May 5, 2008

only 4 weeks until the marathon!!!

Is this for real?? I sat here now reading an email from my coach, reading it and it not hitting me until now. The marathon is only 4 weeks away. OK wait what is that I feel ... pain in my legs, I feel weak and I want to throw up. Yeah I've done a marathon before so why am I getting all nervous now? I'm serious! I think it's this weekends run that I am afraid about. We are doing 20 miles this weekend. No wait I am ready! I have been training my butt off... I can do it! I am the little bucket that could.. yeah don't laugh I am all about convincing myself that I can do anything! OK off to drink more water. We are supposed to drink a gallon of water a day.... oh this should be fun.


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Sue said...

Go Bucket!!!!