and I am darn proud of him! Master Sergeant Reynoso. So picture #1 is of him passing the torch so to speak. My understanding of this tradition is this: it’s where the senior Marine finds a younger Marine; one with values that exude those of an exemplary Marine that will lead other Marines in those the same values. In this tradition my brother in law passed on an Eagle, Globe and Anchor that was given to him 7 years ago to a younger Sergeant whom he feels will lead with great honor and hold true the traditions and values of what a Marine is. What a great tradition don't you think? Can't be prouder!!

Picture 2... well what can I say. My baby has a girlfriend and I swear she is sweet as pie. I have been asking him, so when can I meet her? Can we meet her? He has had other girlfriends but none that he wanted to bring around and when he talked about this girl his face just lit up. So I was I don't know if I can handle it. A few weeks ago he called me up and said I am coming over and I am bringing Genevieve with me. I was like what? I didn't shower, I haven't cooked a thing, the house is a mess...can you give me some notice next time. We meet her and she was so sweet. So then I asked so are you going to your Nino's promotion party? He said yes and I am bringing Genevieve with me. I was like OK babe but just warn her about the family we are a bit crazy. He warned her he said. Saturday night went off just as expected, the crazies showed up, but only half of them. I call the crazies my Robles side of family..the ones I take after. She just smiled and laughed and I do hope we didn't scare her to much. And of course.. picture #3. Me and my baby. I still ask him, babe who is #1? I make sure he says "My mama is #1."
Fast forward to this Monday. I am back at work. Came in a little early wanted to clean up my email and eick I haven't checked my voice mail yet - don't really want to either. I can't say I really feel like doing much. I have been pretty much sitting here staring into space. This morning I walked in talked to manager for a bit then came to my desk. Not 30 minutes later I was told we had an emergency meeting. Kind of odd but OK. As I was walking out to the conference room I noticed my manger's door was closed and her lights were off. From that point on I knew something was wrong but not sure what. To make a long story short, my manger was laid off. It's not something anyone expected and if a manger was going to be laid off surely not her. So now I will be reporting directly to our departments Executive Director. *sigh* My understanding is that lay offs still are not complete. I am little scared because while my area is important to the organization it's a little hard to understand where exactly we fit in. I work with many external departments and well while my work is important I am just hoping I don't get reorged into my former mangers area. If I do...LORD HELP ME I will quit. I've said it before and have said it to him too.

For now I will go back and do something constructive... I am on the search for some Mehndi art. Friday night we were talking about tattoos and I keep changing my mind. I still want my butterfly skeleton but after I got my henna tattoo I was like... uumm.. I want to make it permanent. Not on my arm the way it was but something maybe more like this style -> CLICK HERE but not on my foot. I want it going up and down on my side starting below my armpit or maybe my boob to my hip maybe. But then again I still want to incorporate a dia de los muertos skull art in there too... I wish I could just give someone all my ideas and that they could draw it out for me.

Here are a few I found and I am loving it all.

1. Dia de los Muertos Skull

2. Henna Leg Art

Well that is all for now. The emails are coming in and maybe I should get something done today. maybe....


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Well...I can tell U are feeling better!! LOL!!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos and his girlfriend IS ADORABLE!!!!! And girl....U gotta get a real one...I have FOUR! :):):):):):):):):):)

SusieB said...

CHICK UP...get a real one!