Jan 7, 2009

Getting ready for CHA

Last year at CHA I was so unprepared with business cards. The first year I went I went with Magistical Memories as a product designer so I didn't really walk around. I was on this super high and didn't want to leave the booth.

The second year I went, I went in as I guess you could call me a spectator. Walked around and 'met' a lot of my on-line friends (huh Laura) and just drooled all over the new scrapbooking products that were coming out. Each time there was a drawing with a product manufacturer they asked you to drop a business card in their bowl. Umm.. yeah.. business card? Me? I don't have one.

So this year I am preparing myself. I am going to bring some business cards with me. I went on zazzle.com and designed up a simple business card - but it's so me. The cool thing is I had some credit over at zazzle...I had posted some designs over a year ago and had some sales ... so I used my credit to get my business cards done.

What do you think? I can't wait! I have so many more new on-line friends I just can't wait to go and meet them all. This time I won't be shy and heck I am going to carry my camera everywhere - maybe =D

OK back to do my work thing...LOVE IT! OK who am I kidding, belch.

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Shannon said...

Hey Bucket!! Come see me this year! I will actually be at Winter CHA...at the Midnight Oil booth #2801 (new exhibitors).