Aug 14, 2009

just because I feel like blabbing...

check out the newest addition to the back yard. It's is called the BIG GREEN EGG. Mark's co-workers daughter has a client who owned this thing and wanted to get rid of it. Mark being the Chef Boyardee that he is jumped on it and said I'll take it.

It's actually really cool. It's a 200 pound ceramic grill/smoker. To be honest the only thing I could really grill is hot dogs and hamburgers. So I'm on the search for some great grilling recipes. I want to venture out and try something different.

I think I'm just hungry. I'm craving some of my yummy vegetarian chili, some artichokes, some yummy grilled squash, yeah I am just hungry. Can't wait to go home and fire that thing up.

I can't wait to get home. I need to de-stress I need to get my groove on with my paper and glue. =) I am super excited. That project I've been working on, well the design has been finalized and going into production.

I will give you a hint, those of you attending Inspiration Unlimited... you are going to love this. As soon as the design has been put up on the Inspiration Unlimited site I will post it on here. Can't wait to reveal it.

In case your wondering I am still working on my company name. Do I really want to include "bucket" in the name? So I have a few names in the works I just need to research and make sure those names aren't in use already. Plus I want something that really describes me and who I am. Yeah I know I am getting to technical about it but if this is something I really want to do I want to take it seriously *putting on my serious big girl face now*. I've wanted to start this up for a while but figured it was best to wait.

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mary t said...

ah geez bucket can't you give us a hint??

your IU friend,

mary t