Aug 12, 2009

The happiest place on earth... and it realy was

the whole day I truly felt like a kid! I have never laughed so much.

It really is different going to Disneyland with adults only. We didn't have any little kids to boss us around and we just did what we wanted. I love taking pictures with the Disney characters and thank goodness my kids weren't around. It's always Mom that is so embarrassing. Come on mom, lets do this and lets do that. Disney - Kids = LOADS OF FUN.

These are just a few photos from our day. OK so I admit I had never been on splash mountain. I have this thing about wet rides. I hate to get wet at amusement parks. It's a hair thing =).. So when the girls wanted to go on Splash Mountain I was like why not. I didn't expect to get too wet. I saw people getting off the ride, OK their shorts are wet, no big deal I can deal with wet shorts. It's hot and they will dry. BOY was I wrong. First little downhill my shorts got a little wet. Second little downhill my shorts were soaked and my t-shit on the right side was all wet. No big deal I thought this ride was a lot of fun. The last downhill was SCARY and I screamed like a baby! Once we hit the bottom you could have sworn I just got out of the shower. I heard Ginger, Susie and Alisha all laughing saying that was fun. I turn around and looked at them and gave them the biggest laugh ever...I had water dripping off my face. We laughed so hard! The rest of our day was just like that. It really was the most fun ever. I can't wait to do it again.

No more Scraproom....

Besides that I've been busy clearing out my scraproom. I'm a little sad but in the process I am throwing away a lot of stuff. Magazines for instance. To be honest I was the one that had to order every scrapbooking magazine out on the market. I looked at them once and then tossed them aside. Do I really need to keep them all? Nope, straight into the trash they went.

I am even finding things that I forgot I had. So now to organize it all. YUCK. So where am I moving it too....the other side of the house. Mark and I will have to share a room. Double YUCK. It's a really large room so I don't mind, but I know he is going to get all grouchy on me when I start bringing in the rest of my stuff. He drives me crazy. I don't want to share a room with him and if I could kick him out I would. No lie. So in my own little way I am going to try to figure out a way to slowly put his stuff outside. *insert evil smile here*

So why am I moving my stuff. Well I have a friend moving in, her name is Uri. She is the daughter of a good friend of my mom's, they grew up in Mexico together. Uri comes out to visit every few months, she is a singer and has been working her way around the LA circuit for a couple of years. She knows if she really wants to promote herself she needs to move out here and get her butt in gear. So next month I will have a new roommate. I am really excited for her.


I've been doing it. Working on a project but just can't show it off yet. Been designing again, really excited about this new adventure. Getting my Etsy site ready and thinking of a company name. I can't think of anything creative. Right now I have.. "Stuff by bucket" super boring.

Here are a few more that have been suggested.
Its all in the bucket
All around the bucket
Uniquely bucket

Shoot I don't know. I'm open for suggestions and as they say when one door closes another opens. It's almost been a year, I've honored my contract and now that it's all over..THIS GIRL IS GOING TO GET HER BOOGIE ON!!! No hard feelings, it was an experience and a great one for that, but now I am free to be me. Gosh it sounds like I am getting divorced doesn't it. But in a way it does feel like a divorce. I will admit I am still a little sad and wish things could have been different, but like I've said many times I did learn a lot and it was a great learning experience. I've moved on and that is that.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Bucket of Joy

A Drop in the Bucket

A Bucket Full of Posies

Bucket-Full :)

Ok.....that is about all I have!!! LOL!!!! :):):):):)

Loveeeeeeeeeeeee the photos....but NO WONDER U got soaked....SILLY GIRL...U were sitting in the front!!!!!! LOL!!!! I have a hair thing about water rides too...that is why if Hubby drags me to one....LOL...I make him sit in front of me and then when I see its ready for water....I bury my head into his shoulders....HE=WET....ME=DRY! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):)

Shell said...

HAHAHA! looks like you had a great time!
good for you!
the rusty bucket?
bucket list?
honey bucket o crafts (like honey bunches o oats)?
Chum bucket?

Glenda T. said...

I'm glad you are free to do what you want Bucket! Now I'm wracking my brain trying to think of a catchy name.....

Beloved Bucket
Boldly Bucket

I'll get proceeds if you pick one of these right?? haha