May 1, 2008

Magistical Memories is going "Crystle Clear" .

**oopps forgot to post this here so I hijacked it off the Magistical Memories blog =) **

When Crystle first told me, hey bucket we are going to start cutting your designs with this really cool clear stuff. I was like.. huh what? As much as I love all the clear elements out there I wasn't one to catch on with the craze just as easy. I'd ask different people so... what do you do with it? Oh you can stamp on it... you can paint on it... and then I'd tune them out. I just didn't get it. How do you stamp/paint on one side and not do it on the other side. Maybe I didn't want to get it, I don't know whatever the reason was I didn't want to get it. Does that make sense?

So one day I was blog browsing and I stumbled upon Donna Downey's blog... and WHALLA I get it. Maybe I needed to see a close up picture or something, but I get it now. So I gave it a shot last night and this is what I came up with.

Crystle Clear Tree Book - Friends





So how did I do?



Drama Mama said...

you did an awesome, terrific, wonderful, beautiful job!!! as always.

Glenda Tkalac, Canada said...

You did awesome and I can hardly wait to play with mine!!! woohoo!! You have a genius mind Bucket!