Jan 19, 2009

Happy 65th Birthday Dad

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dad's birthday 2
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dad's birthday 4

Saturday night we celebrated my dad's 65th birthday. About 50 of my dad's closest friends and family came over to celebrate. My dad doesn't normally like to celebrate his birthday so when he asked for a birthday party in his honor my mom jumped on the opportunity to throw a party.

Everything was going great, dinner was amazing - my mama can cook - and it was just so cute to watch my dad welcome all his friends. He had the biggest smile on his face all night long. Needless to say, there was plenty of Tequila around for all the old farts =). Only problem with Tequila no matter what age you are Tequila makes you do silly things - one being my dad got pushed in the pool. I swear I watched it in slow motion. All the men were standing around the pool taking tequila shots, just laughing and having a good time. Next thing I see my dad's friend push my dad but then try to catch him at the same time.... then splash... I FREAKED! Seriously I did. I threw my camera on the floor and ran towards the pool. I was ready to jump in but luckily someone caught a hold of my dad and then I helped pull him out. The friend, who shall remain nameless, told my mom that I had the look of terror on my face. That all he heard was me screaming my dad, my dad. Whew thank god he was OK, but imagine being pushed into a pool in the winter...yeah it was cold.

So my dad had to go in the house and change. My dad being the man that he is came out singing...and wearing his charro suit. I remember how when I was younger I use to get embarrassed and go hide whenever he came out in those outfits. Now that I am older I really do love it, and the most beautiful thing to me...when he comes out in his outfit and he starts to sing I just see my mom's face totally light up. They are just so adorable.

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papelytijeras said...

You have such a fun family and DAD. Feliz Cumpleanos Bucket's Papi. I see you were in a lot more pics too. :)