Jul 13, 2009

The Fair

OC Fair Picnik collage

On Saturday I went to the Orange County Fair. I had never been and was really looking forward to going. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful California Day. The sun was shinning the skies were as blue as can be, it really was amazing and the company..really wasn't so bad.. =)~

Mark's brother, Frank, is a huge Duran Duran fan. He had bought us tickets to go see the concert months ago, the concert ticket got us free admission into the fair . I actually had other plans that day, but how could I say no? I am so glad I went.

We got there around 2:00 pm or so, walked around and ate some food. The food wasn't so bad, I figured I could stick to my diet as long as I stayed away from all this fried food. Fried this, fried that.. uuuggrrhh... Fried Twinkies? Really? I saw people eating them. And what is it about food at these places? Gigantic Hot Dog, Gigantic Funnel Cakes, Turkey legs...yes people were walking around with whole turkey legs. I should have gotten a picture of that but I think I would have been more grossed out looking at the photo afterwards, so I didn't.

Every time I walk by a booth that offers henna tattoos I want to do one. I literally walked in and out of this booth 3 times before I decided OK I will do it. I LOVED IT! Would I get a real one like this? Probably not, but I loved sporting it for the day. Actually it's still there. Oh also, check it out, a good picture of Mark and I. It doesn't happen often. He is normally making a face, or I'm making a face, uumm.. we must have liked each other that day. LOL.

OC fair

The concert....was so much fun. A lot more fun then I had first anticipated. Walked in to the Orange County Pacific Amphitheatre got my gigantic baked potato and a margarita, found my seat and settled in for the concert. Our ticket said 7:30 pm the concert didn't start until after 8:30pm. No complaints really, gave me time to eat and drink and get all comfy cozy. It was such a beautiful evening. I contemplated on going back to my car and changing into my jeans but there was no need to, the weather was perfect.

Only thing about going to concerts, especially after spending the day outdoors, is BO. Don't laugh it's true BO (Body Order). It's bad if it's mine but worst if it belongs to someone else. I kept getting this whiff and I looked at Mark sniffed him, he was like what.. I was like did you put on deodorant this morning.. he gave me a funny look and said YEAH. OK fine it wasn't him. OOHH there is that smell again... so I started sniffing myself. I was like no it's not me. THEN the woman next to me started dancing in her seat, getting all excited about the concert...then the wind blew..I got dizzy. That was some serious BO. Let me describe the smell, it was more like.. uumm.. damp clothes put on to early mixed in with BO. Yeah you get me. Note to self: Take a shower daily, let your clothes dry before you put them on...and never ever forget to put on the deodorant.

Enough of that on to the concert. It really was the best ever! I found myself singing their old stuff and really digging their new stuff. My favorite ever.. Planet Earth and Girls on Film. I don't care what anyone says... John Taylor is still hot. LOL.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOOKS like AN AMAZING night!!!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the tat....and dangggggggggggg I would have died smelling that BO...I have SUCH a SENSITIVE nose!!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):)

Christine said...

YES HE IS! and..I was there too and got some great pics of them :0)

See you at IU..right?