Jan 27, 2008

How is your Sunday going?

I have been so busy today. It's raining like crazy outside which means I'm not going anywhere today. So I am finally catching up on some projects oh wow I love that I have been so productive. Here are a few things I have done so far.

1. I made a photo fabric book using photo fabric. It came out a lot nicer then I thought it would. As a matter of fact - I LOVE IT! Photo's compliments of my friend Araxi.

2. My love monsters. I think they are just so adorable. 3. This one here I have name Betty... but lately I am naming everything Betty. I love this little skeleton. I had it left over from Halloween and I thought it would look cute as a Valentines' day skeleton.
4. I'm still on my altered tile coaster kick. I just love this layout. I'm making this for Mark for Valentines' Day. It will be his card.

What else... well I got a new toy.
Strangely enough I have named my new ipod nano... Betty. My old ipod just did not work anymore. I turn it in and got 10% off this new baby. It is so small!! I had to get red because it looked so slick. I also purchased the nike+ id thingie. I really need to start logging in my runs and this will definitely help. I have a half marathon coming up next week.. and please ask me how much training I have put into this? Lets just say.. not as much as I should. I did 5 miles easy yesterday.. so I'm hoping adding in an extra 8 next weekend should be a breeze. HAHAH

That's it for now.

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