May 14, 2012

Let the training..almost..begin

When I joined the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training Triathlon team, the one that really scared me was the bike thing. Can I afford it? Am I being realistic in thinking I could do something like this? 

Who know there are programs out there where they give you loaner bikes? Not me! So I called, emailed and the response.."We have a bike for you!" I got super excited! Then I said..oh this means there is no turning back now is there? The way I have described my emotions is "I'm super excited and scared shit-less at the same time". 

The next step is to plan my fundraiser. I have the idea in my head. I know what I'm doing. I just need opportunity prizes..and PEOPLE. I have a few prizes that have been offered up, but I need more. Something that will really draw people into my party. So if you are reading this..and want to help me .. and love me..and think I am me. :) I wanted to plan my party for late June, but that isn't going to happen. So now I have to pen in a date for the 1st weekend of July. I've planned plenty of fundraisers where I know I need to plan at least 2 months in advance. So far so good, but I need to get to planning instead of just having the ideas in my head.


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