Oct 2, 2012

New Job

First day of work and I was late 40 minutes. I misjudged traffic and well I was late.

Going home I got lost. Hahha yes I made one wrong turn after another and finally got on the freeway only to get stuck in a traffic jam. 2 hours later I was home safe and sound.

My first week I had lunch with my friend Veri, by the way Thank You again! Had more lunches with co-workers and have enjoyed getting to know them.

My 2nd week is getting a bit tougher. So technically I'm not the new person any more and I don't have everyone's name right yet. I still get lost coming to work. Note to self when the WAZE app says go through dodger stadium for a short cut..don't listen. Argh. But I am enjoying lunches by myself. So as technology goes I'm sitting outside blogging on my phone. Today it's super hot but beautiful. I love people watching! On my way to get lunch I saw a DJ playing rap music and well who knew those white boys can dance. Ok well this Mexican here has no rhythm so who am I to judge.

Being that my last job was off campus before I am enjoying being on campus. My sister Veronica has teased me about working in the Ghetto, but I don't see it. It's Downtown LA and I see it for all its beauty and culture. I love that I drive thru Korean Town. I am craving Korean BBQ!!

As much as the drive sucks I like it here. Everyone is great and so far they like me and said they will keep me. :) what's not to love right. So as they say at USC 'Fight On' and Uumm I guess that's it.

For tomorrow I plan on going to their recreation center. Looking at the website they have some great classes. It is encouraged that you go. No more time nazis. Hahah my friends at UCLA will know what I mean. Love and miss you all.

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