Apr 25, 2012

Give me some of that stuff you're drinking

Sometimes I feel like that. Sometimes I get in this mood where I just want to create all day long. Then I get OK what are you drinking because I want to be on that high that you are on. I say..it's all me.    

A friend of mine recently contacted me about some design work for some t-shirts. Within 5 minutes I was working on the design and within 2 days I got it. I knew what I wanted it to look like. It was just a process of collecting all the pieces for the design. I think it’s one of my favorites yet. But anyway, that is another story. 

 The point is, in the process of researching I found this awesome site called Logo Soft Wear. It’s mostly for team sports, but really lots more to it. It’s not like cafĂ© press or zazzle, the options are endless as far as products you can upload your design to. I created a store just to test out their design options. LOVE LOVE LOVE. The fact that you can have a logo on the sleeves was a major plus for me. But what I loved most was this fitness jacket. Like I said I am still playing with the design options but so far it’s been a lot of fun.
My store name is: Stuff by Bucket. I know not very original but really what do I call it. Blind ambition by Bucket. Surf and Turf by Bucket. Check yourself before you wreck yourself by Bucket. Yes I think Stuff by Bucket suits me just fine. So what do you think? 

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