Jan 14, 2008

Do you Kit Club it?

Well I do and I love it.

I just got my Scarlet Lime Kit at work today. The funny thing is I don't look at the kit first, I look for the candy. Seriously! I look to see what candy yummys are in the box after that I will then start to pull out all my pretty papers. The good thing about receiving my box at work is that I can show off to all my co-workers what goodies I got. Yeah it's the scrapper me, I need to enable them to shop with me.... look into my eyes... you want to shop for pretty paper, you want to shop for pretty paper. LOL.

You know what I've been jonesing for? The Scrap in Style Sushi kit. It's so cute and unique. But I do really need to buy more paper? Not really. But doesn't it look like a fun kit? I love all the doodled elements and paper is really cute. Look into my eyes... buy me the kit... buy me the kit... LOL... Did it work?
I gotta run, so that's it for now.


Kimmie said...

Both are great kits!

Leena said...

Oooooohhhh....... I LOVE the kits!! Especially Scarlet Lime!!