Jul 2, 2009

i hate to clean

and I am cleaning the messiest room in my house... my scraproom or as my mom says my craproom. I am starting to think she is right. How often must I clean it so that I find things? It's not like I've gone shopping. It's not like I've been creating fabulous pages so that I am making a mess...as a matter of fact it's been a while since I've spent any time at all in this room. So here I go, my attempt to clean this mess. So far here is my progress.
I know a lot of people think..wow bucket you are so lucky to have your own scraproom. Well honestly I don't think I am lucky. I think if I had a little corner somewhere I'd be happier because I wouldn't have as much crap. =(

On the bright side, I've hung most of my ribbon. Isn't it pretty. I really like it out the way it is. I can see it better and to be honest it makes it really nice decoration. Check out Ribbonring.com for more info on these cute tags.

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