Jan 4, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

Do you ever get tired of scrapbooking? *Thumping my head on the wall for even thinking that* LOL. No but seriously, lately I've been in a funk. I get started on a project and then I leave it then sometimes I even put away the unfinished project. Story of my life.. *blah*. Anyway, I read about this book a few weeks ago and was wondering if anyone has tried any of the projects from this book? I think doing a few other projects may get me out of my funk, I have tons of felt just waiting to be used.
Doesn't the book look incredible!!
I so enjoyed my holiday off. I've been hanging out with the favorite men in my life, going to movies and just relaxing on the sofa. My butt feels it let me tell you!
It's supposed to rain cats and dogs this weekend.. so you know what I will doing... my week resolution is to finish up all those unfinished layouts and get them posted. Forget the new years resolution I am going for week/weekend resolutions. I can accomplish much more that way, don't you think? Well see how it goes, for now I'm getting ready for the rain and catching up on emails and such.
Have a great weekend.....

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