Jan 25, 2008

I'm going to get fired...

I just know it. Crystle is going to rip up my contract. I always do things without asking her. Why? Because I'm like that. It's like telling me don't eat that chocolate bar it's bad for you, but I do it anyway.. why.. because I said I'm like that. So if she fires me is anyone out there willing to hire me? I will design chipboard for cheap. *Sticking my tongue out and shaking my butt*

So here is the reason why I know I will get fired. CHA-W sneak peeks. Is it too early to show them?

Picture #1 - You may recognize as Toni's Hoot owl. I mentioned to Crystle and Toni that I loved that owl and I would love to see it as a mini book. I just love it! I have one at home sitting there waiting to be altered. Is it 4:30 pm yet? Well somewhere in the world it is but not here! Sheesh.. Ok on to #2.
Picture #2 - is an automobile book. I envision me and my best girlfriends pictured in the front and maybe turning this into a friendship mini-book. I may even have a licence plate in the front saying something really fun.. like... Honk if your single... LOL.
Picture #3 - It's a cupcake!! COLLEEN you out there? It's a cupcake mini-book. So you know what that means.. I need to make another run to sprinkles... no wait lets go to that other place.. CRUMBS.. yes Crumbs... I'm itching to try that devil dog cupcake! Just because it is a devil dog. LOL..
Picture #4 - sorry for the bad picture on this. One is a barbed wire border - mine- and the other is a scroll heart - compliments of Crystle. I
Picture #5 - I'm calling it a fan for now. Well that is how I designed it to be. Imagine a brad in the middle and turning it into the cutest little fan.
Picture #6 - An Apple... an apple a day keeps the doctor away... so they say. This one here is an apple chipboard book. I can't wait to play with it. I think I am going to find all my old school pictures and put them in here for memories sake. I can't wait to dig them out.

OK so there you have it. I know I'm gonna get fired. Oh well... can someone write to her and tell her it's not fair.. I just had to share.. because I'm like that.


Glenda Tkalac, Canada said...

Bucket, you kill me!! ha ha They are all fab but my fave is the car!!! I could do a mini book on my car "Sassy". These are sooo cool!!

Jill Deiling said...

i hope you dont get fired bucket!! lol! That stuff looks AWESOME I can't wait to see more! thanks for breakin the rules and showing us a peek! :)

Sue said...

We LOVE you Bucket...just the way you are and you rock for posting the sneak peeks!!! Crystle loves ya too, btw :) Love this new stuff!!

Laura Fiore said...

How far is Sprinkles from CHA?? I think we might need to make a run!

Laura Fiore said...

Oh...and thanks for the peek! Only you have that daring!

The new stuff totally rocks! Do you think I can pick up a few pieces when I'm down there??

I think I'm going to have to dig out Crystle's address!!!

Jessica said...

bwuahahah. you're crazy!!!! love the sneaks!!!


Becky Heisler said...

I'm telling I'm telling !!! LOL ;)
Awesome stuff Suzy !!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Janelle said...

yumalicious! seriously love all this stuff! thanks for being so daring ;)

Molly said...

Ok, you all must have known that my daughter's first bday was to be done in cupcakes, right?????? My lord!!!!!! Awesome stuff!