Sep 7, 2012


While I lay here in bed I think about this incredible journey I've been on. I won't lie I've been so stressed that I seriously tried to come with a reason not to do this triathlon event. I know stop shaking your head at me, but you have to understand stress sucks.

While I am so excited about my new job I was also not excited about giving notice. I love the people I work with but really I was looking for a new opportunity. But wait I'm going off track.

Stress. This WAS the excuse I was going to use to get out of coming to San Diego. On our drive over here Mark kept rubbing my arm. He could totally pick up on my nerves. I took a few breathes and thought about it. Why am I so scared? I CAN DO THIS! No I won't be the fastest I may even be the slowest but I'll be damn I am doing this! So for now ta ta. Tomorrow I become a Triathlete!

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Lisa Spiegel said...

So proud and awed by you!! You go and kill it, Bucket!!!!