May 5, 2008

How was your weekend?

Mine was just a bit stressful but none the less memorable.

It’s time to recruit new Team in Training Members. I am so excited about this season, actually I get really giddy when a new season is starting. But this is the one.. the one where I will increase my run time to a 10 minute mile *yeah right who am I kidding!* No but I am excited. I am joining the new season as a Web Captain/Mentor. Lots of responsibility but I love this. I really do. I know the coach and he is amazing! I laugh when people ask me “Do you really think I could run/walk a marathon?” I say.. of course, I will be with you every step of the way.. with a big old smile. It’s just comforting you know. I don’t really think of myself as a motivator, but lately people have been telling me how proud they are of me, and how amazing I am. You know it sure does put me up on that cloud, but I always stay grounded. I don’t let it get to my head, I’m just not like that. I would love to have some friends run the marathon with me. Come on you can do it!!

Oh… and look at this…. My baby went to Prom Saturday night. OMG..I can’t believe it! I am so proud of him. I get all teary eyed when I think of him graduating High School. I still remember his first day of kindergarten! I went to take him to his class, he kissed me goodbye and said see you later mom. Is that what it will be like when he goes off to College? I really miss having him at home. I know he is doing great at his dad’s house, but I have this little heartache in me. I want my boy back home.I really am proud of him. He makes his own decisions and acts like a real grown up. More then me sometimes and he sure isn’t shy to tell me that too. PITA!!

johnny_prom 2

johnny_prom 3

Saturday was also our annual San Fernando Valley Team in Training Casino Night. I had such a good time! I am happy to say the Scrapbook Basket I had in the silent auction sold for $170!! Yeah can you believe that? There was actually a bidding war going on. Thank you so much to my foxy friends that donated towards this basket. I should have taken a picture of it but it was a crazy evening and I didn’t get a chance to. Ohh.. lookie here, this is my mentor Kelly. You can view more photos from the night here. The bachlors were great this year. They didn't have to strip to get dates, shucks because I was really looking forward to that. LOL... yeah I'm crazy.

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