Jun 15, 2009

Ribbon Ring Tag

I have a secret obsession...ribbon. I buy it to use it on my scrapbook pages, at least that is my intention. I buy it, I put it away and it stays put away. You see I get these awesome deals on ribbon. Seriously, 50cents a yard!! Would you pass that deal up?

Can you see that plastic container below? That is my ribbon box. I actually have a lot more then is in this box I just have to look for it all. it's pretty embarrassing. I call my ribbon storage, grab it and go. Since I use to attend a lot of crops it was an ideal storage, but now that I mostly scrap by myself it isn't working out as well. i want to SEE IT, FEEL IT, you get my drift.

A few months ago the owner of Ribbon Ring tag, Melissa, sent me a sample of her ribbon ring tags to check out. I tried it out and hung them in my scraproom, mostly for decoration at first.

This past weekend Melissa was at CKC Pasadena and I told myself before I leave I must buy more. Melissa's booth was adorable and when I saw how she hung her ribbons I was like OK that is what I want to do in my scraproom.

the mess
my ribbon stash

the process has started.
ribbon ring tag003
This is where i left off.
ribbon ring tag 004
it's all still a work in progress but I hope to get it done before the end of the week. I want to go buy one of those over the door coat hooks and hang the ribbons from there. It is all looking so pretty. can't wait to finish it.

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