Aug 21, 2009

Movies while I work

It's more like listening to movies while I work. I'm hooked on hulu. I need noise and lately my ipod just isn't doing it. So I've started listening to movies while I work. It's not like I have time to sit here and watch anything but it's nice to have back ground noise.

Today's Movie..Hair.. I was actually singing a few of the songs at my desk. Totally loved the movie, I actually found myself moved to tears towards the end.

Can't wait to see this!!!

and this because I love her..she is real and hell she makes me laugh.
Mo'Nique - I Coulda Been Your Cellmate!

Today has been a total dead zone at work. Everybody is either out sick or on vacation. =( I attempted to clean my desk.. just wasn't feeling. I did catch up on a lot of work. Crossing my fingers next week will go by quickly.

I can't wait to get home! Mark is gone, I am sure my child will be hanging out with his friends.. can't wait to get home put on my "comfortable" clothing and continue on my quest to clean out my scraproom and wait scrap one layout (it's my Friday night ritual). So far I have 1/2 the room cleaned out. I am organizing and purging. It's amazing how many stamps I have. I did not know this. I organized all my card stock and I am making a pile of things that I've had for years and will never use. For example..patterned vellum...yeah I still had a bunch and not even sure why anymore. Does anyone remember Mustard Moon and the alphabet paper? The ones with the perforated squares. I have tons!! Again why? Did I need every color? I "had" this friend who had to have everything and convinced the rest of us that we had to have everything too.

Besides that I am on a quest to learn something new. I bought this freestanding punching bag. Yeah I know me!!? I'm not going to sit here and say I can kick butt or anything but you know I really like it. My friend Bridget has been putting together some killer workouts for me and I LOVE IT!! At first I wanted to do more boxing for stress, now it's more like I'd like to get better at it just because.

Tomorrow morning it's 5 miles with the new Winter Team. Again it's another great season!!

.....and with that I am outta here. Have a great weekend.

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