May 1, 2008

And so the countdown begins.

In exactly 10 days… the big 38 is happening. Yep!! Yeah don’t say it…it’s an issue for me this year. So for my friends, I’m posting it out there for you today.. this is what I want. Nothing fancy… nothing expensive… but this is what I call “Bucket Approved” birthday wish list items.

Things to make me smell good.
Don't say it Susie I know! She always tells me I stink :-) I don't really... it's just our thing to say to each other. You have to be there!

Pink Sugar by Aquolina.

Pink Sugar Stylish and lively, with a distinctive personality, Pink Sugar takes you on a journey through the pleasures and flavors of childhood with a playful blend of vanilla and caramel.

Ralph Lauren Rocks by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Rocks Inspired by the independent, creative rebel, Ralph Rocks is an exciting, rebellious blend of vibrant fruits and creamy floral notes, soothed with warm amber, coconut milk, and sexy woods.
Notes:Passion Fruit, Humid Mist, Kiwi, Washed Citrus Accord, Dewey Green Palm Leaves, Freesia, Orange Blossom, Heirloom Hyacinth, White Coconut Milk, Sun Bleached Woods, Amber, Indonesian Sandalwood. Style:Bold. Vibrant. Energetic

Women's Moisture Management V-Neck T-Shirts

Keep dry and comfortable in Augusta Sportswear Moisture Management V-Neck T-Shirts for women. This premiere T-shirt wicks away sweat keeping you dry and comfortable. Whether in a crowd or for everyday, you stay dry under arm and under breast. Can also be worn as sleepwear. Marine logo located front and center.

I SO WANT THIS!!! YO Gunnery Sergeant Reynoso... you listening to me! Don't talk back to me either ... you know wrestling is fake!! :-) Oh hey if you can throw in a pair of those Marine Corps sweats that I have been asking for since like 5 Christmas' ago I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU! Love you much!

Girly Girl stuff for the Girly girl in me

Jessie Steele Pink and Black Damask Chef's Apron

Pink Polka Dot Gloveables- Mark I promise not to complain about washing dishes if you get me these. OK yeah I promise not to complain as much. I really want these with that cute Belinda Full apron.

For the silly girl in me

The Tingler.... oh how I have wanted one of these!

Well that's all... :-) That is my birthday wish list. I'm off to pull my list for the drawing tonight. :-) Thank you so much Araxi! I really do appreciate you donating that awesome photo shoot package.

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