Jul 1, 2009

Busy Busy...

Sometimes I crave to be away from home and other times I just want to be in my bed relaxing. Is there a happy medium? I sure hope so.

So what's been happening? OK I'll start with my baby DJ. DJ came to us when he was 4 years old. My mom worked with his grandmother and she needed someone to pick him up after pre-school. He was the cutest little boy. I just love him to pieces. Here is a photo of him and his adopted cousins at his High School Graduation. LR Krystal, Josh, DJ, Johnny and Samantha. This photo just brings tears to my eyes, they are all growing up so much.


Father's Day weekend: I spent it with Mark and his family. We had a really good time. His nephew, Joshua, turned 1 and is the most adorable little boy. His other nephew, Moses, told me he loved me to heaven and back.. aaahh too adorable! I just love little kids, maybe because I can play around with them and not feel like OMG... why am I acting like this. No I play with them, get down to their level and have a blast with it. Here are some of my favorite photos from that weekend.


I just love this one.


LOL the box of cereal is almost as big as him.


For the party I suggested we get bubbles for the kids. They totally loved them.

Photo Shoot With Araxi

The day before my trip to Seattle I went on a photo shoot with my friend Araxi. She was going to take take some pregnancy shots of my friend April and offered to take some photos of me. Like really who can say no to that. If you haven't check out her site you really should -> Araxi Photography. I can't wait to see her photos she always amazes me. For now here are some I took. LOL.. yes its me with my silly socks again, and one of April telling me I better not take her photo. I don't think she realizes how beautiful she really is. She told me I better not make silly faces while she is getting her photos taken...really me? She ruined my day.. really I was all set to make her laugh, instead I had to sit in the corner with the kids and behave. What fun is that!! LOL.


Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon

So I've downgraded a bit. I've decided I am going to work on my half marathons for a while. I love doing full marathons but lately...it hurts. I mean everything hurts. I still do all the long mileage with my team but really I love half marathons. I could do one a weekend and I'd be a happy camper. I sometimes come down on myself for not doing a full, but really..would I rather do a half and still feel good or would I rather do a full and be down for the day? Yeah I'm happy with the half's.

The Seattle RNR Half Marathon course was so beautiful. In a way I was not prepared at all for the course, I didn't look at the map, I didn't know how many hills there were but really I didn't care. I was just looking forward to a nice run. Did it all happen that way. No not really. I ended up running with a friend who stopped at every mile marker to take pictures, she had to go pee all the time, and she almost passed out on me. I also looked at the positive, I embraced the hills, the run was beautiful, the bald eagle was magnificent, all in all I would totally do the race again. Plus you know the medal isn't bad looking either.. lol. Seattle itself is beautiful and the people are so friendly. I really want to go back and stay a bit longer, but only when it's sunny and not raining. =) I hear that only happens in June, so I'll be back next June.


Me and my friend Veronica crossing the finish line together. =) love love..


Seattle Space Needle and me with my token marathon beer.


Random photos I took. I have a thing for colorful fun stuff and the clowns, I am scared shitless of clowns but these were kinda cute. Yeah makes you wonder about my blog header doesn't it.

Well that's it for now. Hoping to spend my Friday scrapbooking my photos. I really need some quiet time in my room, just me, my paper, my glue, and my music of course.

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